About time.... (Reno thread)

About time…

It’s about damn time we should start one thread for Reno, even though most of us don’t care. I might as well start one :p. Anywho, check ya’ll later (I was bored, downloading crap on 56k sucks ok, so sue me.), and number6, thanks for the heads up on pm’ing me about Tahoe having Initial D, kinda sucks though that it had to be that far. Damn Atlantis is hella lagging (I know, I know, fool got dropped.) Anyway, here’s our thread. Someone start shit, talk, whatever. Just to let everyone know we’re still here, and kicking (or getting kicked, as what happened to psycho and ultimatepaw New Years weekend :(.).

P.S. WholeFnShow must be going nuts about that Seventeen Magazine getting KK’s name wrong :p. I wanted to throw that out since he usually looks for Reno having a thread :lol: .

Reno thread!!! Grrrr…gotta find that Seventeen magazine…

yea, Reno thread rules…78 wins…still proud…:smiley:

Ok ok, big question for that. Was it you who did it? Or was it Alex??? If it’s the two of you who did it, then its 39 for each :p, and not 78 since you / the no. of wins by 2 :D. Anyway, glad your still up and alive, and if it was just you, good job (even though Angel wasn’t there, and you damn well knwo Angel’s the only one that’s a challenge to you fools on that game looks for Rob’s reply) for getting 78. Now if you want to actually challenge us in a game, it wouldn’t be bad to ask for a CvS2 :slight_smile: (just kidding). Well I don’t think I would want to have that Seventeen mag bro, but I wouldn’t mind reading that article about her :p. GG and peace out. And btw, we need a GGXX arcade cabinet here omg :mad: .

U god damn right Im gonna reply… bastard…


Like i did last time… :cool: :smiley:

Yea u know it boys… yea i call u boys… boys…

Angle might be your biggest threat… but Im your worst nightmare… SCRUB MASTAH whooping some Cali a$$es…


when are u guys coming down again…

GGXX Rocks…

FEAR ME!!! hehe

ok im rambling … i have soiled this thread w/ my post… hehe



Damn you :p. Zappa:TOO GOD DAMN WIERD <----So freaking true :p. FEAR ME!!! <— Yea Right! :lol: (j/k :smiley: )
Anywho, here’s a clincher for Rob…Raiders 21, BUCS 48 .
WHO OWNS!!! And I only won $100 in total bro :p, still happy I got money off of it hehe.

BAH!!! That’s all I’m gonna say. BAH!!! :mad: :mad: . Nono GGXX, makes Reno even more suxors.:mad: BAH!!!

damn d00z. what kinda low tier town doesn’t put it’s name in it’s thread title? too bad you can’t edit that. I check this forum all the time and only just noticed it. 0_o!

the controls for 3D games at CC suck. thats why I am quiting fighting games and devoting my life to eating Baja Fresh salsa. oi.

OMG, tell me about it. One kid kicked my ass in SC2 :(. So sad…but not like that was anything new (actually I got him back with Mitsurugi, since his A,A’s too fast reminds me of Paul Phoenix in T4), anywho, glad to see your still checking here and there :). Baja Salsa??? Must be ownage heh.

Shinomori aka JP Ikari

P.S. On the one who edited the title of this thread. Mad props to you bro :cool: .

Yeah I caught tragic on irc and asked him to change title. Should help the random out of town people find the thread.

I’m just playing MotoGP for XBox Live lately… Online racing game with voice chat… it’s so cool.

Oops…didn’t see this post. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, it was all 78 of my wins, not Alex’s.

I also got a 28 win streak with Sent/Mag/Roll. :cool:

Haha, damn you Andrew, :p. No worries though, like I said, our crew here ain’t got no one on MvC2 except Angel. I ain’t got no game on that, Rob, well we’re still deciding whether or not he does :lol: . Anywho, check you later aight’, and wondering when you guys are gonna come back here ( I won’t blame you guys if you dont’ want too LOL.)? So I can see if that 78 is true or not (meaning no one’s ever gonna play you guys ever for like ever)

Haha I guess we totally don’t go here eh. Well I just wanted to see if anyone still bothers reading this thread (as you can see, I still do). Later :p. And OMG POST UP :p.

For anyone who even bother’s reading this thread. Don’t mind Paul, he has some issue’s he has to resolve :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :lol: :lol: (j/k bro). And X-box doesn’t consume people’s souls, it just drain our bank accounts.

We can all learn from Rob_UNR’s l33t dcc idle skills.

Well if any of ya guys are interested I’m heading up to Reno very early Sunday and I’ll be staying at Silver Legacy up till Monday. I’ll be playing at the Circus Circus arcade if anyone is interested in some friendly competition on any of the fighting games. Cya


im goin to circus circus next week with my family so im gonna be hangin out at the arcade playing some cvs2

last time i went there i sucked so bad and i was owning, is there good players playing now?

and i just basically go around circus circus for the ladies :slight_smile: so if anyones gonna be there on saturday march 8th… im gonna be using these teams most of the time, blanka/sagat/cammy ratio 2 blanka, or blanka/ehonda ratio 3 blanka

hope to see ya guys there :slight_smile: and for the ladies, holla at cha boy naw mean :lol:


Megabucks Jackpot is up to like $35 million. everybody should play.

Hehe cool. I should be at Circus Circus around noon or 1PM depending on what’s going on with traffic. Hey guys do ya know if they got in GGXX yet? If not I could bring in my PS2 and two joysticks of mine if anyone want’s to play that game. I still hope they have 3rd Strike. :smiley:

number6, someone hit it already, :(. Freaking $95 millions 2days after my B-day :p, in Fitz. Could you freaking believe that.

Check out ma new Avitar :stuck_out_tongue: :p, who’s the shit now :slight_smile: