about ultra 2..

Up till this point I’ve been using 2. Seems like all the elite players makoto, agent hoy, and tatsu use it, I figure it was a good place to start. Personally I really dislike this super since its slow and the use of it to punish jump ins are very conditional. I don’t know if this is used for jump-ins as its usually block, (even if they are in mid air),they always seem to land in time and block it. if I am luck it’ll just miss completely andgo under them.

Its good for a punish vs fireballs if ur reflexes are fast enough or u make a good read… I make good reads but my reaction time’s a bit slow. Lol. But ya know if its block, u r in a bent over position to get completely raped.

Which 1 do u use? And what’s a good use for it? I think ultra one can be hit confirmed with the scarlet heel… I haven’t tested this yet, but if it does, I’ll probably switch.

On an unrelated topic, how do u get the 2 hits on the wall dive? I get too close I grab, too far its 1hit. Whenever I do the double slash it seems random.


I know Scarlet Heel> U1 works in 2012 which is like 3 weeks away right?

For FBA to get two slashes it has to be EX.

On the subject of ultra selection, it depends on the match up, for fireball characters I usually run U1. For the rest I’m going U2. If I’m unsure I go U2 because of utility and anti-air. Empty jump will beat U2 clean, all the time, but in a footsie battle when people jump over Vega’s pokes they usually hit a button on the way down letting themselves get hit by the ultra.

For U1 to be really effective you have to turtle and bait your opponent to throw a fireball, I usually accomplish this by hiding out in the corner doing walldives/ST’s building meter you just have to be in the lead for this tactic to be effective.

For the walldive to get two hits just hold neutral on the stick (take your hand off if it helps) and press a punch button.

Ur name suggest that u play guy and ur avator made me lol.

I didn’t know U1 can go through fireballs. Also, I don’t know how ur setup is with ultra 2 but when they block it, they are usually doing a jumping kick. They always land and block it in time. I know for a fact U2 can go through fireballs at start up.

Does anyone know what are vegas nuffs and buffs for 2012?
Also what r ur worst match ups? For me its e.honda. it totally blows. And dhilsim too.

U1 is usually an on point reaction punish to most fireballs. It however will not punish Chun, Guile or Dee Jay’s as they recover too fast. You need to predict those. It can function AA if your opponent is jumping half a screen away, but they have to literally be stupid.

U2 is good for AA if your opponent is stupid, aswell as Anti-crossup (again, if they’re stupid, most will do their crossup far too deep for U2 to catch)
U2 goes through more than just fireballs on startup. It goes through most everything as it has invulnerability for the first 13 frames.

Vega has no nerfs in 2012.
His buffs are;
CH (df.HK) now has one frame back, so it will be +1 Max range and -3 Point blank.
U1 hitbox off the wall has been adjusted so it will hit the opponent if the launcher has AA’d (the back from the wall used to miss on an AA knee)
U1 can now combo off df.HK. Whether this is AA situational however has not been determined.
Sky high claw now knocks down on hit.
EX Sky high claw’s hitbox has been enlarged downward.

I may be missing one or two since his changes aren’t anything significant.

Worst matchup…honestly, it’s subjective. I personally believe that the twins are Vega’s hardest. Next to that is Rufus (I don’t find Rufus all that hard, but other people do.) I personally believe that his hardest is Yun, others will argue Yang.

I had this name since MvC2 lol, yea U1 can go through FBs but it’s not invincible. Not really useful up close, decent for far away but that’s about it.
U2 is useful if your making the opponent jump at you (a natural reaction to poking/footsies)

Personally my worst match ups are Chun, Viper, Abel, Cammy, Rufus and Yun.

Francis’s list is pretty much all the changes we are getting for 2012, nothing that’ll change dramatically but the df.HK being more safe is always good.

U1 on zangeif FTW man, they can’t punish it:D

I use U1 if i know that guy can’t punish and/or has fireballs. i usually use U2 for escapes, i rarely if every use U2 to anti air since everyone just safe jumps you.

Once vega’s u1 links to heel, he’ll be a lot better. Though I am almost 90% sure capcom will screw this up by reducng the damage on the hit confirm dramtically. U2 linking to heel would be nice too.

They should make ST more AA friendly too. Vegas clearly lacking but hey, people always cheer for him cause he’s always the underdog.

i tend to use u2 but i find that l using other than to escape or when people are in auto pilot always get u killed more times than u think. if u jus block and get lucky with a good guess, u got out with no damage compared to it auto correcting or just getting blocked. certain chars like bison i dont even look for it. i jus dont unless its on cross up crusher. without being able to combo into makes it really tough to use because its all just judgement but even when u think u judge right ur still wrong.
i may be wrong but i do believe they also made u2 1 frame faster also.
my tough match up is guy and twins. i always find people that become pros at pressing buttons which characters tend to kick my tail. i really dont see how to deal with it cause when i run counter hit combos, they want to block.

What the hell is up with the crystal ball flash? Does it need more charge time then his other moves? I can do a low forward into ST perfectly 90% of the time. But the stupid Ball flash NEVER comes out and vega always ends up jabbing.

One of the hardest combos for me is Jumping Hard, Close Hard Punch, Crystal Ball Flash. I never comes out… Does anyone else have the same problem?

When I do get it out, the jab version links with a Crouching Forward kick. But it only comes out like 5% of the time…

Scarlet Terror = 42F charge time
Roll = 60F charge time.

You tell me.

Also don’t bother with ST hit confirms like that, if your opponents crouching or just a tad too far you’re not hitting them.

Don’t assume that U1 from CH is going to be good either, because if it’s the same as the setup that we currently have for U2, it’s not going to be used much more than it already is.

jhp, cl.hp xx H.Roll is a lot easier than people think. Visually, watch the slashes, as the first slash is coming to an end, input the roll. Once you nail the timing a few times, itll be easy.

try using negative edge for a cl.hp x rcf

This too, the only time you won’t really be doing that is for EX Roll, but you only EX Roll if you want to show off with the crMP xx EX FBA followup anyway.

Umm I am an idiot… what’s negative egde?? Lol

I usually do j.hk - c.mk - ST. It works if they are not coaching. If they are coaching, the ex-version will hit. Or u can go for the knock-up into drop. Both need meter. If I don’t have meter I’ll try jab ball flash, which never works.

Ending a combo off with ex ST is better then ball as its a hard knock down (giving u setups) and does 15 more damage then even the HP version of ball flash.

My usual punish for close is c.mk - ST. I rarly ever mess it up and it does good damage. For longer range, c.mp - ex-barsalna.

crMK roll only works on characters like Fuerte. And EX.ST is NOT a hard knockdown. cMK ST only works if you’re very close and your opponent isn’t crouching.
Neg edge is using a button’s release as an input, so when you hit the cl.HP, hold it, then input the forward for the roll and release the button.

To give it a basic try, go Bison, hit HP, hold it, walk backwards and then hit forward and release. He’ll do a psycho crusher.

Thx for the explaintion on n.edge.

I think u got it wrong about cr.mk into ball. I just tried it in training mode and it links. This only works for jab version. Cr.mk- ball. Its 3 hits.

Ex.ST hits croaching opponents. They still need to be close though. If u do it on a jump.in attck, it’ll always be in range. There’s a whole video about it on u tube.

The chars I tried cr.mk ball on were chun li, ryu, yun.

i dunno about stupid… i nailed valle with U1 when he tried jumping from full screen. caused him to burn a meter too because he tried ex tatsu to escape it. I also got Kineda with it sat night.

I use U1 pretty much exclusively unless it’s Abel with U2, or cammy. Mainly because:
-damage output for U1 is MUCH higher.
-there’s very few situations where you can land U2 but not U1, but many times where you can land U1 and not U2

but I’m probably the only person that hasnt really taken to U2 even when it first came out in super. I ended up going back to U1 after 2-3 days and it’s been that way since.

I use U2 vs abel with U2 because it stops breathless in almost every situation abel can use it in. Thank’s to his Ultra freeze I can ALWAYS have enough time to manufacture a charge to beat it. He only lands U2 if i’m in recovery.

I use U2 vs Cammy because her dive kick is slow enough to where U2 can still hit her.
I used to use U2 vs all characters with dive kicks but now because of it’s shitty startup it’s useless. Yun, Yang, Rufus… it’s all useless against. At least for the purpose I’d use it for.

So i keep U1 to stop palm spam from yun and yang. I keep U1 as a deterrant from rufus jumping to try to get in.

You don’t have to be stupid to get tagged by a AA U1, you just have to do something stupid.

There’s a difference? :'D
If you’re doing something stupid, then you are BEING stupid. So, yah. My point kinda does make sense.