Absolute best arcade stick

That too. When you have B15 monies you can purchase a cab though. His DonPachi stick was sick.

I am waiting for my (used) one in the mail :slight_smile:

<< My precious!! :smiley:

PSX Namco.

Sega Virtua Stick High Grade, modded with a new PCB of course.


Now that is sexy.

The one that wins you a tournament.

Yay Sigma http://www23.atwiki.jp/ac_stick/pages/6.html#id_871d3023

The Qanba Q3 (not Q4RAF) has a case that’s porn to my eyes


Otherwise, if you can afford the money, buy a custom by B15 (and convince him to make some more wooden cases !)

You are right, i should have been more specific. In that case, then excluding all modded arcade sticks, which one is preferable? Please tell me one up to 200 dollars

Still depends on what you’re looking for. What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting is a good guide to see what your needs vs. budget.

Maybe you’d like the Qanba or eightarc sticks, since they’re pre-dual modded with Sanwa parts, which is about the epitome of functionality. But maybe you’re looking for something like the Hori V series. The “best” is highly subjective, and that’s why a bunch of customs are popping up in this thread, because they’re just what we like.

I just read it, and thank you. But are sanwha or siemitsu parts better?

All preference, just like Coke or Pepsi. Supposedly the Seimitsus are a little stiffer overall, giving a more “precise” feel in both sticks and buttons.

Still a matter of preference. I personally am for Seimitsu, but Sanwa is typically the more popular brand of choice, used in pretty much all higher end joysticks stock. However, those sticks typically use universal mounting brackets, quick disconnects and 30mm holes, so they can easily be swapped for Seimitsu.

I don’t know what you’ll prefer. Both are high-quality.

You also might want to read the Arcade Stick FAQ over in the newbie dojo. It might answer some of your questions.

Thank you, that helped tremendously. But i need your opinion: how do seimitsu and sanwha buttons feel to players?

Sanwas are very sensitive, and Seimitsus are a little less sensitive with a bit of a harder spring in the microswitch. They are both significantly more sensitive than Western or American-style pushbuttons (Happ, iL).

There is not really a substitute for trying both yourself.

Edit: In another thread you say you have a WWE Brawlstick. The buttons in these feel somewhat in between Sanwa and Seimitsu in terms of how sensitive (easy to actuate) they are. If you want them stiffer, go Seimitsu, more sensitive, go Sanwa. Neither Sanwa nor Seimitsu buttons feel radically different from those in terms of responsiveness.

You’re asking the same question repeatedly, and I think Nerrage did a great job summing it up – it’s entirely a preference thing. If you want featherweight button activation and a slightly looser feeling stick, Sanwa’s where it’s at. They’re also the parts used in stock Vewlix cabinets for Street Fighter IV, and also in most production sticks. If you want a to know what most people like using, it’s probably Sanwa because that’s what they use – a stock fightstick that came with Sanwa buttons and stick. Seimitsu has a slightly tighter feel, to the point that it justifies swapping out parts to replace Sanwas in sticks for some people. It also gained an extra following with modders as, for years, Seimitsu’s buttons were the only ones available in transparent/translucent designs (allowing for LED mods). Therefore, people modding their sticks with LED mods ended up getting used to Seimitsu – but that’s it; it’s all about what you’ve used, what you prefer, and what you’re used to.

If you’re trying to choose, go play on a friend’s stock TE. Those are Sanwas. If you say “Man, when I’m mashing out combos I’m getting extra presses that I don’t think should be registering…”, or if you like to rest your fingers heavily on the buttons? Go Seimitsu – the heavier activation pressure required will put up enough resistance to hold your fingers better.

Me personally? I like Sanwa. I don’t hit my buttons too hard, I like the feel, and it’s what I’m used to. Seimitsus feel great too, and I don’t mind working/playing on those sticks, but when I buy parts for my sticks… I generally buy Sanwa. And like I said, that’s the case for most players in the competitive scene – but no one company is better or worse, just different. I just like that we have a choice.

NOTE: I just realized, I think the one preference that almost everyone can agree upon is on Octagonal gates – everyone I’ve seen who’s tried Seimitsu vs. Sanwa, and has expressed their educated opinion (preferably without bias), generally says Seimitsu is nicer because the Sanwa Oct. gate increases the throw way too far. I’m a Sanwa guy and even I prefer the Seimitsu Oct gate, but that’s a very specific case. Most players will recommend a stock square gate, anyway, though, so it’s a bit of a moot point.

Oh okay, i just have to say thank you again.
From your description, I am a seimitsu person. But what do you mean by the gates?