About Wireless headsets at Tourneys

So I saw Filipino Champ using some kind of wireless gaming headset. Does anyone know what kind it was, and how easy these are to connect/disconnect during a tournament (I’m guessing super quick, but want to make sure).


He was using Beats connected to his iPod/Phone or some other music player.

I’m pretty sure he used the Astro Mixamp. I’ve seen him use that before. He connects it to the optical port for non invasive sound. Guy above was right tho - its just a pair of beats by dre headphones, and the whole kit and kaboodle is wired.

Problem with the Mixamp is that it takes up a USB slot.

It doesn’t have to - it can run from batteries and plugs straight in to either console’s optical audio port.

You’re correct, but batteries can run out, and who wants to remove the protective plastic covering from their Mixamp, I know I don’t.