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Make sure the se is set on “Dp”… See if it is still doing that…

I remember reading somewhere that the All-Stars stick had some kind of feature where you could remap buttons with the controler itself.
Well, I did a TEasy dual mod for a friend on his All-Stars, and yesterday he says there are a bunch of buttons where they shouldn’t be on the PS3 (he hasn’t tried it on X-Box since then), but every button was working fine a couple days before.
And if so, how do I restore the default layout?

It isn’t that. I have no idea what it could be.

Have you opened the stick to see if the cable to the jlf is loose? Check the line from pcb to stick…

Hey guys i hope i am posting in the right place rather than creating a new thread. My hitbox from the hitbox team is on the way to me now, and runs on ps3 and PC, i was wondering how difficult it would be to dual mod it to run on the xbox. I have a unusued mad catz fight pad that i have use maybe once or twice that i could take apart and use if thats do able? im new to all of this however i know people who are experienced with soldering and wireing techniques so i can ask them for help if someone could walk me through what i would need to mod it to work on the 360, if the fight pad is good enough to take apart and use and then what other parts i would need. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

The Mad Catz FightPad is the most ideal to use for Dual Mod.
The PCB inside Hit Box is a Cthulhu.
So you will need to buy an Imp.

Either Imp v1 or Imp v2 will do.
You need it to control the Data Lines of USB.
So you will hold a button when you want to switch consoles.

Read this how to Dual Mod.

After reading that, you can follow this, just disregard the RJ45.

The PS3 hitbox uses a custom firmware’d Cthulhu in it. Any guides that involve using a Cthulhu and Imp should work fine.
But, it’s still a dual mod, and would require soldering. What I’d recommend strongest of all would be to contact any of the modders who do business in the Trading Outlet section of SRK. All of them would be familiar with using a Cthulhu for a dual mod and should be able to handle it easily. Considering the cost of the tools involved and the risks involved for an inexperienced modder, it is well worth it for you to hire their services.

If you’re determined to take the risk and go down this road yourself, start with the ‘dual modding 101’ thread. You’ll want to get either a 360 MadCatz FightPad or the main board from a 360 SE stick to use as the 360 brains, and an Impv2. The Impv2 can be purchased directly from me, details in the first post of the Cthulhu thread. Multimeter, wire, soldering tools, all would be required. Hiring a modder to do it would only require a paypal account (or visiting an upcoming major tournament) and shipping it out.

shakes fist at JDM


I’ll check that next, you mean the line that actually hooks into the stick’s PCB itself?

I’m down for anything that will work, but how would that effect his buttons moving around like that out of curiosity?

maybe I read his post wrong then… I’m talking about the wiring harness that connects the PCB to the JLF.I thought his issue was the actual joystick in the case… as far as buttons moving around you used a TEasy board… it requires contacts to the PCB… possibly it moved during play… it could be the main PCB itself… could of sworn I read somewhere that there is an extra pin in the brawl pcb…

That would certainly do it if the pinout for the Brawl isn’t the same as the SE and I put a TEasy in there

BrawlStick does have extra pins.

Hey thanks for the fast reply JDM and Toodles :slight_smile: that sounds like a good idea i hope there are a few modders in the UK area that could do this for me i know most seem based in the US :confused:

Where in the UK are you based?

I’m in Morley nearly leeds as i go to university in Huddersfield.

Edit : Ah i literally just PM’ed you as i found your name in the modders section in trading talk :slight_smile:

Just throwing it out there… New brawl sticks…acting funny… Check game settings got wierd button functions… If its the stick itself… Next thought is dual mod… Teasy acts up if not seated properly so its a possibility…

are any bat-tops suppose to be “loose” like spin around?
I have the JLF sanwa and a Sanwa bat top…
is it suppose to be able to spin around?

It shouldn’t spin off of the shaft. But the shaft itself does spin on a JLF, no matter the top.

okay… its doesn’t spin off
but it rotates like spinners…

Yup, that is normal.