When I was younger, I plaeyd on the Arcade all the time, but then when systems got so advanced they could do things the arcade did, I stopped going. The sucky 360 pad now makes me find a new way, THUS I now own a Fight Stick. :]

 And I wanna smash it inot the wall cause I can't even dash properly, but let's get to the point.

There are lots of posts on here aboiut Modding your Artwork, but I see no instructions and can’t find a non pre-made template.

If someone has a PSD to open in Adobe Photoshop CS, that would be awesome, with the correct print size for the Face thing, and if someone could post to me an instructional thing, on how to take it apart, replace the art, and even how to print it off and methods to do, that would be awesome.

Oh, and forgot. >_> Long time visitor, first time poster.


Well at least you took your time and made your first thread count :rolleyes:

You should try this thread:


And if for some reason that’s “not working” maybe this one:


This will probably also help:



Thanks dude!


Looks like it’s your LuckyDay.


Well it was 8 months of me being on SRK without someone making that joke.

Which is pretty good, cause I get it about once a month on XBL. :looney:


…Looks like it’s your LuckyDay. 2 hit combo! :rofl: