Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

Hey there guys, first post. Wanted to get some confirmation before I actually started padhacking my madcatz pad.

  1. I have a madcatz #4716 pad with the year 2011 on the back with it. So i’m guessing this is the late version. Would the following diagram be correct for hooking everything (except the triggers) up with my arcade parts (sanwa JLF TP 8YT and OBSF-24)?

  2. For the triggers, how am I supposed to go about this? Do I need to hex invert those? If yes, can some1 link me a diagram (can’t seem to find one at the moment).

  3. For the wiring. Is it correct that I need 0.110 inch quick disconnects for the buttons? And what type of wire do I need? Somewhere between 22-26 awg? Stranded or full?

4.I have seen some images of testing the buttons in windows before hooking everything up. So I figured to try and find that before I start. However I don’t seem to be able to? How do you test to see if the buttons work properly?

I think that that is all for now, thanks in advance.
Greetings from a noob padhacker!

  1. Yep, but that diagram is so cluttered it’s not even funny… Here is the original without all of the lines messing things up.

  2. Read this thread and you will get the answer.

  3. Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers > (Right Click MadCatz GamePad) > Game Controller Settings > Properties > Test

Thanks for the quick response garhling. Extremely helpful.

Thanks a bunch mate! Will post some pictures when I have a completed pad! Wish me luck :smiley:

hey guys really need your help i’m about to smash my te this shit’s been driving me crazy for the last 3 days. i did toodles arc eye and ramora set up everything was cake turned out real nice. the wire were really clutter so i decided to organize the wires by using a dremel to make holes under the pcb’s so all the wires are routed underneath, zip tied, and go where they need to go. it turned out real clean looked like there are no wires at all. so now to the problem… freakin pcb board for the turbo and two switches don’t wannna work any more, but the four led still light up to the right player. some of the buttons don’t wanna light up and LT and RT completely gone don’t even work anymore. i’ll be posting some pictures of the inside of what i did. i did have some but my freaking phone some how corupted it.

Hey guys. Kinda confused just cos there’s so many fightstick versions.

I bought a Brawlstick this last week just because of how easy it looked to mod (just buttons, stick, and art, so solderless), but I didn’t think of Black Friday coming up so soon. Are these sticks easy to mod? And also are they known for PCB issues?


I’m guessing on the What Stick Should I Buy thread (What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting) these are the Street Fighter X Tekken Fight Stick Pro, and the The Soul Calibur V Soul Edition Fightstick right? Probably gonna return the Brawlstick since these are so discounted. Hope I can hear from ya’ll soon. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi I’ve got a MadCatz SE stick for 360. I’ve been having troubles with QCFs registering and I think it’s a joystick issue. QCBs are no problem and input display shows the full motion, but a QCF usually shows up as down, forward or down, forward, forward. It will register a down+forward if do it on it’s own, just not as part of a series of directions. I also hear 3 clicks from the joystick on QCB vs 2 clicks on QCF. Is there an easy way to check/fix the joystick? Thanks!

Easiest to mod (and IMO much better quality) is the Soul Edition for 360.

You can still mod the Fightstick Pro 360, but it’s way too much hassle than it should be, and the whole thing feels cheap. I hate them.

They both use the same PCB.

The stock joystick which comes with the SE is awful. Install something better like a Sanwa JLF or Seimitsu. It’s easy enough to do, just need a couple of screwdrivers.

Ahh crap. I literally just ordered the Pro. What makes the Pro so much harder to mod? Is it just a mess inside or will I have to do some soldering/cutting? Or is it a parts compatibility thing?

I just didn’t order the Soul Edition cos I didn’t wanna deal with the blue/red when I’m putting on artwork. Lol. Thanks for the quick reply btw :slight_smile:

The way the Fightstick Pro is designed makes it very unfriendly to mod. The only custom PCB that will fit comfortably inside it is the Cerberus. To install anything else will require lots of effort.

The Soul Edition, on the other hand, is quite sexual.

Oh so strictly speaking that’s just PCB stuff? I’m only really planning to do stick, buttons, art, and plexi. D’you think I’ll have much trouble with stuff like that?

I hope not.

Haha. If that’s more of a statement about my technical ability as opposed to complications with the insides of the stick case I should be good then :slight_smile: Thanks a bunch for your help, man.

Where can I go to look for someone to mod my stick? I want to dual mod it for 360/PS3 and change the art.

About 3 threads below this one…

Any other suppliers for Sanwa/Seimitsu parts in the US? I was looking for the LS 56-01 to put into a brawlstick and sfxt fighstick pro, but arcadeshock, paradise arcade, and focusattack don’t have em in.

Edit : Scratch that. Just gonna get it from Akihabarashop. Price really not that different compared to the shops here. Shipping is more but prices are generally lower. :3

Can anyone help me with printing a brawlstick template? Im using dev’s modified template in GIMP. Everytime I try to print under various settings the template always comes out way too small, around 18cm x 11cm.
I presume I need the print settings to match the image resolution settings but when I try to change them they revert back to 197 X 140 as soon as I unselect them.
Also is 300 ppi correct? I was under the impression dpi and ppi where different, 1 is made up of 3 of the other? thats just off the top of my head lol.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I can change the values by clicking instead of typing and hoping for a resize but the highest I can go is 294 X 210.

Is an a4 sheet not large enough? and I am aware a4 is 297 x 210

Hi all,
I just wanted to ask which version of the Street Fighter X Tekken - Arcade FightStick™ PRO (PS3/360 or both) works on PC? I currently own an HRAP3 as a ps3 owner but would like a new stick (which also works on PC) and possibly would prefer to get the 360 stick as most tournaments in here in the UK use 360.

Then get the 360 version.

Guys i just purchased a brawlstick and want to change the stock stick because people say it is awul ,i was wondering what specific stick would i need to be purchasing?