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It is good enough for some of the top stick builders on this forum to use it in some of there stick builds.

Note it only does Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

If you want to add PS2 functionality you going to dual mod something into there
MC Cthuhlu + Xbox 360 PCB
Paewang + PS2 PCB
PS3 PCB + PS2 + Xbox 360

There always
PS2 PCB + a XBox 360 adapter and a PS3 adapter

Or Project boxes with a different PCB in each box

I have a Madcatz TvC Stick and I wanted to mod it for xbox 360. I also have a xbox 360 TE board lying around (excluding the Turbo Panel). I know this can be a simple swap, can I use the exsisting wii home button for xbox 360 home button? What additional wiring do I need to do? I’d rather not drill a new hole for the guide button.


Good question

See the sole board in the TvC Wii stick is the main PCB, so you have 2 solutions, dual mod this board with a Xbox 360 board or replace the Wii board with some pref board with tac switches replacing the old contacts.

And when i said a Dual mod, you don’t have to connect all the signal lines, but you will need to connect the board to power and ground so the Wii board do not send false signals. You can solder to the home button, by finding some trace going to the home button, clean off the solder mask (green stuff) from the trace and solder a thin wire to it. You only need 1 wire for home as your also adding a ground. You also need a way to jumper the joystick switch on the Xbox 360’s TE board to select between LS, DP and RS.

I don’t think that the TvC turbo panel will fit in the TE’s turbo panel. Same problem with SE and Brawlsticks.

If that’s what you were hoping to do anyway…

What would I need to mod a TvC stick in order to use it on a 360? would I need a pcb from a 360 fight stick and replace the TvC’s original pcb? or it’s just a wiring thing? sorry for many noob questions since I’m trying to learn this modding stuff, but any tips and or help is greatly appreacited!!

this a good start for your modding questions… remember that you need a pcb with a microsoft security chip to work on the 360…

For Xbox 360 stick: do i need some kind of adapter for brawlpad pcb?
For PS3 stick: is there any other way to make it than just wait axisdapter for ages… It seems like lizardlick is OUT OF STOCK all the time. Any suggestions?

EDIT: I forgot to ask: is there any tutorials how to solder brawlpad pcb for 8-button layout? Thanks.

  1. I dont understand the question.
  2. AXISdapters are in stock and shipping from me directly: http://gdlk.co
    AXISdapters are not your only option though. If you would prefer a wired stick, you can use a PS3 Cthulhu or MC Cthulhu, and you wont have to use a SIXAXIS like you would with the AXISdapter.

Im just thinking is there any thing i could do for super clean xbox-wiring… Sorry for being noob. :slight_smile: How long it takes shipping in Finland? I need 2 axisdapters…

Shipping is via USPS priority mail. Shipping to Europe will usually take 2-3 weeks depending on how curious your country’s customs officials are about it.

You mean aside from getting an experienced modder to do it for you? :wink:

Just practice your soldering and wiring on a broken radio pcb or similar till you move on to the real deal.

The following is the pinout for the Fightpad so the button signals will be in slightly different places. Just look at the Brawlpad shell as a guide.



No, I’m just curious is there available any “special stuff” for brawlpad (like axisdapter for sixaxis pcb). But if not, it’s cool. Soldering is not a problem.

Nope, you’ll have to get busy with a soldering iron.

There’s not a ton to clean wiring. Leave the wires long. Can cut them to size as you wire them into the stick. Bundle the wires into cables, one for each spot in the stick that wires will be going to. For example, in a PS3 stick, you’d have 2 or 3. 1 with all the buttons going to the terminal block, and one or two to the turbo panel with the PS3 USB, Home, and joystick leads. This is easiest with color coded wires, but you could also label the ends with a piece of tape. Check out my album or one of the other modders for examples.

This shouldn’t be a big deal. All the buttons are labeled on the Brawlpad pcb.

I’m aware of that! :smiley: I’ll post pictures when i get the sticks done.

Just bought a WWE brawl stick (ps3) ordered some seimitsu and sanwa parts for it and want to change the artwork. Are there any vewlix templates for this stick, I would like for 2 versions if possible, the red/white one and the dark vewlix L one?

Hi, i’m pretty new in this modding sticks subject, so i will ask something… funny, i guess.

I’m reading a lot about this pcb on the TvC fighstick in order to play on the PS3. I’d like to know if those adapters for the Wii - USB won’t work in this case. I mean, it is possible to use the Classic Controller on the PS3 with that, so why not the TvC fightstick?

The reason i wanna do this is because here in Brazil it is extremely hard to find those SFIV fighsticks for PS3, and when we do, they’re selling for over R$ 400,00 (~ US$ 230,00). So, the TvC fighstick is pretty cheap around here, and there’s this possibility to mod it with new buttons. And the size is really pleasing.

By the way, this is the adapter i’m talking about:

Thanks in advance.

Techtalk, the side panel on my TE popped out after I “dropped” it. The little things that hold it to the main part of the stick are visible but it didn’t come unscrewed or anything. Is it okay to just try and pop it back into place?

Converter Compatibility Thread is the thread with most of the information regarding converters. Lots of people do use this, but some games (KOFXIII) have been known to not like the converters.

You can try, but some of the plastic molding may have become cracked and may not simply pop back in. It might be okay. I don’t really know how damaged it is. Doesn’t hurt to try, though, I suppose. If all else fails, you can order up replacement wooden sides and give it a cool, wooden look.

Thanks, I opened it up and popped it back in fairly easily. There are 3 plastic parts for each side, I’d imagine 2 is enough to hold it into place