Absolute Battle - Dallas Bar Fight Results

A big thanks to everyone that made it out to the event, you guys made it mad hype. Hope to see everyone out at the next event.

Dallas Bar Fight Results:

Street Fighter IV: (30 Teams)

  1. Team White Guys - Arthur/JW (Honda/Chun Li)
  2. Team Barfart - Amodf/Buktooth (Rufus/El Fuerte)
  3. Team Perfect Legend - Perfect Legend (Akuma)
  4. Team Fresh - SoSicNash/DJ (Chun Li/Cammy)
  5. Team Zeitgeist - Yungb254/Orochi Ryu (Guile/Cammy)
  6. Team Rocket - Blantron/Bracken (Ruy/Honda)

Tekken 6: (8 Teams)

  1. Team Straight Edge - Link/Wired
  2. Team IceColdDale - I.C.E./Dale
  3. Team Jintooth - Jin Kin/Buktooth

awesome, awesome tourney

Congrats to Arthur & JW. Sorry that I couldn’t make it Tony, let me know of future events coming up.

what was better was where we went afterwards, right, Eddy? :wink:

good job bracken must be leveling up that honda

Man 1 round from being at least top 8. Good stuff everyone.

Tony - You should post full standings or give the bracket link if you can.

Awesome tourney. I can’t wait to hit up a 2-Day event! This tourney is getting me pumped for EVO.

Awesome tourney guys, thanks for making it possible!

Team Pho Kyu will be back, just you wait!

badass venue, hopefully they’ll have us back

either that or arthur has broken the moral of dfw and as a result, everyone is free vs honda

Congrats to the placers… Had a great time… Thanks to the Absolute Battle crew! Glad I could help out w/ Tekken.

  • I.C.E.

a better rundown of bar fights with some pics is at the main site.

Tournament was great. Londoner was awesome. Quick question, is the person who played Cammy that had Cammy artwork on his fightstick on these forums?

That beast of a player would be DJ. He’s on the forums under Tekkz.

Great tourney and awesome venue. Can’t wait till you guys do it again…

GGs… Dallas needs more team tourneys at new venues. :slight_smile:


I wish I could have made it out there, the venue looked nice too. Let me know when the next one happens.