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That was so fast guys thanks alot! d(^o^)b


Unable to do photos, it is a Hori Fighting Stick VX for 360, and I do not know what PCB is.


What about the brawl pads (if I can find one)? are they common ground?


The Xbox 360 one, can’t comment on the PS3.


Hori Fighting Stick VX for Xbox 360 - I do not know what PCB is…



See the PCB on the lower right, thats your main PCB

That larger PCB with the Buttons is just to connect the buttons to and if you replace the buttons you dont need it.

The long skinny PCB on the top is for the Start, Select, Home and such

More info on the following thread


Wonderful info, however how do I go about solving my problem I posted prior to the image? Your response was Make Model PCB and a photo of the wiring, if you need a better pic I can do it.


Hi all,

Been lurking for a while. I’m getting simultaneous inputs after installing my new Sanwa JLF into my Mayflash. After soldering, the up and right directions work without a hitch, but every time I press either left or down, both left and down are triggered.

I double-checked this with a multimeter to confirm; if either the down or left microswitch is triggered, the resistance of both microswitches changes to 0.

I’m not sure what to do. This is my first attempt modding anything so I’m not sure if it’s my pcb, a soldering issue, or what’s going on.

I also want to throw in that I’m pretty sure my pcb is non-common ground, so I made sure to scratch out the pcb on the microswitches like I’ve read in threads here.
I’m not sure if improperly doing this would cause a problem like this but I thought I’d throw it in there.


It’s the Hori PCB that comes with the stick. Not aftermarket. In case you are asking what a PCB is, it’s a printed circuit board.


Think the original issue @Odd_Harold had was with the joystick, and @Darksakul wanted to know about the PCB on the stick itself, holding the microswitches.
That appears to be the stock, low end Hori Stick that comes with the VX and the Tekken 6; not sure if it even has a separate PC for the stick.
Looks like each switch is wired individually to the master PCB on that image, so the fault would most likely be either one of the switches, or the entire, master PCB?
Pure guesswork here so someone chip in lol.


Oh I see. Reading is fundamental :stuck_out_tongue:

Try unplugging the switch that doesn’t work and plugging the wires that go to it to one of the other switches on the joystick. Test to see if you get double inputs on the new switch wired to the direction that was giving you issues. This should tell you if you have a PCB issue or a switch. If it’s the switch you only need to swap it out. I would try to replace them all with higher quality switches anyway if it doesn’t seem like the PCB is at fault. This is an easy way to test the switch if you don’t have a meter or know how to use one.


idk how to that, there are four sensors that register the inputs


Well he said the issue is not there as “player 2” so I more incline to think its execution error.

  1. Figure out which switch is acting up. Looking at it from the bottom it will be the opposite side as the top. Mirror image.
  2. Each switch has two wires. Signal and Ground. Unplug the wires from the potentially bad switch and a switch that works normally. You may want to use masking tape or something to label the wires so you know which is which.
  3. Swap the wires that were on the good switch to the potentially bad switch and from the bad switch to the good switch.
  4. Plug the controller back in.
  5. Test the inputs in game. I know the directions will be swapped but that doesn’t matter. What you are looking for is if the “bad” switch is still acting up with the wires from the good switch and if the good switch is acting up with the wires from the “bad” switch.


Would M4x12mm screws (like the ones from FocusAttack) fit a Fightstick Pro with a control panel plexi from Art’s Hobbies? Wanting to get a different color instead of the black screws Art ships.


http://godlikecontrols.com/ has them in silver, red, blue, purple, and black.


I know where to get them, I need to know if they’d even fit in a Fightstick Pro.


The screws Art supplies have coarse threads for screwing into plastic.
TE top panel screws have fine threads

M4x12mm screws would not fit very well


Yeah, I agree. I tried it too and I did like it, but it felt too tight. I would like to try like a 1.5lb spring.


I think I’m wrong on this one. Sorry.