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nvm darksakul is my hero and im dumb as fuck

Is there a general consensus on the ‘best’ joystick? Thanks :slight_smile:

Also - how’s that Razer stick fair?

Are we talking about Joystick as in arcade part Joystick such as a Happ Competion, Sanwa JLF or Seimitsu LS-32?
If that is so, then there is no single best joystick.
You could ask a dozen people from a dozen forums and never get the same answer or everyone yells out what joystick currently has the most HYPE.

I don’t know what you mean. I’m referring to something like the mad kittenz tournament sticks.

How’s the Razer stick? Whats you’re top 5, Mr. Vader Kitten?

EDIT: Also - why do I sometimes see players using gamepads during tournaments? Aren’t sticks always better?

“Stick” can mean the whole controller, or just the lever itself. See the stickied thread about controller/stick choice for an extensive breakdown.

Joystick refers to just the joystick lever Assembly. If you are talking about an Arcade Stick Controller sometimes refer to as Arcade Stick or just stick for short. :coffee:
Also some people call it a (groan, I hate this term) Fight stick. :chainsaw:

I Wrote a **Whole Guide **on the subject, which the thread is sticked.

Why some people use game pads? :blah:
You want the popular answer or the correct one?

Popular answer - Because Game Pad warriors can’t hack real arcade controls.
Correct answer - Because each player has their own preferences and use what they are used too and comfortable with.

And don’t call me Mr. Vader Kitten, Only my special someone can call me that. :nono:

That’s a great guide! My only concern is that in “My Picks” you only have budget sticks and modding projects listed. I’d be interested to know what your picks are assuming no mods and no price restraint.

hello chaps i got a bit of a problem, this is the only place i can think of

I recently purchased ggxxAc plus R from the usa psn store (me being from europe and also my ps3)

The problem is when i’m trying to play it i’ve got a huge black boarder across the bottom of the screen (which i can live with tbh) but the game feels ultra slow very much like back the the days of when stuff was 50hz.

I’m using an old crappy tv (defiantly not a hdmi ready one) using my old ps2 scart lead or just the standard rgb lead, ive tried changing the settings, but it seems to make no difference heck it wont let me change the resolution from standard pal.

What can i do to remedy the situation, please be aware i’m not really up to speed with current tech, i’ve just been bumbling along happily with my standard old crap and have never had any issues with any other games running like they are 50hz

Having said that this was my first purchase from the american psn store, all my other purchases have been from the hong kong store, like dominated mind and chaos code, and they’ve run perfectly

Where’d i go wrong?

Hello all. I was wanting to see if any of you had a solid suggestion for a handle that I could install on my stick. I recently had to create a wooden spacer so that I had enough clearance for a couple of joysticks I have which worked swimmingly. I figured since I made it out of oak I could probably install a handle on this guy to make it a bit easier to tote around now that it is a bit heavier and 3/4 of an inch thicker.

Does anybody know of something that would work for this particular setup? I’d prefer the handle be black but stainless would be an OK secondary. Thanks!



A kitchen drawer handle? Go to the hardware store, look around.

I’m thinking of adding an extra button to my TE that would let me remap on the fly to any other button on the stick (kind of like the Hori Fighting EDGE)
Is this possible? If so, what items would I need to do this?
I’m wondering if I would need to cut a new window, in addition to the button hole, to make room for whatever panel would be used to remap the button. Or maybe there’s some way to do it through the turbo panel.

Or maybe I should go simple and just wire the 2nd button to the same input?

I’ve already done that and I didn’t find anything that was suitable.

Hi all!

Just bought a Fighstick PRO this weekend due to the Final Round promo. Do you guys know if the restrictor gate is square or octagonal?


Possible? Yes, anything is possible with the right amount of time and money.
Worthwhile? Probably not.
For something like this, you’d have to design a entirely separate circuit board for it.

All stock japanese-style joysticks come with Square gates.

Alright thanks.
Was hoping there was a premade PCB to do it.
I might just go with the split wire for 2 buttons way then.

im dual moddin a fightstick pro for ps3. im using a madcatz fightpad and an imp v2. i dont know how to connect the guide/home button. i cant find the spot in the ps3 pcb. also… where should i connect the home/guide button from the xbox360 pcb.

is there any guides or lists with $$ value of old games/sticks/collectibles or so? like the ones there are for baseball cards etc

e/ wrong, wanted to post it in the ultimate tech talk zz

I just finished installing a ps360+ in a hrap3. I noticed that when I hold all punches down and then I hit the select button, it stops working. The start still works and when I hit the start, it goes back to normal. Is this supposed to happen? Is it triggering some hidden functionality?