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You are doing it wrong.

My advice: Solder to the 5 plug prongs only (where you would attach the 5pin harness). Attach the GND wire first to the GND prong then work from there unless using a picture guide.

I’m pretty inexperienced in this stuff so I’ll probably have to use a picture guide or something anyway. I also have one of those cables with a 5pin harness lying around but I didn’t really know how to connect it to the motherboard.
Thanks for the help.

If you already have a 5pin harness then put that on your joystick now. Simply solder the other ends to where the original Hori wires were attached. Obviously this needs to be done in the correct order. Please look up some PCB pin-outs here to help guide you, make sure you have the correct image for whatever version you are using (360 or PS3).

Will try that, thanks.

My current problem is my Hori SCV stick’s holes the hex screws go into the top and bottom left are stripped and the hex nut just drops straight into the hole and spins… any easy fixes or? preferably not gluing the hex screw in.

Hi there guys,

I got another quick question. In my previous post I asked about hex inverting a madcatz 4716 pad (year 2011 on the back) and I recieved a link to this thread (How to padhack an 08/09 Madcatz 4716 Common Ground Xbox 360 Pad). Now when I opened the case up, it said that the pcb was version E. In the thread mentioned, it states that verE doesn’t need hex inversion.

Now my question, if the triggers don’t need hex inversion, do I just hook them up like I would the other buttons? Do I use the trigger ground or can I daisy chain all buttons together to the same ground?

Quick edit;
Anyone know where I can get some 0.110 quick disconnects to work with 24 awg wire in europe? Can’t really find anything that doesn’t require me paying ~5 dollars in parts and ~18 dollars in shipping …

Thanks a bunch

Okay, so, my roommate and I want to transform his old American Street Fighter II cabinet into a Super Nintendo machine. Would we be able to put a JLF in that cabinet without any issues? What about OSBF-30s?

For reference, it’s this cabinet: http://preparationsforbirth.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/sf2aracde.jpg

What is the name of the screwdriver bit you need to open up a wireless Xbox360 controller? I think it is a T-something torque bit, I can’t remember the exact size.

peerblock is blocking this “dinsa ministry of defence” thing, should one be worried?

It is a T-8 mate! Cheers

lol i got that problem right now. i took my whole case apart to re wire everything bc of the arc eye 3 and remora(just wanted a clean look inside), but any ways from looking at how it all works, their 2 pieces the hex screw and a nut just glue on by the red stuff madcatz uses(inside and impossible to put back in without opening the case up). the only fix i can think of is if hex screw is striped and no re threading tools then get new ones off focusattack.com or godlikecontrols.com( they got a couple colors). oh 1 st thing find the nut that the hex screw screws into bc without that hex screw’s just gonna keep dropping right through. then just crazy glue that bitch on cuz it should never come off just make sure you don’t get glue in the threads. this is wat i got planned

oh just unscrew the back metal plate off then all the screws you see after that and the whole top should come off. then just look for where the nut needs to go and crazy glue that bitch. freaking dumb red madcatz glue lost a red hex screw i got from focusattack bc of that. hope this helps

Thank you man you seriously are my hero lol (now all i have to do is find super glue). hopefully my last question is my warranty already voided because i opened it or is it as long as i didn’t touch the warning sticker?
EDIT: nvm its as long as sticker and doesn’t matter i’m opening it anyways =3 and thanks again
Also how noticeable is the 1/32" art plexi from tek-innovations on the hori scv

Soooo, today for the first time I opened my WWE PS3 Brawlstick to see for myself the wiring inside (because I’d like to change the parts with sanwa ones). I’ve read the guides to mod this type of stick (madcatz SE edition basically) and it should be easy thanks to the quick disconnects etc.So, this is what it looks like:

I noticed that two screws are covered with a cable.

So my doubt is, if I want to remove the joystick to replace it, how do I remove those screws? Should I simply move the cable? The problem is that there’s another cable on it and if you notice in the picture, there is a “wire” that ties it to the pcb on the bottom

yeah it’s gone. don’t worry it’s a good stick and like all lwarranty they tend to break right after it anyways. never before and depend on how good you took everything off from like the red glue they use that’s key to letting them know if the unit’s been tampered with. i think your good there’s plenty of help on srk.

if it decides to wanna break

@snake just move it. Clip the cable tie on the usb so you have more room.
Swapping parts is brain dead easy. You should be fine.

Hi all,

I’m just getting ready to start wiring my piiwee to my arcade stick. I understand for buttons I can loop the ground from switch to switch then to the GND on the PiiWee. My microswitches in the arcade stick are labelled NO/NC with 1 leg and the other being COM (Common GND).

Do I treat the COM the same as the buttons and just create a loop from switch to switch then to the GND on the PCB?


Actually COM is just “common,” as in it’s common to both contacts. It’s only a ground if you wire ground to it.
When the button isn’t pressed COM and NC (“normally closed”) are connected. When you press the switch that connection is broken and COM and NO (“normally open”) are connected. You want to wire to COM and NO, but it won’t matter which one gets connected to signal and which to ground.
Ground is ground, so you can daisy-chain together one side of all the switches, but all the signals are different so the other side of the switch should only go to the PCB and nowhere else (barring fancy LED setups or something).

Thanks for the reply! I don’t have the switches handy but there are only 2 ‘legs’, 1 for NO/NC and 1 for COM IIRC. For the buttons and switches, is it possibly to create a chain through them ALL and connect to the GND on the PiiWee? Excuse my lameness with this :<