About to buy a digi cam, which is the best?

I’m seriously considering getting the Canon SD750 for like $349 at Bestbuy (I’m gonna a find a better price tho, and get em to price match). Do they price match without bullshit like “only within 10 bucks”? I read reviews, and lots of places rate this camera as pretty much the best you can get within the price range. Opinions? Recommendations?


I have a Canon SD800IS and I find that the image stabilization really helps. I also like the wide angle 28mm lens, lets you capture more of the picture without needing to step back.


Cool thanks dude. One to add to my list… Btw, how does it do video? This is one of the main reasons I’m getting a new camera…for recording SF vids at tourneys and shit.

What’s the application? Point & shoot? Budget? Size constraints? Will you be printing photos?

Well I want a good camera, but I will mainly be taping shit at the arcade, so I need 30 fps at 640 res video, and that’s about it (whatever looks good on Youtube). As for picture quality, anything relatively recent would do for me. Again, if I’m gonna invest in a camera, I really don’t mind paying some more cause I can see myself benefiting in the future.

I used to work at Best Buy. If they follow the company guidelines they will only price match if it’s A) Someone locally and B) In Stock. Some employees don’t give a shit though and will do it regardless. :slight_smile:

As far as the camera itself I’ve always had good luck with Canon products as a whole. The optical zoom on that camera isn’t that great but it will do the job if you’re just recording stuff at the arcade. The megapixels will be fine on any regular image you may print. The size of the camera is the reason for the limitations in zoom but if it’s just regular point and shoot work and video recording it won’t be bad at all.

Good stuff.

Thx man.