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YO, thanks for the GODLIKE answer over there. I figured it out last night but couldn’t figure out why moving the QD over to the other prong helped. :tup:

Hi fellas,
I decided to buy a stick but I’m kind of lost! After some pondering I chose the Hori Fightstick v3 as my entry-level-fightstick. It costs around 80$, and I’m planning to modificate it in some months. Do you think I should change my mind and buy another?

That is exactly how LS-32 joysticks are, and why I don’t like them. I call them the “pop n’ grind”. You can improve it slightly by removing the cheap dark blue gate. Even more so by removing all the plastic gates, though this will severely impact the longevity of your actuator.

I haven’t had the chance to test out the LS-58 yet, but otherwise I’d recommend you try an LS-55-01 or LS-40-01.

Sorry, dude.

hmm, alright thanks for letting me know, I may get used to it, since I like the shorter throw of it. Ill check out those if I can though.

Hey guys I have been playing UMvC3 on a Logitech dual action game pad on my ps3. Recently I been thinking about getting a fight pad or a fight stick to improve my gameplay. My friend offered me to buy his Mortal Kombat tournament edition fight stick for $30. I mainly play UMvC3 and I might get into street fighter. I’m having trouble deciding if I should buy the stick because I dont know if the layout of the buttons will be to hard for me to play. Should I buy the stick from my friend, buy a fight pad, or should I just stick to my Logitech?

Check out the What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting

However, the MK stick is not optimal for Street Fighter or UMvC3. The layout is a throwback to the original MK button style, but there have been more ergonomic revisions. $30 is a nice price, but the only cool version I’ve seen of the MK stick was a super tricky mod.

It has the MK and SF layout mixed together.

Would going to button configuration in game make it easier for me to use the Mk stick because of the button layout? In your opinion should I buy the Mk stick or should I wait and buy a different stick?

You should get an MK stick if you’re willing to buy the stick for MK and only MK. If you’re wanting a stick that works well for other games as well, don’t; get a normal 6 or 8 button stick.

Okay I’ll just wait and buy another stick.

Any suggestions to why my shaft cover on my JLF spins around easily, like it’s loose or something?

Because it’s loose. There’s nothing keeping a shaft cover from spinning, and nothing to keep a shaft from spinning. They all do that.

Hi, I’m interested in playing on PS3 consoles with an Xbox360 pad. Does anybody know what my options are? Also, I was looking at this: http://www.amazon.com/Playstation-2-3-Xbox360-Controller-Adapter/dp/B00563OB4W/ref=sr_1_39?ie=UTF8&qid=1325838237&sr=8-39
Does anybody know how well it would work?

I have that adapter and have no problems with it. I believe it’s lagless

Are Seimitsu PS-15 and PS-14 plungers and rims interchangeable? I have some deep pink PS-15s and I’d like to put the solid color plungers in the clear rims of the PS-14-Ks or KNs. Is this possible?

$30 is a good price for the stick…however…the stick itself is terrible. The stick is only good for MK and even then it is a bad stick. Ergonomically it’s terrible (even for MK, Madcats has a FAAAAAR superior MK layout mod), the quality is not really felt in the parts, and American standard is rarely liked (bat top, oct gate, concave buttons). They’re hard to customize, bulky, and really there are just much better options.

If budget is an issue, get any cheap $30-50 stick. Don’t expect it to carry you forever, but it will be a neat introduction to sticks and you’ll grasp if you want to continue on that path or not (look up used HORI’s). The best solution I offer most people is try to get a Madcatz SE stick for cheap. Then when you have time buy SANWA parts online and upgrade it. The mod is very very easy (snap in parts and you’re done!). This way you can upgrade when you’re ready and the end result will be a tournament worthy stick. It’s a lil more this way, but it gives you options and a good mid-level solution with options.

Pardon if this information is available somewhere in Tech Talk already. I have a Mad Catz Wii stick that will be used for a Super Gun. Is there some way to keep the turbo functionality by using the Turbo/Home PCB and hopefully have the LEDs work? I plan on having +5V in the controller harness as well as joystick and buttons.

Part of my headset broke off in the headphone jack on my MvC2 Limited edition TE, anyone know how to open it up to get it out? Or a way to get it out without opening it?

I havent studied the TvC pcb in depth, but it’s be a hell of a hack to make it happen. You’d have to either cut the traces to the electronics (black blobs) and be running tons of fine 30 gauge wire to your seperate pcb, or replace the existing pcb entirely so you have easier access to those points. Replacing with the LED pcb from a 360 based model (not Brawlstick, but SE or TE) would be easiest.

can this be fixed,or do i need to replace it?

sorry about making a new thread can a mod delete it?

is the mounting bracket loose?
If so, you can get some jb weld, and a clamp, get some jb weld mixed up, pasted where it’s come undone, clamp the bracket to the top panel from the center, and let it sit. JB Weld will hold it.