Above Average players


Just looking to play some good matches against people and hopefully play against a different variety of characters and see how people use them.

I was told that there are a couple of good players here.

psn: clyde158


A lot of us are going around using IM and whatnot to find matches and it sort of sucks.

So a couple of us on IRC (internet relay chat) are going to start using channel #sf4psn on the EFNet network to find matches, rather than #capcom, which isn’t really for matchups.

Everyone is welcome to join, of course. No real rules other than don’t spam the channel. If someone is annoying you, just use your IRC client’s ignore function. Simple as that.

http://www.mirc.com to download a simple client. You can also use Trillian, Pidgin, etc. to connect.

Some real good comp in this channel. Come join!


I never had trouble finding good comp in the PSN section. Challenge people, they’ll play you.