About To Enter My Very First Tournament(Quarter Circle Hoof 2012)


Hello SRK. My first thread on here. I am about to enter my first tournament.
I am somewhat nervous. I have less than two weeks left before it begins.
From what I gathered there will be multiple games, but the one in primary focus will be Mane6’s freeware 2D fighter My Little Pony:Fighting Is Magic.
This will be the game’s very first tournament ever.
I have been practicing a few motions and inputs I have had problems with, but it takes more than that to be ready for something like a tournament.
It does not matter if you have any interest in the game or not.
I just want to know from as many as possible, the people who have been in tournaments before of all skill levels, tell me of your experiences.
The most important thing of all if what advide would you give me. What would you have to say to someone who has only watched and read about tournaments? Give me a serious answer and any suggestions if you would please from one fighting game plater and fanatic to another.
Thank you all very much for listening.


Just play, ask a lot of questions and keep going to more tournaments. Treat it like going to work and you’ll be alright.


That’s one way of putting it I guess. I just really have to motivate myself. One minor issue is also deciding which if the four characters in the current build I will choose.
Thanks for posting. Given me an interesting way of thinking of it.


not sure if serious

If you are really looking for advice for your first tournament, try searching. There are already a ton of posts like this in the newbie dojo.