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thanks for the help man. its kinda hard to digest it all when you factor in inversion and dual modding together. for dual modding would i be able to put a diode maybe on the ps3 end on the ground terminal? im just thinking out loud here since i’m really gonna have to take some time to map out whats going on with the triggers on the windows control panel readout and how the NC trick works.

Honestly, I think if you’re going to start hacking in components like that, you should just go with the tried and true trigger inversion. While I think a diode would probably work, it’s giving me a bit of a headache to think about where and which way to place it to get it to work out okay.


OR, you can get the ChImp SMD for PS3, which does trigger inversion without any hacking needed.

as much as i wanna buy nice things i already have the diodes, i got these boards cheap and wanna ps2 dual mod em. plus i have a bad record with soldering chips. :slight_smile:

It’s a PS3 TE. Thanks !

I’ve got what amounts to a really basic PCB/wiring question–

I’ve got a Sigma AV 7000 which uses 13 pin DIN cables for the controllers. I have a cable with bare wire to use to make a stick for the ol 'gun.

What I’m wondering is, can I piggy back on top of another pcb? What I mean is can I solder my 13 buttons and my ground directly to something like a spare Agetec stick?

I’m assuming that this is a really dumb idea. Do your worst.

Nope, that’s actually the idea of Dual Modding sticks. But, it would require your PCB to be common ground. Other than that, though, you can have at it. Dual modding 101

But when you say the DIN connector, are the wires just discrete signals, like project boxes? By that I mean, are the wires just going straight out to the cable for your Supergun? I’m guessing so, since that’s usually how superguns are wired, huh? Read the section on how to project box controllers with an internal PCB, but it’s a LOT like dual modding, too. Project Box Controllers: A Guide to Modular Controllers

The din cable on this supergun is jsut like a Neo Geo cable-- where all the buttons are just simply on or off with no other funny business.

Oh, yes, then read rtdzign’s section on how to wire up a PCB in a Project Box rig, since that’s essentially what you’re doing with it. Read the whole second link I posted, though, I feel that should answer most of your questions on how to do it.

Absolutely, just follow the golden rules.

  1. All pcbs must be powered
  2. All pcbs must be common ground.
    So locate the power line in the sigma cable, connect it to the power wire for the DC cord. Ditto for ground. Then repeat by connecting the signal lines in the sigma cable to the matching signals from the PCB going to buttons or stick direction.
    And you’re on your own/going to to fry something if you ever have it plugged into two different things at once, like the SG and the DC.

The Sigma controller port has a a 5v line. Is that what I would connect to the power wire on my PCB?

I think what I will attempt to do is create either a DB-15 to DC or 13 Pin DIN to DC plug to make it impossible for me to fry something in a moment of idiocy.

Yes, you would want to connect that so that the PCB will be powered while plugged into your supergun

Yes, that would be just like making a project box, only using a 13 pin DIN instead of the typical DB-25/DB-15. Or you can extend it to one of those DBs, but there’s no point if your stick only has a max of 13 pins, 2 of the pins of the DB-15 would be unused, 12 pins of the DB-25 would be used.

If you make a project box like that, you wouldn’t even have to modify your stick to do that, since it’s essentially already a project box stick.

I just modded my TE-S with a TE Kitty board and it’s working great. However, I was wondering if I had to keep the regular USB cable with the stick or if I could dump it in favor of using the RJ45 to control all the systems I want to connect to? Thanks!

Nope. Just get an appropriate USB RJ45, and whatever other RJ45 cables you’d like.


Hrm, I probably should have done that in the first place since dealing with those wires was especially awful in trying to get them properly/permanently seated into the screw terminals. Oh well!

Just had a random question. What is this exactly? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Happ-joystick-NOS-Honeywell-electronic-switches-/350412946791?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item51963d3d67

8.5"x11" paper for high quality image printing. Is that size paper big enough to cover a TE with custom artwork?

no its the one bigger… 11 X15 or something like that…

A complete Regular TE Art print fits on Legal Size.
A complete Extended TE Art print fits on Legal Size.
A complete Full TE Art print fits on Tabloid Size paper.

Where, online or off, can I find this white plastic piece that’s connected to the joystick?

Will I need any other tools to fit the wires inside of of these? Also, will it matter if I don’t have a second black cable in the cable I’m trying to connect to the piece above?