About to order parts for Dual Mod. Do I have everything I need? PLZ check!?

Hey guys,

I am about to take the plunge and order my parts to mod my Xbox 360 TE stick to work on 360, Wii, and Ps3. I am a little nervous about ordering because I am still unsure of exactly what I need. Before I order I just wanted to make sure that I had everything in my cart correct. If you veterans wouldn’t mind double checking my stuff to make sure I have the correct materials needed to make my stick work on all 3 current gen consoles.

-Toodles Cthulu PC/PS3 Board (Multi-Cnosole Version $34.95)
-Generic USB A/B Cable, 10-foot, black $4.95
-Neutrik NE8FDP-B RJ45 Feed-Through, Black $9.95 (Do I need this?)

I am unsure if I need the RJ45 since I am not getting the PiiWee Kit (the reason I am not getting it is because for right now I am just going to use the Stick on the Wii via GameCube ports). If I don’t need the Neutrik RJ45 please let me know. Thanks guys!

P.S. TvC supports Gamecube ports right?

If you are cool with having two game cables coming out, then no need for RJ-45.

And the two cables would be 1 for the 360 and 1 from the MC-Cthulu for the PS3 and GameCube?

Oh I see, I use the 6inch cable to go from Toodles MC to the RJ45, and then the 10 foot cable to goes to the 360, ps3, and wii. Right? Although the RJ45 has an Ethernet port on the outside?

There is a list in there and a link to the xbox 360 dual mod. RJ-45 Tutorial Ver.2 (updated new console pinouts)
RJ-45 Tutorial Ver.2 (updated new console pinouts)

No, one for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
Other for GameCube.

No, one for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
Other for GameCube.

What the RJ-45 is used for is shown in what rtdzign linked.

TvC supports GC ports. I use a ps1/2 to gamecube adapter to play it :slight_smile:

Alright, First of all thank you all for your patience and advice so far.

So basically the RJ45 is an awesome ethernet port that allows me to create my own detachable wires that can connect to whatever console I make a pin for? So if I was going to make a wire for 360/PS3 I would basically mod a USB cable to have an Ethernet jack on one end to plug into my TE to get it to work for PS3, Xbox 360? Then I could mod a Gamecube wire to plug into the Wii? What happens to the original wire from the 360 TE PCB? And what would I then use the USB jack on the MC Cthulu? It looks like in RDT’s (awesome) tutorial that you solder the RJ45 ethernet wire there?

Now, If I do not use the RJ45 method (which at this point may be best for me since it seems like it may be less complex), the two wires will be the USB cable for the PS3 and 360, and a Gamecube wire for the Wii? Are both of these wires linked to a splitter connecting into the MC? or is the USB cable coming from the 360 TE PCB? Or 1 wire going into the MC and the other wire the original USB from the 360 TE PCB?

Thanks again guys.

Also, do I need Toodles Imp Board?

Here is the other tutorial more relevant to what you are doing

Because the Xbox 360 SE and TE use the same pcb this tutorial applies as well.

You can have multiple cords come out the system the MC Cthulhu has 3 rows and a usb jack, but that will be a mess of wires coming out the back of your stick. You will also have to make sure that you don’t plug in two consoles at once or blow a controller port on or possibly fry the whole console.

Hey thanks! I have decided to go the RJ45 route. It will be harder, yes. But I feel that this is the proper route. With the tutorials on here and my brother in laws help (soldering and stuff) I should be able to do it. So this is what I have in my cart right at LizardLick now:

MC Cthulhu
Belkin USB A/B Cable 6 inch (Do I even need this since I am going the RJ45 route?)
A/B USB Cable, 10 foot black (Do I need this?)
Toodles Imp Assembled
Neutrik RJ45 Pass-through, Black

Is that everything I’d need on lizard lick?

The Tutorials that rtdzign linked will answer everything for you.
I not have to type anything.

also, will I still be able to use my Guide/home button?

If your Brother-in-law follows correctly how to do Dual Mod, then Guide and Home will work, yes.

You do not need the short USB cable.
The USB jack on Cthulhu is not used.

You do need a long USB cable though.
Because that will be the one used for plugging into PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

For the long cable, the USB B end is not needed.
It will be cut off and terminated with RJ-45, since you said so.

You don’t need to make the USB be RJ-45 though.
You can make just the GameCube be the RJ-45, and what other Consoles you want.

You don’t need the 6 inch USB.
You do need the A/B USB cable, but I suggest you get a 15ft usb cable off monoprice.com
Also while on monoprice, get a 2 ft Cat 6 ethernet cable in your favorite color

Alright, sweet. So i got the MC, Imp, and RJ45. Now I will head to Monoprice to get the ethernet and usb cable. Is there anything else that I need to order now that I won’t be able to find in stores locally?

Before i buy the Ethernet cable from monoprice, I have a 20, 30, and 60 foot Ethernet cable(s) in my house. Can I use those?

You can use anything you want.

Doesn’t even have to be ethernet cable.
Just anything with wires.
Then crimp RJ-45 on.