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Currently, which stick has the most open space for custom artwork? The PRO stick seemed nice at first because the guide button area is out of the artwork area, but it’s mostly only open on the left side and it’s more thin on the top and bottom.

I looked at a TE stick and it seems a little more cramped in various areas mainly due to the guide button area, but it has more well-rounded space for art.

Any ideas?

A custom from Nitewalker, HRAPs, VS,

Probably a Hori VLX.

Or one of those twin player sticks.

Hey guys, I have a Street Fighter IV Madcatz TE Round 2 Stick that I am looking to customise the appearance a little. Since owning it I have installed a new JLF-TP-8YT as the stock one broke while in transit and soon plan to get some new buttons installed. The main two areas which have me wondering are as follows:

  1. What is the best method of painting the black plastic of the stock SFIV TE R2 and what type of paint is recommended. I am wanting to paint it orange to match with the theme of the stick but of course I don’t want it so it would just scratch off. In case people wonder why orange, the stick will be based around the character Mei-Fang from Arcana Heart 3.

  2. What is the best method of getting artwork actually printed out and how do you go about securing that it doesn’t get scratched or damaged? Is it possible to get artwork printed directly onto material similar to the stock base of the SFIV TE R2 stick?

Look forward to hearing what you guys think.


  1. http://tek-innovations.com/arthobbies/?loc=products&cat=1

Is there a pin-out of the 360 TE PCB? Like the original first run TE sticks. I’m going to attempt to do an RJ45 + IMP + MC mod using
RJ-45 MC Cthulhu+ IMP+ Xbox 360 Dual Mod Tutorial Diagram and
and it’d be helpful

Not sure if this question goes here but:

What are the default button layouts for

SF4 and
UMVC3 For stick.

I just got my stick and I wanna practice this ish. I can already do SRK motions and such after a few minutes but the button layout is what im gonna have to get used to the most

A quick google confirms that for SF4 the defaults are

              LP MP HP 3P
              LK MK HK 3K

And for UMvC it is

              L M  H
Stick                                    (Layout B)
              S P1 P2              

I believe both games allow you to customise to your liking, however. (I only own SSFIV, no idea about UMvC)

Cheers for that man, basically you get the Plexicover and the artwork sticks to the bottom of it I am guessing, so the artwork shows through the Plexicover?

Art work is not adhesive. Just a thick paper or card stock. Plexi goes over it and protects it. Screws and the buttons hold everything in place.

Ahh I see, so it would basically just go over the default plate that is already on the stick? Wouldn’t it overlap and be taller than the Bezel? Sorry for asking what seems to be silly questions. Still learning with this stuff.

You would need to remove the original art/plexi combo. I’m not sure how flush it will be with the bezel. If you get Art’s extended plexi, you would need to remove the bezel as well. The extended will cover the area including the bezel. If you get Art’s full plexi you would also need to remove the bezel. It will come with a bezel filler and the full plexi will cover the entire top of the arcade stick. With all 3 versions, you will keep the top metal cover underneath. Check out Art’s site for install vids.

Thanks for that mate, pretty much answers what I was wondering :). Shall look into this early in the new year and when the stick is complete get it uploaded on here. Now just to look into the painting method. I came across a guide to paint the casing of the stick without it potentially scratching off. Wish I saved it now.

Having an issue trying to install a FGWidget LED controller into a dual modded TE-S stick.

The PS3 board is communicating perfectly with the padhacked brawlpad and Imp V.2 boards. If I leave the FGWidget unconnected everything works just fine…

However when I hook up ground and VCC to the FGWidget I get “USB device unrecognizable”

I’ve checked for shorts all over the board and there’s nothing… Everything has a nice solder joint (C1, C2, Both 10 pin resistors as well as the 6 pin one, and the socket for the chip)

Currently I have the “IN” sockets filled but I have yet to run the “OUT” sockets to the “+” on the LEDs.

I don’t even know where to start with this… =/


I popped the chip off and put it back in the same way (with the notch towards the top) and now it magically works…

Ok, long story short, i accidentally broke the solder off the start and select bottons from its respective pcb in my brawl stick. Now, my questions are 1.)will i be able to use the start and select buttons without that pcb entirely?(the one that the white and gray wires are connected to) 2.)can I remove their respective wire harness to strip the wires long enough to crimp a quick disconnect?
3.)would be a problem using regular sanwa OBSF buttons in replacement to connect those quick disconnects to the buttons themselves without having those wires connected to that orignal pcb?
I need a reply asap! THANKS!

OK, first thing is keep calm. Your post reads a little frantic, and a lot of times when people mess things up in electronics they attempt ‘fixes’ that just bork everything beyond salvation. I’m gonna edit this post with answers to your questions, but I wanted to make sure you read this ASAP.

  1. Pictures would help, but in general you can do without the second PCB almost entirely if you don’t mind having a large number of loose wires floating around the place. It’s hard to say for certain without seeing your setup, but I’d say that this is easily possible.

  2. Would need to see the harness, but I imagine so. Quick disconnects (particularly the spade type that is common in fightstick modding) don’t require much wire to begin with.

  3. No problem at all. In fact, it would probably be easier. It would just be a matter of finding which wires from the main PCB act as a signal for those buttons, and some place you can solder a ground wire to. Then, just attach your button with suitably long wires to those two points, and make the necessary hole in your case for the buttons to fit into.

hey guys, i lurk here a bit, but i was wondering…

i am about to create a custom plate for my fight stick (i already have the template, and i made a design)

But i was curious, how/where did you guys print yours? what material/costs should I be looking at, and is there a trusted place to do a quality job?

Thanks in advance, I couldn’t find it on any of the artwork threads :X

Sorry to waste everyone’s time here, but is this the proper place to ask computer related questions? Most questions I see here in this thread are fight stick related and those don’t really pertain to me as I don’t have one. Most of my problems are computer oriented

LiQuiD[EViL] above linked a great website. - http://tek-innovations.com/arthobbies/?loc=products&cat=1