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ok so im liking the look of the madcatz te round 2, but i keep seeing that there is some technical issue when trying to play with the ps3 version on the pc?

Yes, the TE Round 2 PCB does not work on all Chipsets for all PCs.

That said, though, newer PS3 TEs, the Chun-Li, the MLG, the Namco Limited, the Soul Calibur 5, work on all PCs on all Operating systems as a UHID, like a mouse or keyboard.

Hey, the joystick on my TE-S is getting a little loose – there is a substantial “dead zone” in the centre where the spring doesn’t snap the stick back yet, and where none of the switches are triggered. I’m sure there’s a proper name for this, but ya, basically the stick flops around a bit in the middle. It’s not really a problem once you start playing, but it’s kind of irritating nonetheless.

A friend of mine had some extra JLF springs around and I tried replacing mine with one of them. It changed the overall tension, but that dead zone still stayed the same, so I’m guessing there’s something else that’s been worn out somewhere. Any thoughts?

Actually, deadzone is the correct term for the area where the stick can be wiggled, but doesn’t engage.

Try replacing your TP-MA microswitch PCB. Those are the switches that handle everything. If they start to actuate lower than normal, then they’ve become a bit worn out, and that causes the distance for you to press the joystick to be longer. They also are part of the resistance of the joystick, because you press against them, and they push back.

When doing a dual mod on a PS3 TE, or any particular ps3 stick, what is the best pcb for the job?
And where would you recommend buying it from?

Madcatz Fightpad/BrawlPad or Madcatz model 4716. You can find the BrawlPad for $20 at GameStop if you’re lucky. 4716 is easier to find online, though. But 4716 requires you to Invert the Triggers, or neutralize them if only using 6 buttons.

Then you will need a Switch. Usually an Imp or a DPDT switch. Imp can be ordered from godlikecontrols.com, DPDT can be found at an average RadioShack.

I modded yours with a FightPad and a DPDT.

I just got some custom art for my clear seimitsu buttons and I’m having trouble removing them, I’m new at modding so how do I remove the screw in buttons? I already took care of the quick disconnects.

Twist the nuts holding them counter clockwise. You may need a lot of elbow grease depending on how tightly they’re screwed down, but just keep twisting.

righty-tighty, lefty-loosey

This is going to sound like an incredibly noobie question (good thread for it I guess) but why do people install RJ45 jacks on their custom sticks? I know what RJ45 is but I don’t know how it works with fighting sticks. I’ve seen them listed in custom projects but I honestly have no clue what they are used for. I assumed it was to hook up some gaming system but I didn’t know any gaming system used RJ45.


Ok, so you install a Nuetrik on the outside of the stick and for each system you have an RJ45 jack that you then use a cord with an rj45 on one end and a USB/system of choice end on the other. And then you simply pick the jack/cord for the system you want…correct?

-edit- Thanks jdm714 for clearing that up for me. Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip, I managed to twist em out with some pliers, they were screwed in there real good.

Hi first post ever, I ordered a leo V2 from akihabarashop.jp a week ago, how long does shipping normally take to NZ?


I am new to the arcade scene and need assistance with a 32" LCD New Delta Arcade cabinet i have. It currently has a 32" LCD screen with VGA and DVi and J-Pac interface. I want to put a console inside and wanted to know how i can connect the controls up to the xbox 360 or PS3?
Sound is easy to connect as is the VGA but controls i am not sure, can i put the USB from the current controls into the console?

link to the cabinet info http://www.arcade-game-sales.com/products/new-delta-cabinet/10326-1.html

Many thanks

Usually, if it’s from Japan, shipping takes about 2-3 weeks shipping.

It sounds a bit like I should post my question here. My Xbox 360 SfxT Fightstick Pro is giving me issues with the Start, Back, and Home buttons. The Stick and other buttons work fine but those are completely unresponsive seemingly out of nowhere. I know nothing about how these sticks work but I’m willing to open it up and give it a look if it’s a quick fix.

Anyone have any advice before I contact Madcatz?

Edit: It’s not the unlock/lock switch.

on your turbo panel… there is a switch for locking and unlocking those buttons… make sure it is on “un-lock”…


Forgot to mention that that’s not the issue -_-