About to get a PS4, but moving to a new country soon, advice?


So, my GF and I have decided to make our first joint purchase a PS4 and SFV. Here’s the thing though.

We currently live in Korea. We’re headed to Canada in August (with a stop in the States). I don’t inherently want to get tied down to a Korean account when I could just get an American or Canadian PSN account.

So here’s the thing, if I use an American PSN account to sign up my SFV setup, will I be able to change my flag when I move from Korea to Canada? Or will I have to set up a new PSN account, SFV name, and use that as a Canadian flagged account?


SFV flags can’t be changed once you set one and you can set whatever country you want and they don’t mean anything in terms of matchmaking, it’s just a picture.


Yeah, the bolded was my big concern, so I didn’t want to get pigeonholed to no proper matchmaking when I headed west. Thanks for clearing that up, so I’ll probably just sign up a Canadian account or use my old American PSN account to set mine up, and have the girlfriend do one so she has a profile as well.


Just use a US/Canada flag since they seem to be meaningless. The game seems to search for matches based on IP and routing (and the physical location associated with it) and not on your flag (or at least it favors the former more). You can see on the map on the main menu that it actually does know where you are.


It is clear now that Sony is releasing a PS4(.5) codenamed “Neo.” PS4’s will hit the market used for cheap, and they will probably still sell PS4 at a reduced price for a while. It is likely to happen in time for XMass of this year.

If you are really price conscious I’d suggest waiting. If not so price conscious, w/e.


Waiting till Christmas is not going to fly. We’re wanting it to train up, so we’re gonna buy it within this week.

Also, is dlc locked to the region of the disc? Say I buy the Korean version, am I restricted to Korean psn for dlc purchases?



Do what I did and have multiple accounts for multiple regions.


So wait is it locked to the region of the disc or the account?


I’m pretty sure it’s locked to the disc, but I’d be interested in hearing confirmation as I have a kinda similar issue with Guilty Gear Revelator coming out.


Any PS4 can play games from any region.

DLC however, is tied to region.

For example:

JP disc must use JP PSN for DLC. In order to use JP PSN you will need a JP account. If you don’t have a JP account the game will play fine, but you won’t be able to use the PSN store or get DLC.