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Thanks for clearing that up. I was thinking about this mod here Paewang Revolution (Mayflash) Modding Tutorial ver. Laugh [Lots of pictures] and remembered incorrectly. Also from this vid I thought it was the washer keeping the crown in the 30mm hole but it’s also a special 28mm plexi I think.


So im a noob to modding and i was wondering if anyone here knows how to put like, images, on seimitsu buttons. Ive seen many mods like this but i wanna make sure so when i buy the buttons its not just gonna sit there and collect dust. (Ex. [media=youtube]oBpvTEA2F7Q[/media] has mega man buttons but how?) Thanks in advance and sorry for grammar errors.


You’re right, a MAS stick is also designed for Happ/IL buttons, so those would be 28mm holes as well, and may fit Crowns, providing the top panel’s not too thick for the Crown screw-ins (I have no experience with Korean buttons, however).

To prevent from getting worse: heat shrink or electrical tape around the damaged area, and watch out for how you wrap the wire. How DO you wrap your wire?
To fix: open up stick, desolder USB cable, resolder new USB cable. You’ll have to find one with the plastic/rubber stopper/gasket thinggie to slip into the hole. You may be able to find someone who’s customized a Brawlstick or SE with the identical cable (that includes the rubber gasket) to sell you.


So anyone who know how to put the PS360+ PBC on TvC Wii Arcade stick? im looking for youtube tutorials but im only can find Wii Hori Arcade Stick : (



Why would you necessarily need a youtube video for that specific casing? It’s all the same process regardless:

  1. Empty out casing of existing PCBs
  2. Find somewhere to mount PS360+
  3. Cut and crimp wires to go from the button quick disconnects to the PS360+'s screw terminals
  4. Cut wires to go from the joystick’s connector to the PS360+'s screw terminals


Are you wrapping your USB cord tightly around the stick when not in use?
Wrapping the USB cord around your stick is the Number 1 killer of USB cables, number 2 are pets chewing though the cable.

The proper way to tie up loose USB cable is to loosely loop your USB cable like you would a garden hose, and tie up with a velcro strap
Wal-mart, Target, Home Depo, Best Buy, Office Depo, Frys, Microcenter, Radio Shack and a few others offer Velcro strips that are made for to tie us electronic cables

Here is a guide for Seimtsu Buttons but it also applies to clear Sanwa buttons as well.


Yep, that was the issue. I will definitely be more mindful of this in the future.


I’m looking for MadCatz Super Street Fighter IV TE S artwork template I downloaded this one here

but the dimensions seems a little smaller than the already existed art in the stick

Photoshop file dimensions are Width: 34.2cm and Hight: 21.5cm
the actual art size on the stick dimensions are Width: 35.5cm and Hight: 23.0cm


how do you guys prevent your arcade stick cords from getting all kinked and gross when using cord storage? is there a secret way to wrap it?


See my last Post or I can quote it here

Here are the velcro straps I am talking about
http://www.monoprice.com/products/search.asp?keyword= Hook & Loop Fastening Cable Ties
as you can see there dirt cheap and no excuses for not having them.

I don’t even bother with cord storage compartments that are in many Hori, mad Catz and other brand sticks.
If you not careful you can still damage your USB cord.


Speaking of those MAS sticks i found one place that sells new MAS sticks, bad thing is that these sticks have sanwas(not like thats a bad thing) and the Happ joystick. Looks like i have to find one that uses happ buttons(which ive been searching on craigslist for where i live and ebay and found nothing) or i may just have to conform and deal with Sanwas :frowning:


I have tried searching around here for an answer, but I am unable to find it so I will post here.

I was wondering if there is a manufacturer out there that makes push buttons that are silent, or quieter then the stock buttons on the Mad Catz SE. I have looking to replace the buttons on my stick for awhile, since they are starting to stick and become unresponsive. Just with a new kiddo in the house, and the wife finding the clicking extremely annoying (I tell her it is soothing to the soul, she disagrees. So does sleepy baby. I lose…)

So I have not really been able to find an answer on whether or not there is a quieter replacement for these buttons. Color is not a big deal for me, I like to have mismatchy items anyway.

I was hoping someone could point me in the correct direction to get started with this. I don’t think it is the stick noise, just the slapping of the buttons.



Sanwa have started manufacturing ‘silent’ buttons. Essentially it’s just a thin foam pad in a normal Sanwa button and not completely silent.

Alternatively you could try these: HBFS-30 New Color Release~All New Arcade Button~Update: 05/10/2014


eBay, Crags list, Trading Post are a few places you could try


I assumed that it would be be completely silent, just hoping it wont echo upstairs so much. I read over that forum link an it looks like they are having mixed reviews on those…


Nothing to do with the function or quality of the button itself, just issues with the QD adapters which I’m sure will be ironed out for the next batch.


Yeah I guess that is true. I was looking for something I could get a bit quicker. Maybe I will just have to wait.


As i mentioned earlier in the last post in parenthesis i had tried the craiglist in most of ohio found nothing and i tried Ebay and couldn’t find much. I still can’t mess with trading outlet yet on here.


Absolute noob question: What sticks from the stick-list (SRK Newbie Saikyo Dojo Arcade Stick FAQ (Read this before asking questions)) are PC compatible?

From what I was reading, it was implied that nearly all of the MadCatz sticks are PC compatible out-of-the-box - is the PS3 WWE Brawl stick PC compatible? Cheers.


for anybody familiar with the hrap VX SA pcb – is it possible to reroute the “back” button signal? i hate the cheap little button on the turbo panel, i need to mash coin sounds hard on ggpo.