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I apologize if I asked this in the wrong section.

So I’ve decided to wait and go with a PS360+ for my custom stick project, but I’m rather confused with the whole RJ45 stuff. The case I have was made (not made by me) to house a Neutrik NAUSB-W-B A/B for the original P360, but now that they’ve changed to RJ45 I’m all confused on how to sort this out. Naturally I could try to to fit the RJ45 with some extra work on the case, but I am a complete amateur when it comes to that stuff. Would it be possible to use a RJ45 to USB cable from the RJ45 port from the P360+ PCB to the NAUSB-W-B A/B? Thanks ahead of time!

RJ45 is the way we’ve made our Multi-console cables.

You will likely have to make your own RJ45 to USB system cable, but this is entirely possible. rtdzign wirte a guide of how to make them: RJ-45 Multi Console Cthulhu Arcade Stick Tutorial Ver.2

The pinout may not be the same as the MC Cthulhu. However, if you’re not sure about making these, I’m almost certain that people will be able to provide RJ45 to USB cables for the PS360+. If you honestly can’t find one, you can contact me later, I’d be able to make one once I know the pinout.

I’m going to buy fresh 3D LED TV around 40"-50". My budget = $ 2,000 max.
Can you please recommend any?

I’m trying to find the thread that use to tell you how to install the MC Cthulu and the Imp into a 360 Madcatz TE stick. However, every time I think I found the right link and click on it it says that thread does not exist anymore. Can anyone help me out? I’m trying to mod my brothers’ sticks before EVO.

That might not be good… but here is the link… you can find the info you seek on the first page…
you dont really need an imp for a 360 stick but theres nothing saying you cant use it either…
good luck!

Well, I did mod mine before so I am comfortable doing it. I just can’t find the tutorial I used last time. I’m pretty sure I used a mixture of Rtdzign’s thread RJ-45 MC Cthulhu+ IMP+ Xbox 360 Dual Mod Tutorial Diagram

and a tutorial by Bomberman. However, I cannot find a working link for Bomberman’s tutorial, and I’m pretty sure I used that one extensively.

Madcatz Te is pretty easy… that link you have is for a rj-45 mod as well that isnt needed for TE dual mods… just use the links Toodles has on the first page of the thread I gave you and you should be good to go…

I told you in the other Thread where to go.
The Thread you want is in what I said you to look at.

noobie question: Can i play on the ps3 using my hori ex2 fightstick using this: http://www.dealextreme.com/p/xbox-360-to-ps3-usb-wired-controller-adapter-converter-100cm-cable-42000, for some reason i been have second doubts on getting it so what do u guys think?

Have guys. I am about to make an arcade stick and I would like to talk to an experienced stick creator on skype/aim before I do

Skype: Ethan.Pidcock
^ Old aim Name dont make fun of me^

I’d never trust a USB to USB converter. I’ve never heard much good about them. But, you can always read the most converter info at Converter Compatibility Thread

You will be better off performance wise going ether PS2 to USB (PS3 or Xbox 360) or Dual-Mod

Basic Dual-Mod guide

Why skype or Aim? What has to be said there that can’t we asked here, unless your looking for real time help. There also a people who are not comfortable Aim or Skype. Or they lack an account with one of the 2.

Also you can PM people here in this forum.

Can you tell me why as there bad?

Lag and dropped inputs.

which is why precisely you dual mod so you can get rid of that terrible lag/dropped inputs.

However you said you were using an EX2. You’re not going to be dual modding using that accursed not common ground board.
At this point you’re going to be spending more than what you would for that cable but it will be worth it.

Also I had a friend of mine buy that before I could stop him. He said exactly what we are saying right now.

Hey guys I got a really dumb question: what type of screws are on the front of a MvC3 TE?

Should be 3mm Allen(hex) Screws.

Any cheap set should be able to open them, just turn it, don’t push down on them.

Ah, disappointing. I don’t believe I have an Allen wrench. My balltop and buttons are gonna have to wait. :[

EDIT: Found one, thanks ExtremeYoshiFan! :]

Sorry if this isn’t the correct thread, or if this has been answered before but, out of all the TE sticks, which is the easiest, or best, to mod the art on?

All the TE cases are the same… its just the Bezel on some that make the size of the artwork a little diffrent… but if you dont plan to use the Bezel then its no worries… Artwork on a TE the size just depends on what you want the final outcome to look like… either with the bezel or without.