About this Duc vid


Sanford vs DucVader - EVO2K6**

For those who haven’t seen it, watch it before reading the stuff below.

What happened at 1:23 exactly? I know he calls in sent the split second before storm does her super. and I know the purpose of that was to have sent over spiral’s body so she wouldn’t recieve chip damage (it wouldve killed her!). Thats what happened right? Also when’s the exact moment spiral teleported? cause everytime i teleport on reaction to sentinel’s HSF super, I end up getting hit on the 2-3 drone and air combed to death. Is it the fact that sentinel is right next to spiral? thats when why, when he teleported, he came down Saftly?

Yet another amazing duc match… seriously. He’s always shocking the marvel community and pulling off the craziest shit. when you think he’s gonna lose, he sometimes… somehow, pulls off something and doesn’t! DAMN DUC! you are too good! we can’t wait for your secret half-bar spiral combo at EVO. your planning to pull it off at EVO world right? :smokin:

he just teleported opposite side. he would have been hit with the lightning storm if sanford didn’t dhc’ed.