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Thanks a bunch, Nerrage and jdm714. You guys rock!

Man, Tech Talk has some great, helpful folks. :slight_smile:

Pin # : Pin Name : What Connects To
01    : PA3      : GND
02    : PA2      : R
03    : PA1      : L
04    : PA0      : Pin under P00
05    : PB7      : Junction 02
06    : PB6      : Pin under LB
07    : VDD      : VCC
08    : VDDL     : 0.1uF to VCC
09    : PB5/OSCI : GND
10    : PB4/OSCO : RS Switch
11    : PB3/RSTN : Reset (Active Low)
12    : PB2      : LS Switch
13    : N/C      : N/C
14    : PB1      : Junction 01
15    : PB0/EINT : P00
16    : VSS      : GND

Back again, going to buy the MvC2 stick from a friend but as I was using it the joystick felt like crap, of course I’m not used to it.
This brings my question can I somehow use the JLF TM-8T-SK (the one without the pcb) in this untouched stick?
Or might it be a hassle and be better of spending $22-$24?
I really like the feel of the one I had.

Yes, you can.
Buy a Harness from blklightning21.

Or make one of these in the way of rtdzign.


Stick wires into the connector.
Crimp on Quick Disconnects.

You can do elaborate like rtdzign also.


Wow that second design looks fantastic.
Do I just contact blklightning21 here? Or does he have a website I can order from?
Thanks for the help by the way!

You can order the harness from here: http://thegamesurgeons.com/Accessories2.html

You’ll be looking for the K-stick harness for the MadCatz TE, with .187 quick disconnects. This will work with the JLF-TM-8T-SK.

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I think I’m gonna dual mod the board like you suggested, thanks for the help!

There’s a red Vewlix 7-button, a Vewlix L 6-button, and a black/white Vewlix 8-button. I’m not 100% positive which fits the SE, so you might want to confirm it with the template from the art thread.

I’m thinking about getting a TvC stick, and I’m wondering if I should replace the Wii parts and put in a PS1 PCB a la http://www.arcadefever.net/MYPROJECT/PSX/PSX.html . Or should I go for making a Wi Classic Controller to PS2 adapter. The former option is… easier since I have such a pcb, but the latter is better since I won’t be taking apart the stick. Has anybody attempted making the adapter?

i have a question i might sound like a dumbass but how do you solder to the sync button on a matrix xbox 360 control i have every button wired up on the board but not the sync button have had alot of probs with the sync in the past . i just want to know the proper way to do this so i wont mess up . any help would be apreciated

What’s the difference between all the ball tops ?
Mesh ball ?
Then there’s different sizes does that matter ?

well… ball size usually doesnt matter to most players… you ask 99% and they dont even really know what size balls they have with their sticks…
some like em big… others like em just a little smaller but most players will go with the standard ball size…
its all about what you prefer… I like my balls BLACK… the mesh ball looks cool with most sticks but really its up to you to decide on what kind of balls you like to play with…
hope this helps dude…

My old blog post used to be one of the top 3 Google results for “how much do your balls weigh?”

The site upgrade deleted all the blogs, though. :[

Seimitsu LB-30: 17g
Seimitsu LB-35: 25g
Seimitsu LB-39: 30g
Sanwa LB-35: 27g
Sanwa LB-35 mesh: 27g
Sanwa LB-30-N: 29g (32g with adapter)
Sanwa LB-45: 52g (55g with adapter)
Paradise Arcade bubbletop: 28g
Paradise Arcade aqua clear: 33g

Butt fuck the numbers, they aren’t the hole story. Just take the balls into your hand and feel them to see which is best. Close your eyes and let it come to you.

I was looking for where I posted that info at. I don’t remember formatting it nice and purdy though.

Ok guys so here’s a question to give your heads a good workout or small explosion. I’ve got a bare Hori Tekken 5 case. Repainted it, new art work, I even Bondo’d the first two button holes. What i’m doing is putting marbles into the sides of the case for materia, naturally I want to light these with led’s. Along with the ball top and buttons. I work in a sign company so I was originally going to use my 12v Leds and just load the case up, but it seems there’s not much power coming from the ps3 at all. There isn’t much information i’ve found scouring the forums for two days that can help me in this issue. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make this idea a beautiful reality?

External power source?
Like a battery or something to plug into the wall?

If your going for 12 volt LEDs you need a separate power source, like what jdm said.
Batteries are you best bet. You could go for a DC to DC converter to step up the voltage to 12 volts but I don’t know how USB would react to too much extra power drawn.

Yea that definetly helps dude I was wondering cause I thought each stick had to be a specific size also when buying buttons do you have to pay for each button you want or when you just add one to the cart it comes as a set ?

most balls come as 30mm has a standard threading so your safe picking 30mm semitsu or sanwa patterns… I believe the 45mm needs an adapter (may be wrong) as the bat tops will also need a screw adapter you have to usually buy separatly… so pay attention to the defenitions and it will tell you if you need one… I would reccomend sticking with 30mm… buttons you do buy each button separatly… they dont come in sets… madcatz and hori’s come in 30mm sizes with start and sometimes select 24mm buttons… “american” arcade parts will not fit without some modding due to the size being around 28mm for the pushbuttons…

Simple question, what type of adapter goes from a Mad Catz TE stick to the USB plug? I lost that second piece to the cord, and now need to order one online or go somewhere like a Radio Shack.