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I was looking up installation of the ps360+ in a ps3 te. Is the soldering necessary for the home button and such?

Yes and no. PS360+ supports (and is enabled by default) pressing Select + Start to activate home, so if you do not want to solder, you do not have to.

If you want to use the Home button though, you will need to solder onto the main panel. You will also need to connect VCC and Ground to the main panel as well as the home button requires the board to be powered in order to work (do not connect the D+/D- though).

LGP can take PS3 component in but pass-through only works with HDMI. At minimum you should plan on getting a monitor with HDMI inputs (any modern monitor has HDMI inputs at this point) that has speakers or a headphone jack at least (so you can hook up speakers) or a new TV as part of your video capture project.

LGP is a standalone hardware encoder, your laptop doesn’t have to do any work, and the LGP supports 720p@60fps. Also supports 1080p@30fps recording. You will have to use the scart component cable for capture from your PS3 though due to the PS3’s use of HDCP on it’s HDMI output. I am not sure if the necessary cable is part of the LGP retail package or an add-on though.

Good work @blackraen‌

I’ve looked for a while but I cant really find the modding thread. (maybe I’m just not looking hard enough) If someone can link me to it i’d greatly appreciate it.

But my question is this, if I can post it here: I’m trying to dual mod my TTT2 Wii U Edition Fightstick to work with both PS3+360 while retaining the Wii U functionality.

I don’t even know if its possible so I wanted the opinion of someone that knows modding better than I do and if possible, can assist me with the process of doing it myself

With these xbox 1 padhacks, are they ever banned from xbox live with your modded controller after an xbox live update? Is there something to help prevent being banned from xbox live with your modded hitbox lets say?

The Basics are explained in the [Dual-Mod 101](Dual modding 101 thread.
The Two rules of a Dual Mod
All boards need to be connected to ground
All boards need to be connected to power

You need to find the ground or gnd point where the Wii controller cable meets the Wii PCB
And repeat that process with where the voltage or vcc line is.

Now you connect the gnd on the Wii PCB with the gnd on the PS360+
Repeat the same with the Wii PCB power and the VCC on the PS360+

connect your signal lines for each button and your left, right, up and down from your joystick to the PS360+ PCB.
add a USB cord or USB pass though connector (or RJ45 connector if you prefer) for your PS360+.

So far no. I don’t see you getting banned as you are still using a authentic Xbox one Controller. This would be a poor business decision on Microsoft’s part as the current Arcade stick solutions only mean more business for Microsoft. Also from a Electronics Engineering Standpoint I don’t see how they would even know you have a pad hacked Xbone controller.

Extreme internet backlash, not as strong but similar to the Public Outcry to Microsoft’s DRM policies. Microsoft for better or worst has the FGC attention with KI, by banning accounts from users with pad hack controllers MS would be shooting them selves in the foot. Also Sony will notice this and play the situation to their favor. Something MS can’t afford to do.

Just a quick question and this seems the place to ask. I was looking at seimitsu buttons for my hori hrap (marvel vs capcom 3) just to experiment. It seems like I have two options the ps14gn and ps14kn. Can anyone help out with the differences? Also, they are both screw top, is that cool with my hori? The others look push in.

Thanks for any help, I’m brand new!

How transparent you want your arcade Push Buttons? Really this is the only major difference.


PS-14-KN almost completely transparent

PS-14-GN-KN Clear Body/ rim with Opaque plunger


PS-14-GN-C Opaque buttons with a clear lens cap on the plunger.


PS-14-GN Completely Opaque buttons

Side view.

Snap-in version

Note: All Seimitsu button nuts now come in clear (even on the PS-14-GN), the yellow colored nut been discontinued.

It says they use different microswitches? One being ps-14-d and other ps-14-g. According to focus attack there is a difference but maybe that has no effect on play. Also thank you for the help, but I still don’t quite understand if I need screw top or push top, or if it doesn’t matter at all. Thanks again :slight_smile:

It does not really matter in a typical stick mod.
On Wooden custom stick cases screw-in come in handy as they can mount in thicker materials.

Yeah the Micro switches aren’t all the same but game play wise they all work the same.
I think the different microswitches take in account the change in materials

Awesome thanks so much for the help! I just want to try the other top shelf buttons and see which I prefer. I had myself a little mixed up though…I want more (slight) CONCAVE buttons. So I guess the non-n seimitsu.

If you get screw buttons you may consider some plastic thread locker. It really isn’t that hard to break when you need to remove the button and it holds the nut in place. You will only need to apply a small dab to hold it. No need to coat the entire threads. I have used screw buttons a lot and really only had an issue with a button getting loose once so I went ahead and got thread locker. Now I just put it on all of mine just in case.

There are no Japanese style concave push buttons currently on the market.
although Seimitsu have certain models of buttons with a nearly flat top.

All of Sanwa buttons are convex.

thanks. someone told me there a composite to hdmi converter. would that work if I didn’t want to buy a new tv right away?

Is there a guide that can show me how to connect the cables from an xbox one killer instinct fightstick…to say buttons(Like a hitpad)? I want to convert the KI stick to a non-stick. Is there a way i can just switch the plug to the joystick for commands to the new button set up?(Up, down, left, right)

What should I double check?

Recently installed my ps360 in a ps3 te. Directions work. None of my buttons register. …

Edit: The start button registers

It might work, but the quality could be questionable.

Nothing that specific I am afraid. Switching the electrical components are the easy part. The Hard part is finding a replacement the top panel, as none currently exist for the TE2. You need to find a metal worker whose willing to custom fabricate you a new panel.



I dual modded mine with a cthulhu, here’s the thread I started while working on it: Questions about dual modding a TTT2 WiiU TE stick

Soldering to the terminals worked, but caused annoyance anytime I took the panel off, so I ended up spicing the lines with small wire nuts instead.