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PS360 will be easier.

Hey guys, I have question regarding Xbox One and Xbox 360. I am not sure if this is the right thread to ask but I figured some of you might know the answer.

I am going to get an Xbox One soon, but I want to keep my Xbox 360 for Ultra Street Fighter IV. I have to transfer my profile over to the Xbox One, will I still be able to play USFIV on the Xbox 360 online after I transfer my profile to the Xbox One? Thanks!

Unsure what you mean by transfer your profile. You can just sign into the XB1 with your existing profile and you’ll be set. As long as you’re not removing saved game files from your 360 you’ll be fine. Look at quote below for more info.

I guess what I am asking is, can you have the same profile on both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One at the same time? I want to be able to play the Master Chief Collection on Xbox One and Ultra Street Fighter IV on Xbox 360 later that same day.

Is there a list of Noir/Sega layout sticks that someone can list or direct me to?

I can’t seem to find any, and the ones I do find are 200% markups and stuff, or are too expensive.[left][/left]

Check this thread:

just use Ctrl+F and put something like noir, sega or astro and browse through the results

I’m asking because that thread doesn’t really designate that kind of stuff.

I disagree.

By using Ctrl+F alongside the magical search button represented by the sadly unnoticed magnifying glass opposite the page #s:

Also there is a very debatable “tier list” in that thread that is easily accessed by the magic of the search bar. It does list button layouts as well with 7+ sticks fitting your criteria


Hori Real Arcade Pro EX
Virtua Stick High Grade
Hori Dead or Alive 5 Real Arcade Pro


Hori Tekken 6 Real Arcade Pro
Soul Calibur V & Tekken Tag Tournament 2 RAP Hori
Soul Calibur V & Tekken Tag Tournament 2 TE Madcatz
Hori Real Arcade Pro. N3-SA
Hori Fighting Edge

You could also get a panzer fight stick made with the noir layout.

Hi everyone,

Sorry if this was covered somewhere else on this forum, but does anyone know what the tournament standard LCD TVs are, or have recommendations for LCDs that are close to tournament grade in terms of latency? I don’t care about size, I would prefer something smaller if it meant it was cheaper.


They use the 10ms ASUS VH236H

has a small list of monitors that you can search by size and input lag.

First, I’ll start by saying. Fuck the brawlstick. It seems better to be gutted.

I have a ps3 pad that has checked out cg. I’ve soldered it’s appropriate contacts. And tested them in game and through windows. All functions checked out.

I’m thinking an issue may be that when I soldered the buttons to the barrier strip i connected them to the pins from the harness rather than the top row of solder points which might be making them all ground or short, since I believe the bottoms row is ground.

I’d like to know if that is incorrect.

Also, the 360 pcb that has directionals I soldered the ps3 pad to. I’ve created no bridges, but that pcb in itself looks like I can’t piggyback off of because it controls the 360. Would I have to splice the wire harness from the joystick?

Both boards are connected via dpdt switch. And the 360 functions just fine. The ps3 registers nothing, but it receives power as the LEDs indicate the controller is on. If I swap controller positions using another it also changes.

Without pics, is there anything I can first check?

Tch, I’ll have to post pics when I’m home.

Can the Madcatz SFxT fightstick fit a Crown 303FK Stick?


Yes I have to see the wiring. Also what PS3 pad did you use?

I have a few questions about PCBs.

If there is another resource, please feel free to tell me.

  1. Can the Piiwii be connected to the PS360+?

  2. Is there a way to get the PS360 to be compatible with Gamecube or is that purely a Cthulhu thing?

  3. Does somebody have a link to a daisy chaining guide of sorts? I get the concept, I just don’t know how to execute it. The Slagcoin guide was helpful but didn’t deal much into specifics.

  4. Example diagram for full compatibility stick wiring? (MC Cthulhu, 360 Pad, and Piiwii)

My friend modded a case with a ChIMP and Xbox360 Street Fighterpad, it also has the Neutrik USB passthrough. Here is the strange part, the stick works fine with a 3 foot USB cable. If we try a 6 foot cable, nothing, no power at all even to SMD LEDs on the pads. We have tried several different 6 foot USB cables and it never works.

What is going on here where a 3 foot cable works. but all the 6 foot cables don’t work? He asked me to fix the problem but I have no clue what to do on it since it works perfectly on that short cable.

wrong topic :-/

How long is the USB cable in the stick?

It’s a short USB cable in there, like a foot or less.

I’m at a loss on how to fix it, the only idea I’ve heard from asking around is to make him a heavy duty 6 foot USB cable. So I would go down to Home Depot and buy a thick 4-stranded copper cable and just add USB connecters to the ends. Not sure exactly how that would fix it but it’s the only idea I’ve gotten.

Anyone else think the heavy duty cable might work? why?