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There are no good spot to solder for start, select and home. I should know, I did the exact same mod.
What I ended up doing was scraping the solder mask off the individual traces and soldering directly to each trace.

As for the USB cable, take note of the 2 gray ribbon cables, the ribbon cable with only 4 wires is the USB connection to the Main PCB.
The USB cable with 6 wires goes to the switches that control the LED lights and the tournament lock.

Unfortunately, my dog pulled the ultimate mix-up and chewed through the USB wire of my new white HORI Fighting Edge (PS3). I didn’t see it comng…I already repaired it by resoldering the wires together. However, I may want to replace the entire wire (to make it longer, change its color) in the future. Can a Type A USB 3.0 wire be used to do the job (such as: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00DSR598K) or am I restricted to Type A USB 2.0. Thanks in advance!

You are better off sticking with thee standard USB 1.1/2.0 cable (its the same fricking cable, only the protocols are changed.)
Just install a passthough device like the Neutrix and use every day standard USB A to B cables int he 6 to 15 feet long variety

USB 3.0 cables has additional pins that aren’t needed, and they cost way too much.

When u say the solder mask; r u referring to the gold spots on the board? Also, do I just use a sharp knife to scrap it off or do I need to use a certain tool then solder directly at the points. And do I need a ground point for this?

The USB cable part, do i just connect the points like in the diagram?

Also u said the ribbon with 6 wires is the tournament lock but which of the points is it?

Is there anyway to LED mod my sanwa OBSC-30 buttons for my old TE stick without using a PCB? Thanks :slight_smile:

Solder mask is what keeps the metal tracks insulated. The “gold” spots is where there no solder mask.

As is the tournament lock on the Injustice PCB does nothing for the PS360+

you can see more what I did here

I am doing my first custom stick project, so I have a few beginner questions. I’m using the Akishop PS360+ PCB with Sanwa buttons and joystick.

  1. I’m using .110 QCD wires from Focus Attack. I can’t figure out what the gauge on these wires are for proper stripping.

  2. I’m not sure how to wire up the Sanwa joystick harness. I’ve found this guide, but the diagram’s unclear which direction I’m looking this from. Is there a better guide out there?

Thanks for any help.

  1. anything from 24 to 28 gauge wire (bigger the number the smaller the wire).
  2. There is this [guide here](Joystick Wiring Guide for Sanwa and Seimitsu Wire Harness
    The trick is the position of the joystick and its wire connector view is from below. Use that guide to orientate your self and what wires goes where.
    Be careful as some folks been getting their joystick wire harness in the wrong wire colors.

Thanks! I figured this would be the case. Always been interested in using a Neutrik passthrough. Are there any that don’t require the need to be mounted on the case? Not sure if I want to case mod the HORI FE just yet (I want it to remain “pure” for as long as possible.) lol

Hello Techtalk. Apologies in advance if this isn’t the correct thread or my questions have already been answered. I’m a scrub lurker that comes here rarely and I finally decided I want to try a Stickless Arcade controller. After consulting some of the links around here and googling like mad I ordered some parts from Focus Attack, but I want to be sure I got everything I need, as I have some questions I need to ask about modding and such. Bear in mind I’m an idiot with this stuff so I’ll need to have things explained to me like I’m 5.

Everything I got:
PS360+ (I heard this has built in SOCD cleaning?)
4pc PCB mount (although I will later consider a custom case with PCB mounting built in)
USB for PCB to Neutrik
USB for Neutrik to console
18 x .110 Quick Disconnect Wire (two of which are for backup purposes)
1 x 10 connection Daisy Chain GND wire
3 x 3 connection Daisy Chain GND wire (one of which is for backup purposes)
1 x 30 mm Sanwa OSBF Button
15 x 24 mm Sanwa OSBF Buttons (one extra for reason explained below)

That is everything I need, right? All came to under 140 USD which seems alright. I am not getting a case atm b/c I am not entirely sure I wish to go with the conventional “Hitbox” layout yet. Also this way if I decide I don’t like the stickless route after all I can then just buy a joystick and complete a conventional arcade stick.

One thing I’d like to make sure of, the PS360+ supports wireless headsets on 360 (namely the official M$ Bluetooth/XBL hybrid), yes? I found one thread on the subject that seemed to imply so, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure I don’t need to buy the extra physical headset port for the PS360.

Now the more important thing, I saw a tut for building custom sticks on YT and it seems all you have to do is connect GND wires to a prong on each of the buttons (then to PS360) and then have the other wiring connected to the other prong (and to PS360). However in addition I wish to have an extra button I can place somewhere else on the stick, that will do the same function as one of the 8 main buttons (I will prolly bind to PPP or KKK). How would I go about doing this? A poster above seems to touch on this and mentions “splitting wire” but I hope it isn’t too hard or anything…

You have to mod the case with a 24mm hole and two smaller holes for screws on all the passthoughs.

So far you are looking good, You don’t have a case yet which will throw somethings off. You may have to redo your wiring once you get a case.

I’m glad, just sent in my order. Don’t mind redoing stuff, I will be going the poverty route until I find a layout I can commit to.

That works. Tek cases are cheap and they are fully customizable when you make your order.

Those are the pure acrylic cases right? I considered those and might get one, my only problem with it is that I can’t customize the “Hitbox” layout itself (ie make it 9 button, move the top-panel stuff around).

@Dazed - You might actually be able to. Shoot Art (the owner of Tek-Innovations) an email and tell him what you want to do. He is usually willing to do a little bit of custom stuff. The best part about the case is the price and that you can replace individual panels. That way if you don’t end up liking your custom hit-box layout you can get a new top with whatever alt layout you want on the cheap. His email is art@tek-innovations.com. You need to be patient with him as he is quite busy and may take a little while to respond.


For real? Art’s FAQ mentions he cannot do cases outside of the scope of the layouts provided, but if he’s willing to stretch it a bit (I just want one extra button cutout and move some stuff down, honest) I’ll hit him up ASAP.

@Dazed - There’s no harm in asking, right?

Just out of curiosity, what can you hear from plugging in the 2.5mm headphone jack of the PS360+? Does it play game music?

@samtruong200‌ - I’ve never used one but IIRC there is no game audio sent to the controller. Only voice chat.