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I think it may need a firmware update. But most people who play on pad or sticks would not have the problem.
I remember when hitboxes came out you can hold both and they will block anything thing just holding both buttons down.

May I ask a few questions? First of all thanks so much for the advice; I feel like I got some hope brotha.

  1. What is a Kitty TE? RJ45 Jack? Soldering? and lastly, a PS360+?
  2. Is a PS360+ converted stick able to work in a PS2 console as well?
  3. So everything you told me will work for Xbox360, PS2, AND PS3 right?

just double checking… thanks

Just a general heads up before you go into anything more complicated.

holy cow, this stuff looks way outta my league. hey, i can just buy the proper tools and have a modder do it, right?

It’s not hard at all. Get a PS360+ and order RJ45 cables. 1 usb and 1 ps2. Should total roughly 80-90. Basically as much as a dual mod.

I am in the Bay Area and I’ve been modding for almost 2 years. I learned by modding my first stick, 360 and PS2. I dont do RJ-45 cords. I just order them from the modders here on SRK.

Any modder worth their salt will already have all the necessary tools.

Check here: Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post

As in the creator needs to update the firmware, on a board, or I need to download/update it somehow?

I have no idea how firmware on a board works…

The creator of the board. But the problem with that, it will allow people to hold both directions and block anythiing, like i stated.

Please don’t take this as being snippy just curious-

How would that allow people to hold both directions and block anything?
1: The games themselves don’t allow that anymore.
2: I wanted it to be left + right = the more recent of the two, not both- so it wouldn’t work even in MVC3.

Most games would not have the problem of fix it but it’s an input that on paper shouldnt work.
On stick or pad it’s near impossible to hold Left and right at the same time.
Im not talking about left analog and right dpad stuff.
I guess the solution would just to let go of the button. I’ve only played on hitboxes and keyboards a little bit.

One last mod related question:
Buttons. How do I get artwork inside them? I have a stick here which I bought already modded with the art in the button and I can’t get it out, so how would I get any in for when I come to doing it on my good stick?

Use a flat head screw driver remove the cap from the plunger, separate the cap.

That’s the problem: I’ve gotten the cap out, but there’s a circle of white plastic inside, with 4 notches at 90o angles - I simply cannot get it out - I almost snapped my knife (and annoyingly, cut my finger) trying…

Someone suggested, pry harder.

Don’t pry harder if you’ve cut your finger trying to work with it.
Is the art by any chance glued to the plunger?

Thanks for the reply, I was just curious to see if there was maybe some standardized dimensions for that opening. I saw that the FoeHammer cases offered an all in one mounting solution and was hoping someone knew off hand how they accomplished that.

Like you said though I will just wait until I get the seimitsu stick in and compare that with the JLF in my stick and go from there.

So I tried to dual mod (with PS2 support) my VLX with salvaged parts that i bought from people on SRK. The MC Cthulu already had A-H and 1-9 wires soldered to it and wires for the imp connection, all i had to do was add another V connection. I also bought an imp and brawl pad combo from someone else that pretty much everything soldered to it. i just cut the connections going into the TE PS3 pcb they had connected to it. I followed the directions very closely on which wires to connect to each other, i connected the wires by basically twist tying them together and then wrapping them in electrical tape. after connecting all the buttons to the MC Cthulu I tested it on my xbox 360 and there was nothing, the system didn’t detect anything. oh, one more thing, i didn’t have a mounted rj45 connected on the imp, i soldered wires from the imp to a connector I bought a computer store. My question is, how should i troubleshoot this mess? i already spent about 8 hours of my time on this and i just want to throw it away…lol.

I already tested it by connected to my xbox and ps3 using an rj45/usb cable and also plugging a usb cable directly into the Cthulu.

picture of the mess:

Should have got a qualified modder in your area imo :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you do the proper solder jumps on Imp V2? Also check that the VCC connection just under the RJ45 connection is connected to a pcb as well. A better pic of the IMp will help

As a stab in the dark (and assuming the 360 pcb is in good working order and correctly connected), has the MCC firmware been updated?

i have a question for you guys about stick problems. i was practicing magnus combos when my up/downback weren’t responding normally when i was trying to go for magnetic blasts on the left side of the screen (upforward motion lol).

i wish i knew exactly what the problem is, but hopefully it’s nothing serious. my stick is a round 1 madcatz te and the only mods i’ve done to it were replacing the original buttons with some pink ones and haven’t touched the jlf at all