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There really isn’t much to say about them, or any kind of brand. Get something that’s only a few dollars and in the 15ish or so Watt range. I know one of our top modders, Gummowned, uses a regular RadioShack brand soldering iron. You can use higher wattages if you want, they just generate more heat than lower wattages. However, when starting out, it’s better to start with lower temperatures to make it work more slowly while you practice.

Bottom line is, The only point of the iron is to generate heat into a tip. Get something with a fine tip, with the right amount of power (which may take some experimenting. I like 30W, but I’m thinking of getting something with a bit more power)

Only thing that you should spend a lot of money on is a soldering station, then you may actually want to look for a specific brand or attributes.

Wow, thanks for the comprehensive reply!

Speaking of soldering kinda sorta not really, has anyone tried this stuff? Seems interesting, at least for those of us too lazy to learn to solder and won’t be doing particularly extreme projects.

I dont know if i would trust something like that. One of the biggest downsides is the “dries overnight” That would really slow down a mod or another project that you could be trying to do in a timely manner.

Hey guys I need some help. I’m almost finished building a custom stick. It’s all wired up to a Cthulhu board and worka perfect on PS3. I’m in the process of wiring a madcatz fightpad to a terminal that’s already set up. I’ve wired the back, start, and home button along with the red wire from the USB and the black wire from the USB (power and ground). I hooked those wires up to the terminal and plugged it into the 360 and the green lights flash but none of those buttons work.

Do I need to do anything with the green and white wire from the USB from the fightpad? Or do I need to hold down any buttons to use it on the 360? I would like to test out a few connections at a time before I wire up everything.
Any ideas. Please help! And thank u in advance

You need a Imp or a Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) Switch.

The white and green wires needed to we wired to a switch on both the xbox 360 PCB and the Cthllhu

Read this thread for more Info

i know its best to use a little bit of solder when adding quick disconnects to your wires rather then just crimping them which is what i had been doing, but whats the best kind of solder to use? a cheap easy to use soldering gun for super beginner newbs?.

Don’t have to solder to add QDs, really. Just know the proper method of Crimping a Quick disconnect.


As far as a type of solder for just soldering? Get cheap, thin, leaded solder. Don’t get the lead free stuff, it has a higher melting point, which makes it a pain to work with. It’s also more expensive. You don’t have to buy a lot. The small 2.5 ounce size should last you a long time.

Type of soldering tool? I don’t like the soldering gun. You have to hold the trigger to heat it, which kind of wastes time, in my opinion. Just get a cheap soldering iron, no more than $10. Wattage in the 15ish to 20ish area. There isn’t a science for wattage, it just boils down to how hot you want your iron. If you’re starting out, you probably want it cooler so that solder will melt more slowly and solidify more quickly, so you’d want a lower wattage. Don’t spend a lot on an iron, unless if you’re planning on buying a soldering station.

But maybe you just wanted to solder so that you could crimp quick disconnects, and it’s unnecessary to solder for that :sad:.

But maybe you’re willing to learn how? Maybe you should watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wX1dZIC0Gp0

hey man thanks for all your great info!

Ok, I have a QCF case. The top panel is probably a little over half an inch thick and there is plexiglass on top of it. So how do I mount the pcb? Just screw, screws through the holes into the top panel till it’s sturdy enough without going through to where the artwork and plexiglass will be? Or do you guys have another more sophisticated method?

PCB feet like this:

Some have adhesive, so that you can stick them on, and screw the PCB into place.

I’ve also just used cable tie mounts with some zip ties holding it in like so:

Just stick the mount to the panel, and then put a tie into the hole, then pull the zip tie tightly to hold it down.

Thanks for the heads up nerrage! Also what size drill bit and screws do I need for mounting the Neutrik adapter?

Using NAUSB for USB? M3 screws, and you need nuts to hold them in, too. Using NE8FDP for RJ45? Are included.

Both are 24mm holes.

Awesome, can I use m3 screws to mount a cthulhu as well?

i have a guy who can do the modding/soldering but its cheaper when i buy the parts for him. what parts do i need? im sorry but i looked around on the toodles thread and the noobie faq but it didnt answer any of my questions.

Imp v2 from Toodles and Mad Catz WWE BrawlPad from GameStop.

Let this be in Noobie Thread.
There is no need to make a Thread for this.

sorry i meant to put it in here. thnx a bunch!

So I’m trying to connect an optical joystick to my Datel PCB… how exactly do I connect the +5v and ground to the USB? Do I solder wires to the points below where the USB wires are hot glued or do I cut and combine the wires together i.e. cut the red wire and connect it with the +5v?

Solder below.

^thanks for the quick answer JDM. just wanted to make totally sure before I start soldering, cutting, etc.