Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

Got two questions for the experts here:

  1. I’m really having a hard time adjusting to a square gate on my MCZ TE stick (2xQCF motions don’t always come out when I want 'em to). How would I go about eliminating some of that awkwardness? With an octo gate, maybe? Any other suggestions?

  2. How much would replacing a gate run me with a competent stick modder? What sort of price range am I looking at?

Thanks for taking the time to answer all of that.

I understood how much work were put into these sticks but i appreciate on such a different level now.

I’m assuming tools alone can cost you anywhere between 600 - 1200? How big of a workplace do these people have? I wish I was renting or owned a house, but I’m only in an apartment. :frowning:

So if I’m getting this right, in most cases people use wood then put MDF over it; or use either or?

I definitely can see why these custom sticks come at such a high price now. This is making my eyes gleam and glisten.

I will definitely be checking out that thread. Thanks again man.

I believe you can buy restrictor plates at extremely affordable rates. As far as having someone install it; it really isn’t that hard of a job to do bro.

I’m assuming you don’t mind breaking warranty since you’re asking someone else to install this for you, but all you need to do is unplug the stick and take it apart just to replace that restrictor.

And if you think you may have a bad memory with things and how it should be placed back together just take pictures of your progress. Sounds weird but that has helped me a lot.

Good luck man!

I was wondering if anyone knew what is different from the Sanwa-RG buttons from the regular Sanwa buttons. I know it has a different microswitch, but how does this difference translate into quality or durability?

Pictures for reference:


akihabarashop still a parts seller?

Read: Dual modding 101
You will want to Dual Mod your Agetec PCB with whatever other systems you want. Tools are listed in the guide. One stop shop? Maybe a radioshack, but there is better stuff out there. Radioshack just has all the essentials and is pretty common. Fry’s is better, though. Cheapest? Shopping around online, but they’re probably not going to have EVERY single thing you need. Honestly, modding isn’t cheap or easy, to be totally honest. If you want something warranted, easier, and probably cheaper if you don’t plan on modding many sticks, just head to the local modders’ thread in the stickies, and contact the one nearest you.

Clean wiring also costs more, and it takes practice. In most cases, you want to cover your wires with something like spiral tubing or techflex with heatshrink. There aren’t really many “guides” on it, it’s just something you learn over time. There could be a guide on it, it just needs to be written. Maybe you could look up The Beginners guide to planning a Mod like a Pro That’s the closest thing to a “clean wiring” guide. Not to overemphasize, but a local modder can also do clean wiring, too. I completely understand if you want to enjoy the actual modding aspect of it, learn some new practical skills, or just do it as a hobby, that’s fine (since I feel the same exact way), but if you want to save yourself some time and money and just have something that works, a local modder will probably cost less than the cost of tools, and also be faster than researching everything, etc. etc.

Possibly. There’s also Toodles’ circular restrictor gate (http://www.focusattack.com/toodles-sanwa-gt-c-round-restrictor-plate-insert/). You really don’t need a modder for this. It’s pop-and-swap. Just watch the video at the bottom of the page, and you should be able to do it yourself for $5. An octagonal is the same way, except you get a whole plate to pop and swap, instead of just a circular insert.

It may improve execution, but you may also be “riding the gate,” which means you’re hitting every corner hard and riding against the gate. You only have to sweep across the corner, not push all the way against it. It helps speed up execution because you’re only sweeping across the corner, and end up right on the right/left direction after sweeping. The octagonal and circular gates have a longer throw distance, so you’re actually making more motion with your hand, which can slow execution time. I also find it impossible to distinguish between left and down-left on an octagonal, because the throw distance is the same. If you’re confused by my terminology, then read this: http://slagcoin.com/joystick/restrictors.html

I was the same way when I transferred from Happ parts to Japanese parts, bought the octagonal gate, and putting back in the square was a major improvement, IMO.

Sanwa RG buttons are about 5 times sturdier than typical Sanwa buttons. They do have a different tactile feel, as the switches are suspended by magnets instead of springs. Quality wise, it’s a step up, but they are also much clickier and a little less sensitive than typical non-RG Sanwa buttons.

Yes. http://akihabarashop.jp

Hay is there any way to run a Wii on my Asus 23 monitor.

either get a vga video wire from ebay or get a gbs 8220 scaler and you can play all will and older systems of course some extra steps are needed for older systems but wii ps2 are plug and play with component cables but a better connection over just a vga cable connector from ebay

Answer found

Only Seimitsu makes a Button that is like PS-14-G, and it is the PS-14-G.
The PS-14-K is clear and convex, unlike the PS-14-G being not clear and is flat.

Lizard Lick and AkihabaraShop.jp is where you can buy PS-14-G.

But if for some reason you want to have one clear Button in your HRAP, then do as please.
Get PS-14-K or whatever 30mm Button you want.

Ty, ordered the PS-14-G from lizard lick.

Thanks for all the useful tips Nerrage, and I do understand where you’re coming from as to how expensive and time consuming Modding can be, but I am willing to learn. I might not be able to acquire all of the needed tools in one day, but I will gladly work on that.

Are there specific brands you are loyal to?

To be quite honest. I am NOT a very hands on guy. I don’t even know how to change oil for my car. Its that bad. But tinkering with what I have done on my TE stick made me appreciate Modding and made me realize that I need to be more open to all of that. Maybe Modding will help me be a better family man! Lol. Not that a joystick will change me and my girlfriends living conditions but I may be more up to trying to see what’s wrong with a fan or whatever.

I’m talking too much. But thanks Nerrage! I do appreciate the help!!

Seimitsu is who I am loyal to. :wgrin:

As far as tools, I’m not very brand-sensitive. Whatever is a good quality product is what I go for. I try not to be cheap, cheap tools are just a pain sometimes. Soldering irons are an exception, they have one job, make heat. Shouldn’t cost more than $10. But cheap tools are what RadioShack have. Maybe if you have a Harbor Freight and Fry’s. Then you’d be able to get most everything of good quality. You can buy cheap if you want, though. You’ll just eventually want the good stuff and buy the expensive thing in the end.

Okay, that’s fine. As long as you understand, unlike most people who huff and puff at prices and “can do it for cheaper,” :lol:. It’s a fun hobby. If anything, maybe you could fix her broken jewelry. My family bugged me to do that as soon as I learned to solder.

Man, I gotta respectfully disagree. For simple jobs (a lot/most of modding falls under this), sure, but if you ever start populating PCB’s and other complex soldering jobs, accurate digital temperature control, a good selection of quality tips, stable and reliable heat… all of those become must-haves. Not to mention fume extraction… first iron I got with a fume extraction tube freakin’ blew my mind, so much easier than working with a fan or something to keep the fumes out of your face, and less effect on the heating profile of what you’re working on. A good combo iron + rework station can be gotten for less than $100 if you know where to look, and if you find yourself soldering for hours at a time, it’s well worth the investment.

For modding, though, yeah, that’s overkill. You can generally get by with a cheap-o Weller or Radio Hut iron. Even then, you should shop around and see if you can’t get some analog temp control for cheap, though; never hurts to have that flexibility.

Oh, yes, I’m saving for a station right now. I agree that those are much better than typical irons, but most people will never want or need one, especially for stick modding.

Can’t believe you even typed that Nerrage.
Disappoint me reallest.

Might I recommend Aoyue stations; they’re the best bang for the buck. A little loud compressors, IMO (spoiled from my work stations), but the quality otherwise can’t be beat. This one’s not too far off from the one I have at home (got mine for $110 a few years back, great deal).

I was thinking of getting a station its funny I never thought of it having a compressor. so most run on a small air compressor for the hot air I thought it was more like a heat gun with just a fan.
how loud are we talking old xbox 360 loud or like a regular air compressor loud it wont be heard through the whole house?

best place to get plexis cut? lowes? home depot?

My experience with Lowe’s is that it’s been jagged around the area where it’s cut. I could cut it cleaner myself with a regular plexi cutter and clamp. Home Depot? Not so sure.