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It would be easier to buy a ps4 stick and add a pii-wee pcb (assuming the ps4 sick was common ground).

Will probably do that (again assuming common ground) or just buy a cheap TvC stick for now. Thanks for the help bud!


Here’s my starting point. A padhacked 360 stick.

All I have to do for a dual mod is add an imp and a Cthulhu board? I’ve considered the paewang. I kinda just wanna do the boards to cut my teeth soldering a bit. I’ve done a decent amount of simple soldering and feel confident to do the mod.


Edit: that’s a tiny image, I’ll post a better one when I’m off work

Can I take the PCB from my QuanbaQ4 and put it into the new Razor Atrox for Xbone? And if so, do you think it would be easy? Danke

Yes, you would have to dual mod ( Dual modding 101 ).

You would also want to position the Quanba pcb so that you could access the selector switch.

If I get these:

Do I need these? http://www.focusattack.com/sanwa-obsfs-silent-30mm-pushbuttons-dark-red/

Or do the buttons come with switches in them?


I know the D+ and D- are involved in data, but can anyone confirm if one line transmits and one line receives the data? If not, does anybody know how D+ and D- work?

D+ and D- carry a differential signal. The difference between the two signals sent is what provides the data.

Incase anyone was wondering, this pad up here is not good for a dual mod. I mistook it for a 4716 newer model but it’s actually an old 4736 and it’s supposedly not common ground. Shit

Does anyone know the diameter to insert artwork cutouts into 24mm buttons? If it helps, it’s 20.7mm diameter for 30mm’s.

is there anything weird I need to worry about if I’m dual modding my stick? currently I have a gamestop PS2 pad PCB and am looking at adding a xbox360 PCB. Can I just wire all the connections to the same points on my barrier strip (see img, the green line from the ps2 pad should be black) or do I need to do some shit w/ switches?

Red is GND. looking at Dual modding 101 I just need to connect the power on each board together?

I think you got the ghist of it, yes you can wire all your inputs to the same barrier strip.
And yes you need to connect power on each board.

Assuming you have two outbound cables, you also need to take care not to accidentally switch power on from both systems while plugged in at the same time.

I go a step further and make sure you never plug in both cables.

If what I marked as GND is actually CMN, do I also need to find the GND and connect them?

This might be big question but recently my Madcatz fightpad for Xbox 360 keeps bringing up the Xbox guide randomly during gameplay. I tried removing the guide button from the controller and the guide still keeps coming up. It’s annoying when I play online and I get interrupted so is there any fix to this?

I’m having no success with this PS2 xbox 360 dual mod. GNDs are connected, CMN are connected, directionals of both are connected to the barrier strip. If I connect the xbox VCC to the ps2 3.3 volt with the xbox plugged in, my PC shows it as unplugged. If the ps2 is plugged in, the xbox doesn’t get power unless VCC is connected to the 7.5 volt on the ps2, but still nothing works.

Quick Query: Who or what is the best source to learn adding LED lights to one’s buttons?

anyone know if the tinybee 360 converter works with the ZD PCBs on ebay?