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it would be the easiest option

In my country it is VERY difficult to get fight sticks. Our only options really are to import and then its coupled with a $200 delivery fee…

Now, I’ve managed to find a second-hand UMVC3 fight stick locally, but it is the PS3 version. I only play on Xbox 360. What would be my best option converting it? Should I buy a wired xbox controller and use that to convert the stick? Are these sticks easy to mod?

Sorry for all the questions, any help would be appreciated!

Yeah, it sounds like a pad hack is your best option. Easiest 360 pad hack is the mad catz fight pad, if you can find one.

How do I make two buttons with the same function work with only one pcb? In my case I want two back/select buttons with the original TE pcb. Would daisy chaining the two buttons work? if not what other options are there.

Is there a way to dual mod a fight stick that was made for 360 to also work on the XB1? I have a MadCatz SCV SE stick and I was hoping to make it so I could use it for Killer Instinct.

Also would I be able to make it so I could still use a mic or would I be stuck without since it doesn’t have the same plugs as the XB1 controller?

First, the two boards will have different style mic ports.

Also some required reading

About my WWE 360 Brawl Pad, the Turbo Function: I know what it does, but how do I get it to work? When I was playing Darkstalkers Resurrection and Super Street Fighter IV, the Turbo button wouldn’t glow green or turn on. Instead, a light turned red and its not doing anything.


If I recall correctly, you need to press the button you want to turbo while holding the turbo button. Do it again to toggle off/on.

How much is a brand new PS1 Namco stick worth? Still in wrappers.

$20…I’ll give you $30 :wink:

I’ll give you $31

I give you $19.50, and I expect shipping to be included for the price.

Asked this in an old custom art thread, but just in case no one is going to be looking there:

Is there a “default” font style and size for the ARCADE FIGHTSTICK TOURNAMENT edition on a MadCatz TE? Creating custom art but want to retain this text.


Never mind. I got it. For anyone else looking:


A life lesson I learned from syndicated comics:

Goods aren’t worth what you paid for them or think they are worth. They are worth what someone else would pay for them.

Sadly, there are entire schools of economic thought that still don’t grasp the theory of subjective value.

I have a TE Kitty in my Fightstick VS. I’m considering switching to PS360+ since it has the promise of supporting PS4 soon. I’ve long since discarded the original 5 and 6pin harnesses that go from the button distribution to the board. Will the VS harness (http://godlikecontrols.com/images/vs.jpg) work going from the button board to the PS360+, or am I screwed?

I recently wired a ps360+ with buttons, pcb, stick, etc. When I plug the stick into my Xbox, I can press start to turn the console on and the light on the PCB goes on for a second, but then it goes off and then none of the buttons or the stick work.

What do I do? :frowning:

Sounds like it’s have detection issues on cold start. Need some additional troubleshooting information though:

  • What firmware version is your board running (you can see this if you plug into a PC and look at devices, it will be shown as part of the device’s name).

  • If you turn on the Xbox 360 first, and then connect/plug in your stick, does it connect and work okay?

If it works when plugging into a running xbox 360 then you’re hitting an issue with cold-start auto-detection. doublecheck that you don’t have a button input that’s being held high due to a short (may be forcing another console mode). You can also try upgrading your firmware.

Try starting up the console first then plugging in thew controller.

Ok, I just got a SSF4 Tournament Edition “S” Madcatz Stick.

I am going to mod it and I just want to make sure I don’t mess it up. Just have a few questions:

  1. I want to try out a battop. Will this or any other battop work?

  2. What buttons come in the stock stick? Are those the best buttons? Should I buy better ones?

  3. Is the stock spring and stick that comes with it also the best? Is there a better Sanwa stick available? Worth trying out other springs too?

  4. For those that are familiar with the “link” piece that lets you remove your joystick, can I use the “link” with a battop? I think it was designed for balltops only, but I thought I would ask.

  5. Any other suggestions to improve the stick would be great.

Thanks for any help.