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Hi, i would like to dual- or even better tripple mod my xbone te2 so it. also works with a 360 and if possible ps3 (wii u support would be great too but not so important).
Is this possible and how?

The TE2 motherboard is not common ground, so until someone finds a workaround for that you will need to replace it.

It won’t be cheap and will be a lot of work… I’d suggest an Xbone pad pcb hooked up to a PS360+ hooked up to an IMPv2 board. I wouldn’t recommend this kind of mod for noobs.

Ok thx, i ll have to wait then, cause i am a noob ^^’

Hey Guys, Im Going To Buy An SNES Soon And Pick Up SF2 Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat, TMNT Turtles In Time Etc. Basically What’s The Best SNES Fightstick Around? I Saw One Called “Fighter Stick SN” That Looks Awesome Since It Has Arcade Parts In It…

Hey Guys, Im Going To Buy An SNES Soon And Pick Up SF2 Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat, TMNT Turtles In Time Etc. Basically What’s The Best SNES Fightstick Around? I Saw One Called “Fighter Stick SN” That Looks Awesome Since It Has Arcade Parts In It…

You got two Major option paths
SNES Era Arcade Stick or Modern

I have a Modded Hori Real Arcade Pro 3that the PCB has been replaced with a Toodle’s MC Cthulhu which happens to support SNES. Or you can pad hack a SNES controller to wire it up to a modern arcade Stick.

Good SNES era sticks
Capcom Power Fighter
Hori Fighting Stick (SNES)
Arcadia/ Champion Arcade stick
MAS systems arcade stick
BattleStation II (Two Player Arcade stick)

Avoid the
Super Advantage
SN Programmable (Arcade Stick)

I don’t know about the Score master.

I have a question about a broken screw/nut on my MadCatz TE-S stick. A while back the nut that is inside the plastic of the TE-S fell out of place so a hex screw will no longer go in. What are my options when it comes to fixing this or replacing everything with a different setup?? When it fell out I couldn’t get it to go back into place after quite a bit of trying and at some point I dropped it and lost the damn thing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You just need a run of the mill M4 nut. I have used super glue to glue the nuts back in and they never come out again. Make sure you give the glue time to dry before you screw into the nut. You don’t want to glue them together.

Hey guys does anybody know of a vendor that i could get larger joystick shafts. I have pretty big hands and my execution is suffering alittle because the joystick is small in relation to me. I’m not really sure if they are sold in different sizes, if not… does anybody have any suggestions of how i could maybe get another half inch or so added?

I see a custom job in my future, but if there is a vendor who has em alright, that would save me time.


If you’re joystick is a Sanwa JLF you should check out Paradise Arcade Shop’s Twist shaft. --> http://www.paradisearcadeshop.com/paradise-custom-jlf-modifications/982-paradise-jlf-twist.html

Thank you iNENDOi

Does anyone have any experience in modding these Qanba Q1 sticks? I was thinking of picking up one of these on the cheap and just putting my sanwa sticks and buttons into it. Any advice?

Sanwa and Seimitsu 30mm buttons are perfect drop in replacements.
and a JLF should install without issue, for Seimitsu sticks for for joystick ending with a -01 for the model number.

Hello once again tech talk. I was inquiring about if there are any cases or sticks that could fit a happ/iL p360 without heavy modification. Currently im using a MAS stick while i love it to death, it is a pain in the ass to fit in a bag (i do have a bag that works well) and i prefer jap buttons to american buttons. I just want to find a case that i could buy on a budget so I don’t have to invest in a custom stick(which will probably happen if i can’t find a case for cheap.)

Hello everyone, I have a few questions and/or advice that I’m having trouble leaving up to myself. I’m looking to replace the buttons and a joystick on one of my arcade sticks. I have a SF4 SE and a SSF4 TE S.

First Question - Is there really any sense or worth in replacing the parts in the SE instead of the TE S? The TE works fine, but the SE doesn’t.

Second - Do I go with the JLF-TP-8Y-SK? I read that some of the smaller arcade sticks don’t require a mounting plate or the plate is too big on some.

Third - Is basically all I need 6 buttons, joystick, and balltop? Any helpful recommendation that might save me another order?

Thanks in advance!

does anyone know what button this corresponds to on a ps3 madcatz te? i don’t have a ps3 to test it out on and its showing up as stuck on my computer. i’m not sure what part of the pcb i messed up on

nvm its the home button. are all TE1 ps3 pcbs common ground? it seemed like everything was but the home button

13 is your home/guide button

Does anyone know if the Mad Catz Soul Calibur artwork is the same size as Tekken Tag Wii U artwork. I can buy the Wii U stick for 60 USD new and i think it’s a good price considering the sanwa parts. It’s also possible to change the case, because I hate how the SCV stick looks.