Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

But those would sometimes be somewhere on the Arcade Stick.
So there is nothing lost.

Thanks a lot guys, cleared all my doubts <3

Quick question, did a search and couldn’t find anything (more like I don’t know where to look).

Anyway to dualmod/converter a PS3 Compatible PCB (i.e. Cthulhu PS3/ZD Rematch/Paewang, etc.) to Wii (for TvC)?

Yes, you add a PiiWee from Toodles.

Is that capable of a dualmod with the PS3/PC board?

(I’m slowly caring less and less about 360 support, but it seems like all the tourney’s up in the Seattle area are Xbox-heavy… Since you know… Microsoft…)

Yes, it is a Common Ground PCB, can be Dual Modded. How to make work? Dual modding 101

I have no idea how I missed that; now I have my reading for the night. You are a saint sir, a king among men, a scholar and a gentleman…


So if the button hole is 28mm…

… get it. However just looking for someone with experience if there’s any issues installing them into 7/8" wood/plexi; trying to save myself the experimenting $$$. I feel ya though.

Random quick question.

Can the stock ball top from a MadCatz SE stick be put on a Sanwa JLF (whichever sanwa is the one to replace SE stick) OR do i need to buy another??


Yes, that one will fit the JLF.

Hey guys, I recently bought a brawlstick to mod. Plugged it in to find out that every button works but the start button. Can’t return since I bought it when it was on sale. Is the start button fix gonna be a hassle? If so, where can I find a guide?

Edit: Ah, the PS button isn’t working either. Hmm

thanks for the help guys…in the end i just had the pcb labelled backwards…lol…

Look at your turbo panel and make sure the switches are set like this…


Sounds like your lock switch is set to “lock”

Ahaha, what a silly mistake. Thanks so much for the help. Now I can finally get to modding it with sanwas.

Is there a way to tighten the stick on my te fightstick? Its become rather loose to the point where I think it affecting me mentally causing me to mess up my inputs, I dropped a qcf motion the other day…this completely mind fucked me since theirs no way in hell I would drop that it has to be the stick…right?

Replace or combine the spring with another one.

You can order them from LizardLick, and you may be able to find ones which fit in your local hardware store.

Oh ok seems easy enough for me to do, is the spring easy to access?

Yep, just use a small bladed screwdriver to remove the e-clip at the base of the joystick shaft, and use a pair of pliers to snap it back in place.

There’s a guide on here somewhere with pics but I cannot find it right now.