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Yo dudes – I bought a HAPP stick recently and just a minute ago, the ground wire for LEFT on the stick (soldered onto the pcb) came loose. The PCB isn’t common ground, which makes things easy. I resoldered the ground wire back to the original position in a few minutes.

The only problem is it’s constantly pressing LEFT now. The only way to stop it is the engage the microswitch, at which point, it stops. I.e. I start up a game, Ryu either walks back or blocks (since LEFT is constantly engaged). The only way I can get him to stop walking/blocking is if I move the stick LEFT to engage the microswitch.

What’s wrong???

Does anyone know if there is a list of all the different fight sticks available for 360 out there to compare?

I was wondering what the general consensus on the best PS3 pcb would be?
Not a multiconsole pcb but just one to do a quick dual mod.

Rollie sales transparent Cap/Plunger kits


You could buy some sort of vinyl film or tint and place it on the cap


Best for dual mods? ChImp.
Best just plain PS3 PCB? the non MC Cthulhu is a solid board, theres also that new ZD Rematch or whatever, not sure what the verdict is on that

You can plug normal stereo headphones (no mic) into the 3.5mm jack on the VH236H. The audio signal being fed to the VH236H from the 360’s HDMI output will send stereo audio there. The VH236H doesn’t have an optical out; if you want to use optical, it has to come from the console. Optical out from the 360 would go to a receiver/amplifier that has a TOSLINK input. Some headsets come with that.

You can order Korean sticks (just the joystick or fully built) from http://etokki.com/. Fitting them into a TE is not straightforward. Check out this thread: Project: LLC Metal Replacement Panels Round 9 Stainless Steel

It sounds like you connected to the NC (normally closed) post instead of the NO (normally open) post on the switch for Left. Might help if you post photos.

You might want to check out this thread or lurk for a while: What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting


Alright thanks.

If you’re dual modding a 360 TE or 360 VLX stick, please consider a Kitty instead. Easier, solder-free installs. If you’re an old pro with a soldering iron or its not one of those two sticks, then go the ChimpSMD route.

Thanks robokrikit, but maybe I wasn’t descriptive enough.

I already use headphones and I’ve used these headphones for the longest time. (Sennheiser HD pro 280) they’re generally for my music needs,but I want something to use with a mic.

Any other suggestions?

So. . . about layout for a custom stick-- if I’m using dick layout what order do you guys recommend I put the buttons (360)? The same as the street fighter TE?

man I havent been able to find a sensible heads or tails what do to.

I have a Seimitsu Ls32-01 stick I want to put in my TE, but im not quite sure how to install it, mainly what do to with these colored wires sticking out of it. just replace the black set of wires on the old stick with them?


Install your joystick in the usual way (like you were replacing it with another JLF). If the multi coloured wire harness is attached to it then un-plug, and plug on the original harness with black wires. Please note that this plug must be turned upside down for it to work properly!

ah ok.I was wondering if those were important, I was wondering if they would come off, but didnt want to risk anything unless until I knew more.

after installing it and testing it, it works fine, but when I move the seimetsu stick all the way in one direction, it gets to a point, then “gives” a little more. its really jarring and a bit annoying, is this how the stick is? or can I adjust the stick to be taller or some other fashion so that doesnt happen?

YO, thanks for the GODLIKE answer over there. I figured it out last night but couldn’t figure out why moving the QD over to the other prong helped. :tup:

Hi fellas,
I decided to buy a stick but I’m kind of lost! After some pondering I chose the Hori Fightstick v3 as my entry-level-fightstick. It costs around 80$, and I’m planning to modificate it in some months. Do you think I should change my mind and buy another?

That is exactly how LS-32 joysticks are, and why I don’t like them. I call them the “pop n’ grind”. You can improve it slightly by removing the cheap dark blue gate. Even more so by removing all the plastic gates, though this will severely impact the longevity of your actuator.

I haven’t had the chance to test out the LS-58 yet, but otherwise I’d recommend you try an LS-55-01 or LS-40-01.

Sorry, dude.

hmm, alright thanks for letting me know, I may get used to it, since I like the shorter throw of it. Ill check out those if I can though.

Hey guys I have been playing UMvC3 on a Logitech dual action game pad on my ps3. Recently I been thinking about getting a fight pad or a fight stick to improve my gameplay. My friend offered me to buy his Mortal Kombat tournament edition fight stick for $30. I mainly play UMvC3 and I might get into street fighter. I’m having trouble deciding if I should buy the stick because I dont know if the layout of the buttons will be to hard for me to play. Should I buy the stick from my friend, buy a fight pad, or should I just stick to my Logitech?

Check out the What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting

However, the MK stick is not optimal for Street Fighter or UMvC3. The layout is a throwback to the original MK button style, but there have been more ergonomic revisions. $30 is a nice price, but the only cool version I’ve seen of the MK stick was a super tricky mod.

It has the MK and SF layout mixed together.

Would going to button configuration in game make it easier for me to use the Mk stick because of the button layout? In your opinion should I buy the Mk stick or should I wait and buy a different stick?