Absolute Order - Neo City Stories


I basically had this story in mind for about a good 2 years and wanted to find some solid ground to place it in (SRK seemed like a good place) so I decided to take my short series of stories and share it with other people. As of now I dont have the story with me to share now, but I do have a very brief synopsis of the story and what you can be looking out for. Its very short but I hope it gives you an idea of what Im trying to relay here.

  • Absolute Order - Neo City Stories - Synopsis -

“Of greatness and power this beautiful moon has given us. Now we must try and to take it back, only to re-live the once madness that struck us all so long ago. It shall be only a matter of time…until they come to invade our land. They will never stop. They will never surrender. They will hunt us down and make sure we suffer for whatever we did to them. All I can say to you young Shinobi, warrior of the young midnight sky, is that you must allow yourself to become of true heritage in order to preserve this great moon. We will not live much longer, but through you, we may still have a fighting chance. It is hard. It is unwilling and you may want to give up and die. But you must live. Live. Live to uphold our great name and our great moon. You must…live…”

  • Juikuo: Words of Wisdom to Raijuto

It has only been 6 years since there has been freedom in the 2nd Imaginary Moon of Mars called “Heaven” named after the death of the Absolute Order’s previous so-called “President”. He was only known as “Ku” and was a dictator of all of Mars and its 5 Imaginary Moons. The people were drawn to slave-like cultures under his rule and it seemed no one can save the planet.

Until, they came. They were known as “Night Warriors” or Shinobi. A clan named “Kurasune”.

These rogue Shinobi came from Earth to help get rid of the Absolute Order and its despicable crimes amongst the people of Mars. 3 years passed since they came to Mars and they have succeeded in getting rid of the AO and its minions. Many warriors on both sides died including the 3 leaders of the Kurasune Clan: Oikuhura, Juikuo, and Kaijuto. After their death, the Kurasune made a pact with Mars and its 5 moons to keep the AO at bay and any other evils to harm Mars. After the pact was made, “Heaven” was created as Kurasune’s moon and its success against the AO. Now, in the year RC(2) (2nd Reconstruction) Signs claim that the AO may have returned. Now in the capital of the moon “Heaven” only known as Neo City.

This is where our story begins. With the young Shinobi called Raijuto-Myou, the younger brother of the deceased leader Kaijuto. He has been living in “Heaven” since it was created and has been pretty lax about life. Raijuto does not believe in destiny and that the AO has ceased to exist. What he doesnt know is that they’re still alive and well in the heart of Jupiter, Mars rival planet, and that their main spies have been sent to Neo City to get rid of the last Kurasune members residing there.

The young Shinobi must rise and become a great warrior in order for his world to be set free from upcoming evil. The evil…of the Absolute Order.

  • End -

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Absolute Order - Neo City Stories
Insert 1 - I am of the People.

“…Is this ever gonna end?”
“Guess not. You cant hide who you are.”
“I want it to…just make it stop mom.”
“Young Raijuto, I’m sorry, but you must help us in the best way possible.”
“I cant mom. Please…dont make me fight.”
“I understand how much you resist fighting but you have to help this planet and this clan. Your brother’s fighting hard so that you and I could have a brighter future in the world. Do you want that dear son?”
“Yes. But I dont want to fight to earn it.”
“I cant take this anymore mom. I dont want to do this to stop an endless war from ceasing. Im scared and I dont like to fight. You, mom should know better than my brother. You used to be caring and now since the AO came, your acting like my brother more and more each day. I wish…I wish Lia was here.”
“Your sister…”
“She was the only one who cared about my feelings.”
“I still do.”
“No you dont. You say we are of a fighting clan, why cant we stop where we are mother? Huh? Why cant we?“
A Slap echoes across the room
"Because that’s the only reason why we are still here. If we only believed in making peace without war, we would be dead back when we were on Earth.”
“Oh Raijuto, As much as I want this to end without any bloodshed, I cant just accept that fact. This is a real world and the world we live in consists of endless fighting. We can never ever stop it.”
“Mother. Im…so sorry.”
“No. I am. I should have never ever tried to baby you and Kaijuto so much.”
“So. Im going to fight for my family and brother. And my planet.”
“Always remember my dear son. I love you with all of my heart and well being.”
“Me too mom. I love you.”

Present day Hyaki - Main Province of the 4th Imaginary Moon Midnight. Hyaki-Kya Placement School - Main Campus.

So…Im still sleeping huh? Must feel great. I havent gotten much sleep for the past couple of days. Now that finals are out of the way, I can finally go home.

"Mr. Myou? Are you still sleeping again?“
snort snort
laughter amongst the classroom
"Why are you all laughing??”
“Never mind Mr. Myou. Make sure you stay awake for the time being you’re in here ok?”
“Yeah, of course Mr. Sai.”

If you are wondering if finals are really over, they arent. I wish they were so I can go home and see my moon again. Oh, and if you’re wondering who I am, Im Raijuto-Myou. 19 going on 20 in a few more months. I go to a God-forsaken Placement School that I really never wanted to go to in the first place. Why you ask? I got into a major fight I didnt even start in the first place. I detest fighting but the guy wanted to fight me anyways. As soon as I walked away he punched me in my side. Afterwards, I remember getting mad and hitting the poor guy once. Weird. In the police report it said that he had 13 bruises all around his body but I only remember hitting him once. That’s something else I dont get. Weird powers. I dont know what they are or what they do to me but I know one thing: If these powers dont help me put my ass through this school, to hell with them. Well anyways, after that I got deported to Midnight so I can finish my education in this place. I hate it. Although the dorms are nice and the women are flirtatious here, I feel very awkward around here. Like…something is out to get me. I did have notices of reported killings around the campus happening very rapidly. Since they only happen at night, I have nothing to worry about since Im always in my dorm room sleeping. Still, I should feel a little secure in this hellhole of the mind. Man, I wish I was home.

Its around 3:40. Time to go check on my friends at the OutTrack.

The OutTrack is usually our hookup spot. We always meet there after classes exactly at 3:45. And its Wednesday too. Im loving it because on Wednesdays my best friend Murray tells me all about his history teacher’s unbelievable endeavors. He claims he’s been around the whole universe. That I much highly doubt. But they were always funny.

“Where is everyone?” I walked into the eatery with a puzzled face. I really couldnt find anyone of my friends sitting down or in line.

“Hey Rai!! We’re up here!!”
“Dammit guys, you never stay on the first floor do you?”

I ran up the spiral stairs to the 2nd floor to see Murray and Utiha sitting down eating and notes from previous classes on the table. I sat down with everyone looking at me strange for some reason or another. Murray was a slim guy with a pencil or pen always stuck on either ear. He was much of a pimp these days, but it seems it left him when him and 3 girlfriends got into it. I dont how to juggle 3 girlfriends but if you want to know, Murray’s your man. Looking to my right I saw Utiha. He looks somewhat like a goth and a jock combined. A little bigger than Murray and was always smoking something. He got in trouble not too long ago for hacking into the projectors outside to promote a party that he and a few friends were hosting. That’s something else too about Utiha, he’s an awesome hacker. He hacked my laptop to play very old PS5 games in high definition. Anyways, to answer the question on why everyone was looking at me like they’ve seen a ghost…

“Rai, we heard about you and Yura. Are you doing alright buddy?” Murray was never the one to sugarcoat things but dammit I didnt wanna hear about that.

If you want to know what happened to me and my ex Yura, and you want the short version, she dumped me…harshly. I wasnt gonna tell you that I dumped her. I loved her but she just didnt my so-called “aura”. That’s something else about me. When people see me, they think I have a sense of death over my shoulder when I really dont. Im a real nice and outgoing guy one you get to know me. Anyways, she just didnt like me really. At first everything was going alright and we talked every night before we went to bed. About a few months later, she just started hating my guts and left me. Sad isnt it? Over some mysterious “aura” I had? I should have slapped her but that’s 2 things I cannot do: fight and hit a girl. I have a code against that somewhat. Dont like it? Have at you.

“Yeah Im doing alright now Murray. Thanks alot for bringing it up.” I really didnt like how Murray broke the ice about it but they were gonna know about it sooner or later.
“Im sorry man. I had to say something, it was eating me up inside to see my best friend get dumped like that.”
“Thanks. I guess.”
“So are you guys going to be by the dorms later?” Utiha speaks in a very calm voice but is known to have the best parties on campus.
“Nah, I have to get some sleep. Mr. Sai is killing me on the papers.”
“Same here Utiha. I cant do much on anything now. I plan on going home next week and I gotta pack and stuff.”
“And…stuff?” Me and Utiha knew what he meant. Stuff meant either one or 2 things: Either he got a bad grade and wont talk about it or he’s gone to have sex. Cant be the latter.
“Yeah stuff. So listen, Im gonna bounce and Ill see you guys tomorrow alright?”
“Alright guy. Dont get too hasty trying to fuck this late in the semester.” Utiha loves to mess with peoples minds.
“Bye Murray.”
“Bye guys. And Utiha?”
“Fuck you dude.”
“Hahahaha. Just be careful guy. All Im saying.”

Hyaki-Kya Placement School - Inoue Hall. Raijuto’s room. 11:09.

"You want to come back now?“
huff huff
"Brother, please, Im tired. Let me go back in the house.”
“3 more hits weakling.”
I tried to hit him directly with the edge of father’s old kendo stick to his left shoulder. He dodged it and hit my head with his finger and with a little energy, pushed me away a few inches. He was always playing this game when I skipped practice and played outside with my friends back in the days. I dont know how he knew all the time, but someone must have told him.
“4-2 Rai. Now you have 4 more hits until you get back in.”
“Please…why are doing this to me?”
“Heh. Come at me now. Dont quit punk.”
“Please now boys, stop.” My mother was always protecting me against my brother. He’s been away for war so him trying to fight me was always in his blood.
“Lets go Rai, you can do it big brother!!”
“You’re too slow Rai. GAAAAHHH!!”
My brother punched me in the stomach as hard as he could. I feel to my knees crying and almost blacked out. All I could see is my mother grabbing Kaijuto and telling him to stop. My sister tried to help me up but she was only 9 at the time. I hold much love for her. Now I dont see her much. They seperated us since my mother went crazy after Kai died. I hope she still remembers me. It has been almost 5 years…Oh Lia.


“The hell?” I woke up from my so-called “flashback nightmares” head throbbing from the explosion so close to the dorm room. Not long after I heard the bell and sirens for evacuation. I really didnt know what was going on but I had to leave ASAP. I only packed a few clothes and my father’s old sword. Whatever happens to me, that sword will never leave me. Even though I hate to fight, I swore to him Ill keep it with me forever. I clenched by bag as hard as I can and as I ran outside of my room, I saw Murray with only his underwear on. We looked at each face to face for a good 5 seconds. Then a girl came out of his room with only a bra on.

Awkwardness. “Dude, I can totally explain.”
“No time you fool. Get your damn clothes on and let’s get the hell out of here.”
“No forget that. Im getting the hell out of here NOW!!”
“Suit yourself…”

Running beside Murray without any clothes was too homo for me so I ran the other way. Funny, yet homo. When I ran down the stairs I saw some shadow come from the wall. It was creeping fast so someone wanted to get out of the dorm pretty quickly. As I got to the bottom of the stairs, I saw 2 men that looked like they wanted to start trouble. One was dressed in white and held a chain that looked like it was strapped with explosives. The other was a dressed in all black like a regular Shinobi warrior. His sword’s handle and sheathe was uniquely made so he must have been top rank. There was nowhere I could run to so I held ground. I did however hear their conversation.

“Is this boy the last surviving Kurasune member?”
“There is another, she is a girl a few years younger than this boy.”
“I see.”

Something in my mind said that this girl was my sister Lia. I knew it. It had to be.

“What do you guys want?” I bit my tounge of every word I said.
“Why…you of course.” The man in the black said in a deep voice.
"!!! Why?"
“The boy is a weak one. We can take him down in less than 2 minutes. And you’re supposed to be the descendant of the great Kaijuto. Bah, you’re nothing compared to us.” The man in white had a evil smirk on his face and a smile wide as hell. I thought he loved to kill and torture his victims as some insane killer that didnt have a mind at all. All he thought about was killing and how to make his kills more enjoyable.
"Who the hell are you guys then?"
The man in black walked up to me. “Where are our manners? I am none other than Yakio, one of the High Martyrs of the Absolute Order. You should know the AO right?”

At the moment he said Absolute Order…I felt cold all over. Whoever this AO is, he’s the reason for everything. My mother going insane. My brother dying. My sister being moved God knows where. My half brother’s death on Holy. All of the killing. All of the mistrust. I had so many mixed up feelings at that point. Revenge, hatred, sadness, death, confusion, all of it. I didnt know what to do but to just stand there and damn near cry. He’s destroyed half my damn life and my sister’s as well. Nothing in this world or any for that matter can forgive him for what he’s done to us and Mars altogether.

All I felt. All I wanted was for him to die. That and that alone, gave me the will to fight.

I had to pull out my sword fast and try to get away from Yakio and the other member of the High Martyrs.

“Not so fast sir.” Yakio started to run towards me.
“Just watch me!!” I swung the sword towards Yakio. I dont know what happened but he vanished right before my eyes in a cloud of black smoke.
“Ijuki, do it now.”
“Where are you coward? Retreating?” I didnt know where he was but when I looked down, I saw the man in white sliding across the floor stopping at my feet.
“Too slow bastard!!” The man in white threw his chain from the floor to the back of my neck and trapped my whole body in it. It was so tight that I thought the sword on my side would break, thus breaking the promise I gave to father. That was never going to happen. I’d die before I let something happen to that sword. After I was caught, Yakio came back in human form in front of Ijuki. As amazing as I thought that was, I didnt have any time to congratulate the man on a job well done tieing me up. My life was at stake at this moment.
“Excellent joke Yakio. Now, how can we kill this pitiful excuse of the last of the Kurasune?”
“Psh. Not now Ijuki. First we have to ask him some questions about–”


After those incantations were shouted out, I saw a bright light and people being pushed back from the light. Yakio and Ijuki were in shock.

“Fuck. She found us!! Soldier, is that who I think it is?” Yakio was about to pull out his sword as soon as he got outside.
The soldier was on the ground desperately trying to get up. “She’s…here…”
“Dammit. He’s dead.” He looked to the right and saw his opponents. They were 2 girls who were both in Kunoichi battle clothing. “What do you want with us??”

“We came here to make sure that Kurasune is perserved in this planet!! I was sworn to defend Kurasune as my name is Sinati-Kabuto!!”

“I will make sure your kind is dead in this world for I am the 2nd descendent of the Kurasune!! Lia-Kyou!!”


“Rai? I finally found you. I prayed to find you and I finally did. Please Rai, mother told me to tell you to release your sword father gave you.”

“What? How?”

“Dont do this to your brother foolish girl!! Do you understand what this can do to the AO??” Ijuki said.

“I am abiding in my brother. Your organization is destroyed as soon as this has been done.”

“Heh. You and your brother still cant kill the AO for he is an immortal being. If your pitiful clan couldnt do it years ago, what makes you think you can do it now??”

“Haha, you dont know who Raijuto is do you?”

“Speak girl.” Yakio was more confused by the minute and I was no different.

“What do you mean sister?”

“Rai, by the name of your father and brother…I order you to be released.”


“Sinati, do it.”

“Yes ma’am.”


“Ku Kai Shin Tyo Hou-Loe.” Sinati stabbed me in my stomach with a mysterious knife. Weird thing was was that I didnt feel anything.




“Shit. Tell the AO we failed. Kurasune’s descendant…has been awakened…”

  • End -

Man, that was pretty good. Funny too.

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i have a simple question but i don’t know where to ask. it pertains to writing by the way. zombie stories, are they considered sci-fi or horror type of stories?

I would say horror types.
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Absolute Order - Neo City Stories
Insert 2 - Depth and Rising

“Haiten. The boy has been awakened. Make sure the AO knows.”
“Poor Yakio. You should know that the AO knows all. He was expecting failure from you and Ijuki from the moment you 2 scum left Origin. Now?”
"!!! Dammit!!"
“Now you listen, you either retreat and deal with Order or you stay and attempt to kill the boy. Either way, you’ll die.”
“No faith Haiten?? Is the boy that powerful?”
“Faith? I need no faith when logic is all I need. Its elementary Yakio. You’re dead either way you go.”
“What?? Sly bastard.”
“The exportation helicopter is coming towards your way in exactly 8 minutes. You have until then to do what you have to do.”
“Yes. I shall kill the boy within 8 minutes.”
“It seems that is something that Ijuki is well equiped for. Transmission out.”

“Well Ijuki. Seems we have a kill that requires your speed.”
“Ha!! I thought you would never ask.”
“Command Signal 5. Target - Ijuki. 1st Line - Speed. 2nd Line - Power.”
“Get ready kids…”

I stood there…lifeless. I dont know what happened until I heard someone call out to me.

“Rai. Brother. Son. Shinobi. Please rise. Lia needs you.” It sounded like mother. How could that be?

As I began to get up, I felt the same. Before I fell, I only remember my sister shouting some gibberish and then another girl stabbing me in my body. Afterwards, nothing comes back to me. Im up, only to see my sister and the other girl. The first thing I did was look down to my stomach, only to see no blood, no scar, nothing. It looked like nothing has happened to me.

“Rai, you’re up. Thank goodness it didnt take long.” Lia looked at me with the biggest smile ever. It was the smile Ive longed for. Now that Im older, that will always leave a place in my heart as her being the only person in my family Ive ever loved as family…almost as much as mother.
“What are you talking about sister?”
“Rai, please tell me. Where is your sword?”
“The one father gave me? I…”

As soon as I said that, I felt a whoosh go past me. As if someone just slapped with a hurricane. My sister was hit too and she fell to the floor. I tried to get to her, but Ijuki got in my way. He looked different that he did before. He took off his uniform and revealed the monster he was…a cyborg. His eyes always rotated and were always either black or red. The arms were half human and half robot. The face looked normal until you looked in his eyes and saw something inhuman.

“Sinati…Rai…Help me please.”
“Im coming sister!!”
“Ma’am, I shall be there to rescue you!!”

Sinati was a short girl with long hair tied up in a ponytail. She did have cute eyes, I give her that. She was going the same speed as Ijuki was so she ended up passing me and eventually Ijuki. Stepping in front of Lia, Sinati stood ground and pulled out her so-called “knife.” Sinati lifted her knife to the sky and it began to light up a crimson red.

“Status Knife!! Status 1 - Blazing Fire!!”
“That knife wont hurt anyone girl! You’re as good as dead to me!!”

As soon as Ijuki uttered those works, the knife stabbed him in his arm. I saw the knife do absolutely nothing to him.

Damn. Was I wrong.

“What?? My…arm. What the hell have you done to my arm you bitch??”
“Heh. You should watch your mouth. Im not what you think I am.”
“And that would mean…”

As she stepped back from her knife, still inside Ijuki’s robotic arm, which was melting his cold steel away from his arm and contacting in liquid form to the ground. Sinati began to stretch her arms and began spinning. After a few rotations, she was turned into her “original” form. You wouldnt believe what it was.

“Sinati, why did you have to do that?” Lia started to get up from her blow from Ijuki.
“Wait…“Still in confusion somewhat. “You’re a…a…girl with no boobs?? Weak.”
“Im a boy you dumbass. See?”
”…(I take back the cute eyes comment and stand corrected forever.)”
“I know you were looking at me hard. Dont lie.”

I really couldnt answer. It was an easy question but I really couldnt answer off top. Was I really liking this girl? Then all of a sudden, an answer came.

"Fuck no!! Are you insane??"
Lia and Sinati couldnt stand but to laugh at me. I couldnt find it funny but its girl talk no doubt. After all the plot twists for the 5 minutes I’ve been trying to figure out what was going on, Ijuki recovered with just one arm with Yakio behind him. After Yakio’s evil grin, he jumped 10 stories and began to come down with brute force sword facing downwards to my face. All I saw was the moon, his eyes, and his sword. I just stood there scared of my coming death. The only thing I could to was pull out my father’s sword to at least try and defend myself. As soon as I did, I heard a voice come from my body.

“Raijuto. Shinobi. Brother. Let’s kill them good.”

As soon as I heard it, I began to pull out my sword but it seemed as though I wasnt even controlling my body like I should. My sword clashed with Yakio’s which caused a massive wind to cover the dorms. Few windows smashed in and many were cracked. All I could see before is a rain of broken glass and debris. For the first time ever, I felt good to be fighting like this.

Question is…what the hell is happening to me?

“So, you do have some fight in you eh boy?” Yakio began to pull out another sword from his jacket sleeve.

“Ha! You really think you can kill me?”

Yakio said nothing and began to come at me. When his first sword thrusted forward, I dodged it easily but was grazed by the sharp edge. I tried to counter it but his second sword’s hilt knocked my chin upwards and lifted me up a few inches off the ground. Whoever this guy is, he was very strong to even do that. As I’ve flipped forward to begin my attack, he jumped and met me in air then began to force his swords towards me. It almost stabbed me but he shifted his swords to the sides of my abdomen and stomach. The swords clinched my body with only a few centimeters away from bleeding internally. Trust me, it was not the best condition to be in when you’re in the heat of battle.

“Rai!! Please dont give in.” Lia was trying to be as supportive as she can but she knew I was in a very fucked up position. So did Sinati. Too bad she didnt become as support…

“Psh, you’re supposed to be the last? I guess Lia was being too modest about you Rai. In my opinion you’re pitiful.”

“Then how about you shut the hell up and help me then?”

“Haha. You wish I could but I got better shit to handle.” Just as soon as she said that, a helicopter started to appear with a very bright flashlight.

“Guess that’s it for us Yakio. We better get out of here.” Ijuki started to run up the wall to get on the helicopter that was right above the building.

“Heh, I didnt kill you yet. Ill make sure to do it so that you can come back at me boy.”

With his 2 swords still on my sides, he began to throw me around with the swords still intact and in a last ditch effort to get the point across, he punched me in my stomach straight to the ground, allowing his swords to break through the pavement to keep me still.

“Until we meet again boy.” Yakio disappeared in black smoke as Sinati and Lia pulled off the swords to my side.

“Rai, please dont do that to me again. You gave me a heart attack.”

“Forget him girl. He’s still a punk even if his brother is inside of him now.”

What…what did she say? My brother…Kaijuto…is inside me? As soon as I thought that, my sword began to resonate a bright blue and my heart was in rhythm with it. What does this mean?

Great Chapter 2, I laughed at the part where there was a misunderstanding via boy/girl sex type.


Next chapter shinobi? :7)

In about 2 days, I think AC is wearing off some so I can write more.

Great to hear, looking foward to it. :}

oh noes! AC has completely taken over shinobi! :stuck_out_tongue:

*Absolute Order - Neo City Stories
Insert 3 - Inside/Outside

“This sword. Does it really have the ability to do this master?”
“Yes. As crazy as it may seem.”
“So the sword can reincarnate a lost soul connected to the wielder and use it to increase the wielder’s power?”
“Also understand, if left uncleansed, the lost soul can take over the wielder to whatever the overall cause of the lost soul’s purpose in life. In other words, if the soul had a life of love and peace, the wielder will be of love. If the soul was corrupted and ripped of sanity, the wielder would be evil and that soul shall rise again in his own body.”
“Wow. So master, which of your sons would you give it to?”
“I dont know, only time will tell.”
“I believe your younger son would do well with this master.”
“Raijuto? He thinks of his brother too much. It could corrupt him.”
“I would think he needed it sir. As much as he despises war, he must grow up and protect his people.”
“Master sir?”
“His mother said that. I dont know if I want him in this type of situation though.”
“Well whatever you choose sir. You are a man of brilliance. You will make your decision as so.”
“Raijuto. Kaijuto. Oh help me.”

Hyaki-Kya Placement School - Inoue Hall. Raijuto’s room. Break of morning.

I woke up from an hour of sleep. Literally. One hour. The fighting finished about 1 this morning and I had to help fix up the damn Hall. I really didnt want to do it but since I was half the reason why those people came last night, I felt responsible somewhat. Looking by the half broken window, I saw the sword standing up by the nightstand. It was weird as hell last night but I could have sworn I heard my brother and my mother call out to me. Strange. I got up from my bed, back sore from what Yakio did to me before he left. So fucked up I really didnt want to make it to my 11:30 class today but sadly its History-5M 101 (History of the 5 Imaginary Moons of Mars - Origin, Heaven, Hope, Midnight, and Death) which is my worst class right now. I swear. The teacher’s an asshole, the study groups want nothing to do with me which makes me not want to go the damn class. Whatever. Need the credit so Im not gonna bitch. Still, I wonder how Lia and that other chick is doing. They disappeared right after Yakio and Ijuki left. Lia…why did you leave me when I saw you for the first time after all these years? Why?

My doorbell rang. I looked through the peephole to see Murray. There is something I have to ask that guy from last night and he better not dodge it. (If you read Chapter 1, you know what it is.)

“Well Murray!! What brings you here this early?” Sarcastic as it may seem.
“Raijuto, why are you so happy to see me?”
“Oh well. You do know what happened last night right?” Im gonna trap him right here and now. I wonder how he’s gonna take it.
“Yeah that explosion?”
“Um, the weird guys in the capes?”
He looks up. “The windows and the building is falling apart you know…”
“Shut the fuck up.”
"Huh? Raijuto, what the hell is wrong with you dude?"
I failed and changed the subject with the random outburst but I had to switch it back QUICK. As soon as you get Murray on a topic, he’s on a one track mind to irritation.
“Dude. Murray. The girl?”
“What girl?“
Wow. The guy has amnesia now?
“You know…the GIRL??”
“You dont get it?”
“Nope. Wait. That girl from last night?”


“Yeah her.”
“Ok before you say anything, let me explain what happened earlier. 2 of my girlfriends got into it and they both dumped me. This freshman from Hitomo Hall wanted to talk to me. One thing led to another and…we sort of started boning.”
“How the hell do you do it?”
"I really dont know guy. I wish I knew. I guess I got the gift of delivering the ladies."
I wonder what he would say if he saw Sinati.

I got a voice mail on my phone. It was Utiha at the base of the History building telling us to come down to see something that was involved with last night.

I hope it was destroyed. I really dont want to take History today. Why am I so cold? I need more sleep.

Murray and I put on some clothes and ran to the History building which was only about 3 blocks away from the dorms and was only a minor footrace between me and Murray. When we finally got there, I was suprised. It wasnt destroyed. It was standing strong. Not even a scratch on it. Just a crowd of people there. Only one word came to my mind after I was impacted by this.

“Fuckery. Fuck Figgity Fuck Fuck.”

After my inside rage suddenly settled, I saw 2 female figures to the right of me. One winked me off and the other one smiled. When I got closer, it was Lia and Sinati in regular clothes. Sinati was into girl mode again and strangely looked sexier than my own sister. What is the world coming to? I wonder if I can trick Murray.

“Hey Lia. Is that Rai?” Sinati found me first.
“Sup Sinati. Sup Lia.”
“I apologize for going off so fast last night brother. I bet you thought I was gonna leave you.”
“Yeah. I did. Im glad you came back though.”
“Did you miss me Rai-Rai?” Sinati didnt have anything better to do but to just tease me. Seriously.
“Depends. After that trick you pulled last night, I dont know if we should go see a movie or play poker.” I tried to make a joke about it.
“Oh well it depends on whether you want to see a porno or play strip poker.”
“How about no? Or…maybe yes. I have a friend who wants to talk to you.”
"Really? Is he the guy who came with you? He’s sexy. Bring him over here."
Lia stopped the love connection fast. “Sinati, we came here to check out the disturbance in the History building, can this please wait?”
“Oh Lia. Let me see him. Pleeeeeeease?”
“Come on sis. If you let her see Murray now, you wont have to worry about it later.”
“Alright Sinati. Please do hurry.”

I called Murray over and told him everything about Sinati. Almost everything.

“Hey cutie. (<3)”
“Wow Rai. She’s a fox. Double points for looking better than the bat beside her.”

Bat = Lia.

“WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU CALL ME?? You’re a bastard right?”
"Beg your pardon?"
Lia muttered some gibberish and left to go ahead. "See you later Sinati when you dump the bastard. You too Rai."
Sinati walked up to Murray like she was going to give him a kiss.
"You wanna know who I really am?"
Murray, love struck, couldnt resist. "Uh-huh. You know I want to."
The trap was set. “OH SHIT…Murray. Dont go there. ITS A TARP!!”
“What? What are you talking about Rai? She’s not a tra–”

He turned around back to Sinati to see what she truly was. A man. Sinati was with open arms ready for a kiss from Murray.

“No…fucking…way. NOOOOOOO!!! Rai!!! WHY??? I thought I was your friend.” Murray fell to his knees and started weeping.
“Haha. I dont you anyway punk. You’re not my type.” Sinati turned back into a girl while Murray was still trying to make sense of the situation.
“Im sorry dude. I had to do it. I thought you had a way with the ladies.”
"Yeah ok Rai. Fuck you. And it seems nothing is going on here so Im gonna leave to see REAL girls back at the dorm."
As he walked off, he turned around and saw Sinati blow a kiss at him. He got scared and ran away. Funny stuff I swear.

Sinati said, “Lets go to see what Lia found Rai.”
“Yeah. Let’s go.”

As me and Lia ran past the crowd of people, we saw Lia and Utiha looking up towards the top floor of the History building. Sinati and I looked ahead to see the front door busted in. I dont know what was there but this whole thing looked kinda fishy.

“Hey Utiha. What happened here?”
“They got a police report and a few eye witnesses that they saw some type of machine bust through the front door of the building this morning. It was about 4 when they say it happened. Whatever they wanted from there, it must not be good for us.”
“True.” I would think Ijuki, but he left in the copter that same morning. Maybe he didnt even leave.
“Sinati. Do you know whats going on here? Do you sense any abnormal forces here?”
“No ma’am. It could have been Ijuki but I dont have 100% proof.”
“Sis. Can you try to fill me in here?”
“Raijuto. This isnt the work of the AO. That I know for sure. However, they must have some type of bond with them. From the ground and the description of the machinery, this is only AO technology, only from the Moon of Death.”
“Here on Midnight ma’am?”
“Seems so Sinati. I have no idea how they got it here but whatever the case, they have to be stopped. Rai, was there anything in that building that could be of use to them? Rare artifact or something?”
“Hmm. The only thing that comes to mind is ‘Crush’ but that cant be it.”
“What is this ‘Crush’ brother?”
“Its an aritifact from Origin. Its supposed to have the power to crush anything. Any metal. Any object. You name it, it can be broken. Now its just a paperweight. No one can use it since it died of power when Origin was invaded by AO a few years back.”
“Well, we cant waste the chance. I overheard the people from the History Building say that they were cancelling classes today so you should be good to stay in the room until we can call for you.”

I dont know how she found out about my schedule. Whatever the case, I dont know what is going on with this school during the last few days, I hate to believe I am the reason for it but I need to get over that fact that this incident had absolutely nothing to do with me.

Still, I had a will to help my sister and Sinati.

Hyaki-Kya Placement School - Inoue Hall. Raijuto’s room. 1:02.

“Brother. You cant do this to me!!”
“Poor Raijuto. What could happen if some random thieves came to take away Lia and I wasnt around huh? You couldnt do a damn thing could you??”
“No. They cant do that to us.”
“Listen to me brother. This world is ruthless. They dont give a damn about anything out here. The only thing I love here is myself and my family. Including you brother but it seems that lately, you’ve been showing some sort of hatred towards me havent you? If you still feel that way, then you must hate me and my guts. Therefore, I hate you, even if you are my flesh and blood.”
“Those people didnt have to die brother. Why did you kill them?”
“Haha. As Ive said, this world is ruthless. I stand by that word. Those soldiers were going to kill off mother and Lia. You wouldnt want that would you? You love them both dont you? So much that you could kill anyone who would even think of harming them? Just the thought of it. Shit.”

Kaijuto fell to his knees and started crying.

“Little Raijuto. You see this? You see these tears? You see me being a shorter man than you? This is a symbolization. You need to grow up. You see me? This is you crying. You’re taller. That’s me not crying about some simple death of someone I dont even care about. Hell, someone I didnt even know. You get it now?”
“I still have an inch of love for you Raijuto, but this bitch phase you’re going through has to stop. You have to be strong. Be tough. Stop crying over the little things in life.”
“They were still human. They still have a right to live.”
“Heh. You still dont get it do you?”
“Sorry brother.”
“One day. You’ll be the only one to help this family. I will not be around all day. Just promise me this. You will not let Lia and mother die. You will suck it up and fight for them until you die to protect them.”
“Promise me dammit!!”
“Yes…I swear.”

I cant believe I’ve let him down. Why did I let mother down? Kaijuto down?

“I love you son.”
“Sister needs you. You know what you have to do.”

"NO!! Mother…"
I woke up to my sword pulsating and my brother calling out to me. The history building had a streak of light going through it.

“Raijuto. Time to get this done.”
“Yes brother. I swear I’ll protect her. Your promise shall not go undone!!”*

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