About throws, Command throws, and block stun


Quick question:

can you get grabbed while in blockstun with normal throws?

and with command ones?

thanks in advance :smile:


Nope. You can only be grabbed when you are in neutral position.


You can get thrown/grabbed out of the startup, recovery and even active frames of certain moves.


but generally no in a blockstun (with exceptions)? i managed to whiff grabs when they should have occured before.


No exceptions. You will never get thrown while in block stun or hit stun.


depends on which game. in a3, you can definitely grab people during block stun with 360 motion moves during v-ism.

and shuma gorath can grab people during block stun with his chaos dimension


Yeah, I should have clarified. I assumed the OP was strictly speaking of SF4.


In some of the KOf’s I think you can grab people in block or hit stun can’t you?

But in SF4: nope, you can only grab people out of neutra with regular or command throws. That’s why tick throws are so effective, the move puts you in block stun for just the right amount of time so it’s hard to react to the throw.


sorry, i should have said it in the first post; yes, i was talking about SFIV.

thanks for the answer, it is clear now :slight_smile:

oh, one last thing, what about grab ultras? (Zangief, SSFIV T Hawk, new SSFIV Boxer one…). Does the same rule apply?


The same rules do apply to any and all grab related moves in the game.


yea no exceptions…if this wasnt the case, zangief would be unstoppable, if he got you in any block string he could then just do a command grab and there would be nothing you could do to get out of it because you cant move while your in a block string that doenst have any holes in it. if you’ve seen something that looked like him grabbing someone out of block stun, what you saw was a tick throw, which is when you do a move that puts them in block stun, then you grab them the instant the recover from block stun when they are grab-able. while they are a nasty trick, they can be avoided by holding jump during the block string, or using some type of invincible move like a dragon punch. the only time throws can be comboed into is after a focus crumple or after a dizzy, which is all considered 1 combo for damage scaling purposes