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So what I gather from what you’re saying is that all the buttons register one input for all 6 button presses?
Joe is right, you have definitely wired up the ground and the signals backwards, however you seem entirely confident that you have done it properly.
Joe is right saying that you have the ground and signals backwards since the logic follows like so

Red is your signal, which is wired individually to each of the face buttons. These lines are all individual and link to one side of the button
Ground is black, which is wired from one point and linked to each and every line. These lines originate from one point and connect to each other and link to the other side of the button.

When this is backwards, you see that all the buttons are individually wired to one ground point, and you have one signal point daisy chained throughout your buttons. This would result in the scenario which you are experiencing.

I never ever trust diagrams anymore because I have bad experiences. Nothing is better than looking at the board and finding out yourself.

you probably knocked the harness loose a bit, open it up and push it back in?

wheres a good place in london to get a laminate label for customising the art on my SE stick?

I just made a stick from scratch with a paewang pcb. ive got the turbo set with select but unfortunately I only have the two buttons and I need home as well. Wouldn’t I be able to wire a jumper between start select and home for home to work when I press them both or would that just out home on start and select with it?

Kuya_Joe is right.

If you connect Home to Select and Start, any time you press one of those buttons, all would activate.
You press Select, then Select and Start and Home will happen.
You press Start, then Select and Start and Home will happen.

And of course, you have Turbo tied to Select also.
You press Select, then Turbo and Select and Start and Home will happen.
You press Start, then Turbo and Select and Start and Home will happening.

To do Select + Start = Home, you do this.

I have a noob question:

I have a Hori Real Arcade Pro.vx Sa (Xbox 360) and was wondering if anybody knows if it’s easy to put some custom artwork on it and change the buttons out. I have a TE stick on my PS3 and that was dead easy to do, but I haven’t read / found anything about the Hori stick and its ease of customization.

For reference (as Hori has crazy product names) my stick is this one:


If you want to change the buttons. Just unscrew the bottom panel. If you want a new button layout or plexi check out this thread>Project: LLC Metal Replacement Panels Round 9 Stainless Steel

so. . . on wiring up FGW LED controller: One lead from my button goes to signal on the PCB, the other goes to x_in on the FGW, the corresponding out goes to the positive lead on the LED and the negative lead goes to ground… right?


I’m getting an Eightarc Fusion and I’d like to switch out the buttons.

I THINK I’m going to roll with Seimetsu because I don’t like how sensitive Sanwa buttons are.
Anyone have any experience with Seimetsu?
Also, what ‘type’ of buttons should I get (this goes for both Sei and Sanwa, in case I change my mind)? I don’t know what the hell OBCS and PS-14-KN mean.
Finally, does the size of the buttons matter?

Sorry if these questions are mundane, I just don’t want to waste my money or anything. I want to get everything right the first time.

Siemitsus have a stiffer micro switch… I like em…as far as type…just make sure they are 30mm… Pick the ones you like…thats it…

One last question about my stick (pictured above). What type of button layout is it? Astrocity? Vewlix? I’m not sure about this.


More simple than I thought. Can’t be too careful, though.

Replacement Panel See sig

Newb question,i lost the bottom panel screw’s to a TE does any one have the measurements for them?

best way to mount a pcb in wooden box, without damaging box with screws?


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Self-adhesive cable tie mounts + cable ties.

Self adhesive PCB feet with screws