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i have a TE-s for XBOX, a paewang PCB, and a madcatz fightpad (ps3).

wich is the best way to mod my TE, i need to play on ps3 too.


use the paewang pcb, gut the entirety of the TE-S and wire it up accordingly. I posted a step by step guide to doing this somewhere
alternatively, sell your xbox pcb to make up some of the cost of buying the paewang

It may very well be a loose JLF pin connector for the down input, however do you know how the mod was set up? Pictures will help with the troubleshooting

thank you so much

i’ll try to find out your step by step…

could i install the xbox pcb from my TE-s in to my brother’s ps3 TE round 1? what will i need for that? a imp? a mc Cthulhu?

last…TE-s looks like TE (rnd1-2) inside? cause i cant find a specif tutorial for TE-s…


thank you sir, so kind

Has this stick ever been modded before? I ask because the wiring on it may be shot, and that can sometimes cause small problems that only exist sometimes. Also, the joystick microswitch could be a cause of that problem, too, getting a replacement JLF COULD fix that, but you’d have to test the wiring, which is possible, but it would require opening up the stick and messing around. Also, you’d need some wire, or maybe a paperclip or something to make a small connection between two points to test if its the joystick microswitch or not. I can detail how to do that, if you’re interested. But it just depends on the wiring. If it’s stock, I might be worried about the PCB at that point. Possibly, if you open it up and take some pictures, it might shed a little light on the problem at hand.

It can also be mechanical failure of the buttons for the start button to no longer work, but that’s a maybe. The LP+LK thing is either wiring or a PCB problem. But, I’d likely go for wiring before calling PCB shenanigans.

Is your brother’s TE a PS3 or 360 TE? If it’s a 360 TE, then your 360 PCB won’t matter. If it’s a 360 TE, get a ChImp SMD, and install that. If it’s a PS3 TE, then you will need your 360 PCB and an Imp, or you can use a physical DPDT switch to switch consoles, if you prefer.

I highly recommend reading: Dual modding 101

I have a question, but I’m not sure where to ask. Hope this is ok:

Where is a good place to get a 360-to-PS3 converter?

Pictures would be helpful, but I’m trying to see if I can get a camera from someone else, since I don’t have one. Thanks for the responses in the meantime.

The stick was dual modded with a PS1 controller PCB for older fighting games, so the wiring isn’t the same as it was out of the box. If I can test the joystick, that’d be something I’d probably do first, since getting to the original PCB will probably require more effort.

well you’d only really need to tap the signals and power + ground
I don’t know how you could have changed the wiring from a stock TE like that…

He has an HRAP3 SA.

But, there hasn’t been a quality tested one, unfortunately. However, this looked kind of promising:

Not thoroughly tested the Tech Talk way, at least that I know of, but it could maybe be worth a try.

the process of modding doesn’t change though :3

Anyone know what the extra 18pin chip on the 360 Brawlpad does? I thought maybe a S+S lockout, but there’s no switch to activate this. Is it for the Quick RS mode?

Ok so Im currently building my first custom fight stick from scratch basically. I have a question as to what size of hole I should put in the box to fit in 30 mm buttons in? And also if I should use a push or screw in buttons since my top panel is fairly thicker than the fight sticks you can buy.

you answered your own question when you said 30mm

screw ins are your best bet

You should make 30mm button holes.
If you have a thick panel you’re going to want to stick with screw ins.

Why is the SFxTekken stick not a TE stick according to the “What stick should I buy” sticky in the “Tech Talk” section of the forums?

Because it is FightStick Pro, not FightStick Tournament Edition.

What makes it a TE and what makes it a Pro.

The name.
The shape of Case.

Other than the name and shape, since they have all the same Sanwa parts and PCB etc, it works and is the same otherwise?
And is it also limited like the TE?