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why don’t you purchase you metal local? what gauge are you thinking of

Noob here, would it be possible to sort of mix and match microswitches for pushbuttons? More specifically could I use a sanwa SW-68 in seimitsu PS-14-Ks or use a PS-14-D Microswitch in a Sanwa OBSC 30?

I’m planning on doing price checks on monday when I call up some sheet metal place near me. Also Im not sure they offer cut to size services although I’ll know on monday. I just wanna be aware of my options. I haven’t decided on the gauge yet. Im still looking into what a good one is for the top panel of my custom stick.

the only semimitsu buttons that can use sanwas are ps-14k and ps-15’s for 30mm and all their 24’s fit sanwas
its a common mod for people who want a softer activation

I would not waste a lot of money getting it cut to size you can always use snips

Have you tried blk, he does metal top panels in the same thickness as the TE top metal panels

My custom top panel cost me around $35 and you are able to add plexi tops for $18

Sounds good. Thanks. Especially because Im sure if I look around the house long enough, I’ll find some electric shears somewhere. But do you still have a site you recommend for sheet metal?

Unfortunately my box doesn’t fit the dimensions of those panels so Im assed out on that deal :frowning:

He also does custom sizes, email him to see what he can do for you. :tup:
I have seen him doe custom dual mod panels and other custom size panels

Oh well now this changes everything. Will do that right now.

So if I am understanding this correctly then Sanwa’s microswitches from an OBSF-30 can fit in a PS-14-K? And all seimitsus microswitches for the 24mm can fit a sanwa OBSF30 also?

He meant to say the sanwa micro switches will also fit the 24mm seimitsus… I have not done this personally but I hear it works…

so seimitsu to sanwa is a no?

yea joe’s got it right you can fit the sanwa micro switched in the two seimitsu’s models I mentioned above (clear snap-ins) and all their 24mm’s will also take sanwa ms. seimitsu to sanwas also for those buttons

Yes they work both ways…haha sorry…been a long night already…


I have fitted Seimtsu switches into a Sanwa before

All right thank you guys for all the help!

Hay does anyone know how to set up a **GBS-8220. Does it go inside of the Wii, Or is it just a board that converts so systems can play older games. I’m trying to play Wii games on My ASUS moniter. And if the GBS-8220 is just a board is there some kind of case for it so I can keep it safe. **

Are you talking about this GBS-8220 (I had to google to see what your referring to).

If so that board does not go inside the Wii, these are originally intended for arcade cab use so there no housing for the board.
Now that is said, it still work for consoles and Monitors without the rest of the cab.

As a alternative there is also this cable for the Wii and PS3

I dont know of any protective production cases, but top and bottom protective plexis are easily available. I know arcadeforge.de sells them for one. Blklightning21 does plexi for arcade sticks, so if you had measurements or loaned him the board so he could take measurements, I’d bet he could do it as well.

the gbs-8220 is a scaler it doubles the lines so it can display properly on new lcds most classic systems saturn most ps2 games etc. display only 240 lines and a scaler will double the lines to 480. which is meant to be displayed for your hd monitor lcd. I own the GBS-8200 it quite a wonderful device a much better option than what Darksakul is referring too. If you wan to know how to connect your classic console check out the thread T-slg it is mention through out the thread but you must read through the thread