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I’ve done this. I still get the same results.

What’s the next step sir?

If it is a stick, I guess its time to replace the PCB.

Other devices, it depends on the device.

Keep in mind the guide I posted only works if you have not plug the stick in yet and put power in it.
Once you introduce power to it, you short the electronics and you are on your own.

Is this place only for stick discussion? I wanted to ask a question about my TV.

How does one go about replacing the PCB? Any guides? And where would I get one?

So I bought a Brawl Stick and it arrived today. After testing it out on SSF4, it seems the Up-Right (9) and Up-Left (7) sides don’t respond very well. I tried going from right (6) to up-right(9) and it will either wait half a second to respond or register as a right. Same thing with left (4) to up-left (7).
It could be that I’m not used to a square gate, but there are times when I just hold up-right and my character will keep going forward. Halp.

Ask away.

Although this guide goes in more information that you need alot of the basics are covered here

For PCBs for most systems you can order from Toodles

If you have a Xbox 360 stick, you need a Xbox 360 PCB which have to be taken from a existing Xbox 360 controller.
I recommend a Street Fighter Fightpad from Mad Catz, the New Street Fighter X Tekken fight pad isn’t bad ether.

If this is over your head I suggest finding a modder to do the work for you. Most will be happy fix your stick for a price.

Practice in training mode, see if your executions are coming out correctly or not.
Hard to saw if its you or the stick. Keep on practicing until you get a feel for the controls and develop a muscle memory for stick play

I got a brawstick with similar issues, the square gate is too tight causing the actuator to not fully activate both microswitches. When I swapped in an extra Sanwa square gate the problem went away.

So, can anybody point me to a streaming guide? I’m looking to update my product line with PCs built for streaming, but I know absolutely zero about getting something like this going. If there isn’t a guide, what kind of hardware is required to handle this?

Hey guys, just need to know what size/type of pushbuttons I’ll need to be getting to replace the ones on my MVC3 arcade stick. Obviously Sanwa, but lizardlick obviously has a good handful to choose from:

Thinking of doing my first mod for a stick but not sure which one would be better a Hori Fighting Stick 3 or WWE All Stars Brawl Stick

Do not order Lizard Lick.

HORI Fighting Stick 3 if you really want to be modifying using tools.
WWE BrawlStick if all you want to do is unscrew and screw and pushing tabs.


Ugh…I was hoping the Brawl Stick would at least last me a week or two before I had to swap out the parts. Really disappointed with this stick considering its my first online buyers remorse.

Hey guys, really stupid question(s) regarding the Mad Catz Round 1 TE fightstick.

  • Where can I go to replace the metal top panel? It has become warped after being dropped a few times
  • I’d like to replace the side panels (wings?) with ones that make it look like the TE-S fightstick. Any idea where I can find those replacements?

Thanks in advance all.

Hello Tech Talk and all those more knowledgeable than I,
I decided to try and build an extra stick from the ground up (more or less) for SFxT, so my roommates and I would have enough sticks to play 2v2. But I’ve run into a snag.
The six main buttons (I dont have LB or LT connected) only work if I’m holding RB.
I will also post a diagram, but the summary is:
I have the buttons connected directly to a Paewong PCB. I have the ground for the buttons connected to a terminal strip, which all the buttons are connected to.

Sorry if the diagram is messy.
I’m fairly new at these kind of projects, but I tested all of my connections with a multi-meter and everything seems OK.
The start and select buttons and the joystick all work perfectly.

Which side of the PCB did you solder to?

I put them through the hole and soldered them onto the side with the start and select buttons on them. Is that the wrong side? Is there a wrong side? o_O

There isn’t a wrong side.
I just wanted to see if you mistaken some.

I don’t know if this question applies to this thread but… I recently sold a TE arcade stick on ebay and I want to know how I should go about shipping it if I want to send it in the original box?