About true raging demon




sorry if someone have always talk about this, but i have not found an answer (with the search function of the forum) to my question :

when we i do the true raging demon (forward MP + super), Is my enemy inevitably grab by the super ? or can he jump ?

If he can jump, i don’t see the use for the true raging demon.

Can someone help me ? thx.

PS : sorry for my english, i hope you have understand my question :slight_smile:


They can only jump out of a super from point-blank if they anticipate it, i.e. execute the jump before the flash of the super animation. If they try to jump after the flash it will grab them.


Ok, thx for the infos.

But for the true wrast raging ( with the ultra) is useless, i have test and the enemy can jump after the animation.

There is a use only for the super ?


Yeah kara’d Ultra is not nearly as useful, it’s mostly for Super.


You would do true (kara) demon upon opponents that would be “recovering” from whiffed or moves and catch them at point-blank range so not to smack them with the jab, jab demon input.

ie. you block as Ken uses fierce shoyruken and travels up; the moment he descends, you kara demon and he is inevitably caught at close range.


use the ultra as an AA whenever possible.


Buffering demon into c.MK or c.HK is a much better option than traditional overhead chop buffering for anti-air demons.


this must be varied from p2p, as i get identical results with f.mp buffer as i do with c.mk buffer. since AA demon should be done on reaction, not anticipation, the buffer is dependent on whether i am crouching, walking forward or walking backwards. if i am walking forward, i will 100% of the time buffer with f.mp with absolutely no problems.


c. mk is a bit more useful against certain jump ins because it lowers your hit box, allowing you to do the demon at the last possible instant, without the input getting stuffed by the air attack.


apparently you didn’t read what i said.


I read what you said. The thing is, certain jump-ins are hard to AA with an F+MP demon because your high hitbox leaves you vulnerable to their jump-in. C. MK gives you a bigger window for doing it properly.

Take Gief’s jumping D + MK for example. He sticks out his foot, and drops slowly, and the move has long active frames. If you demon from a standing position, you have to do it early, if you don’t want to get hit before you can get it out. But time it too early and the jump-in will beat out your demon when the invincibility frames wear off.

In this case, using c. mk will allow you to delay your RD input to ensure that the invincibilty frames will last until your opponent lands because the air attack won’t hit you right away, or will whiff entirely.


^as i stated in my first sentence, this varies from p2p, i.e. reaction speed. i know where my hitbox is when standing and i know where it is in c.mk. on reaction, while walking forward, it is easier, personally (p2p) to buffer f.mp. it has fewer inputs (already holding forward), therefor making it faster. as stated in my last sentence, i will 100% of the time buffer with f.mp with absolutely no problems.


^The whole point of the cMK buffer is to lower and move your hitbox back as well as hide the lp’s and yes you may have good reaction time to buffer with f+MP but I don’t care how good you reaction time is, if boxer does jHK you wit get hit out everytime unless you do cMK buffer. I’d say keep doing what you are doing if it works but things like dive kicks cannon strike and wheel kick are going to give you trouble with your demons and get knocked out of them more doing f+MP.


It’s not about how easy or hard the inputs are. I wasn’t saying anything about the difficulty of cancelling into a demon from either f+mp or c. mk. I was just pointing out that cancelling out of c. mk is better than f+mp for AA’s.


I don’t care if it’s better for you, c.MK is a BETTER option. d/b+MK shouldn’t take any longer to perform than f+LP+MP, it’s the speed of one input regardless. Just because a c.LP is easier to start a punishing combo with than s.HP, doesn’t mean that’s what I should be doing.


Perfect timing is an even better option, yet for many that isn’t even a consideration.

You do what works for you. For many it’s c.MK. For some it’s kara demon. As long as it works and is relatively efficient, do it.


This is true, but I’m careful not to write something off just because it isn’t easier to do.


Well it’s always a balance between execution difficulty and results. If something is extremely hard to do and only gives you marginally better results that a far easier option which would you pick?

For elwood that is his situation.


Yeah definitely. Precisely why I’d never do a Level 2 Focus mid-combo, and people will ridicule me forever because I “refuse” to learn this sweet new combo. It’s also why you use SRK’s ala JR after your far roundhouse.


I switch between SRK’s and crouching jab depending on the situation.

The problem with crouching jab is you get owned by spammers if you hit the roundhouse too far. There is a distance where the jab will whiff but the DP won’t.

I suppose in Japan crouching jab is good to go always cause if you hit that distance where it whiffs you can trust your opponent isn’t spamming a DP. lol