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This is a screen shot from Hori’s Japanese site that been ran though Google Translate to produce a ENGRISH installation guide.


As you can see Hori states the hayabusa can be “installed” into a VLX just fine.
As as Hori mean installed, they mean installing the Hayabusa without any actual mods, the Hayabusa there can install the same as a Sanwa JLF.

So what it would take? A Philips screw driver and a flat head screw driver to undo screws and remove the ball top.
Everything else is drop in replacements.

Thanks darksakul! I happen to have both a flat head and Phillips screwdriver :slight_smile: no hayabusa yet though…

So say I have a PS3 stick. I want to have it work on 360 and Xbone. I have a Crossbone PCB, an Xbone Pad PCB and an X360 Pad PCB. How would I wire them?

Having some difficulty with my ps360+. I just installed 2 into a kraylix cab. 1 works perfectly on pc, xbox 360 and ps3. the other only works on pc and xbox 360. it does not register on ps3 (the Dualshock 3 not plugged in message appears when I plug it in). All buttons and inputs work on the pc and xbox 360 with no detection or any other issues I can see. Anyone idea what is wrong or how I can fix this? Firmware problem? Defective PCB?

I have a MC Cthulhu and using the PC I can see my buttons register correctly but the joystick is completely wrong. I know that the joystick is upside down but some directions are not being registered at all or sometimes complete wrong directions being registered such as only 2 wires being connected (ground and signal) but only detects a diagonal. I have switched them around and still can’t get most inputs. Does this sound like a joystick problem or the pcb?

Read this. Dual modding 101

The same rules apply to a triple mod: you need common ground boards, all boards need to have ground connected, and all boards need power.

I would try updating the firmware first, then hold 1P while plugging it in to force PS3 mode.

What joystick are you using? Does it have a 5 pin connector, or .187" tabs? It sounds like your wiring is mixed up.

Forced ps3 mode holding 1p worked. Thanks!

I’m looking for a hitbox replacement panel for a Brawlstick/Madcatz SE. Anyone know where i can get one from?

Not entirely sure if this is the place to ask, but has anyone tried out the Tritton Kunai headsets? I’m thinking of buying the ones for xb1

With my past experiences with the brand I would say don’t get it

@PresidentCamacho‌ its a hori hayabusa with a 5 pin connector from Focus Attack and yes at first my wiring was messed because of putting the joystick in my arcade stick upside down compared to the Hori V4 pics I have seen. However does this make some inputs unreadable? Like I said some inputs don’t register at all even if it is in the wrong connection I at least think it can detect it. For example 2 makes it read 6 but the only ones i was able to get right was 7,8,9 but everything else was not registered.

Thought so. I’ll have to do some research on other headsets

Thanks though

If you’ve got the ground wire in the wrong spot, it will cause problems. It is possible, but very unlikely that your Hayabusa has a bad pcb assembly. Also possible that there’s a problem with your cthulhu, though that is unlikely as well.

Try hooking up the lever’s ground with 1 direction only. Get that direction right, then move onto the next, and so on. If the problem pops up with a specific direction, disconnect the others and see if the problem persists.
How far back are your wires stripped? Have you tried the Cthulhu with a different lever? Have you used that particular Hayabusa in a different stick before?

i did try the ground + one wire at a time and most of the time it was not being read or a diagonal was only being registered. (that was the part that weird me out the most) the only direction i was able to get right was 7,8,9. now the wires i guess were stripped 6mm basically just enough to go in and make a connection as my button wires were stripped about the same and were registered. I don’t have another joystick to try and the hayabusa is new.

Do you have another controller you could connect the hayabusa to for testing? Or a local friend with one?

no unfortunately.

You could test cthulhu by connecting a wire to one of the directional screw terminals and touching a ground spot on the board with the other exposed end.

Edit: alternatively, you could use a button, just move the signal wire to a different direction terminal after each test.

Looking at the Cthulhu .pdf, I would use the C point in the A-H row on the back to contact ground. If the directions all work correctly with this test, the Cthulhu isn’t the problem. Pictures of your wiring would be helpful also.