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You could get it online at someplace like Focusattack but you’d pay more for shipping than the actual item which is 10 cents. You can find the smaller gauge quick disconnects at most electronic hobby shops as well. Then again you often find them sold in packs so it might not be that cheap if you only need one.

I guess ultimate cheapest would be electrical tape but it’s not pretty / might lead to inadvertent disconnections.

Can anyone please link me to a template for the mad catz TTT2 TE S+ stick? I believe it’s the same as the soul calibur v stick by mad catz as well.

Most stores like focus attack or Paradise arcade sells them as 10 cents each. I usually buy several times more than I need for modding projects. If I need 16 Quick disconnects I order 40.
Reasons being incise I messed up crimping one quick disconnect or one breaks I have plenty of spares.

I think some electronic and autopart stores have them in packs like exand said. Since there like 10 cents each online it make sense just to get extra.

Hey guys. So, as I have written some days ago, I got myself an arcade stick (had some questions about the buttons) and another question came up. So I have been playing with the stick for a while and the joystick started to feel a little bumpy. You know when you move the joystick up, down, etc you hear the clicking, before that click, sometimes there is a noise like plastic grinding over plastic and it also feels like it. As if some plastic part inside gets stuck for the blink of an eye on the edge of some other part and then slides over it. I am using the Street Fighter X Tekken Stick. Is that normal, does it go away again and does anyone know what exactly it is? My guess is, that it might have something to do with the plastic sleeve that is over the actual metal of the stick, but that’s just a wild guess.


Hi there, would it be possible to do a dual PCB mod on a PS3 Mad Catz Super Street Fighter Tournament Edition by adding a PSX PCB as well? If so… Could someone lead me in the direction of some clear instructions? I have basic soldering skills and equipment, but not used to modding.

[Dual Modding 101](Dual modding 101

If the 360 PCB in my stick croaked what are the best & the cheapest options to get this old boy running again?

Fightpad, TO for a replacement, or a PS360+

Do not confuse the best for the cheapest.

**Cheapest **option is to find the Mad Catz Fight Pad USED at a game store, thrift store, pawn shop or yard sale.
Most Reasonable option (in my mind) is to find a NEW Mad Catz Fight Pad
Easiest option is the PS360+. Not that the PS360+ is bad mind you, it is the most expensive of the options.

Best option is subjective. It depends on your skill set the size of your budget and the reliability of the parts involved.

If you know how to solder and you are confidant in your abilities, I say go the Fight Pad route. Mainly that once you done that successively, later down the road if you have the same issue again you know exactly what to do and have all your options open.
Boards come and go, know-how stays with you. If this is your first time, it be a learning experience but you be better prep.

What ever route you go, it be completely up to you.

I realize that this question might be a bit odd, but I barely have a basic understanding in electrical engineering. I noticed there was a fair amount of cable in my old computer I was throwing out, so I saved a handful of cable connecting the ATX PSU to the computer components. Can I reuse the small cables for dual PCB modding my stick? Does a cable always equal a cable? It pretty much looks like this:


Not a question but a statement… I remapped my wires on my MC SCV to match the SF arcade layout A. They made it a breeze! Proud I didn’t break a terminal. :smiley:

You technically could reuse the old wires and connectors. PSU wire is a little thick for arcade stick use so soldering could be difficult.
They are more common inside an actual arcade cabinet than a arcade stick controller.

You can also buy loose molex connectors and ether crimp or solder the pins to wires yourself.

Thanks! I finally found someone to source one for me. It took a while, I think I better buy a few for future sticks.

Okay, I have my Fightstick SE torn down and I’m ready to print art. I looked through several tutorials and haven’t found the answer to either of these questions so I thought this would be the best place to ask

Should I use photo paper? I don’t know how lami-label is going to effect the paper. What paper is everyone using? I don’t own a printer so I will be having it printed at Kinko’s
Okay, the second question is how do I crop and resize an image so it fills the page better? I plan on doing top and bottom art and I actually went to Kinko’s today to get some test pieces printed up but didn’t like how my chosen images fit on the page. I’d like to make one image fill a standard page and the other to fill a legal size page and I’ll just trim them as needed after printing. I’ve already chosen both images. Thanks for any help

Hey Kyle. I just ordered this Streetfighter x Sanrio Arcade Fight Stick.
Two questions for you:

  1. How hard is it to adjust to an Arcade Stick?
  • I overheard in a SFIV AE lobby about how another fighter in the lobby said he was still trying to get used to his
    stick. I didnt have my mic in to actually ask him myself.
  1. Did I buy a good brand for an Arcade Stick. I believe that it was MadCatz who made this stick.
    I orded it from Amazon.
  1. How hard is it to adjust to an Arcade Stick?
    Depends on the individual, everyone’s play style is different. Find a style or grip that conformable and practice.
    Actual time varies from hours to weeks depending on the person. You are trying to develop muscle memory so that playing stick is 2nd nature.

  2. Did I buy a good brand for an Arcade Stick
    Yes you did

Greetings! I have a madcatz se I just upgraded to sanwa parts. I’ve played with it a few times, everything working fine. The whole reason I upgraded was, the se seemed to have a non-functioning right direction micro switch. Or at least, right didn’t work after having played a couple times. So drop in the sanwa parts, everything is good. Then today, turn on the ps3 to play, and once again, the right direction isn’t working.

Can anyone suggest a way to test this thing?

double check to make sure the joystick wire harness is seated correctly

You might want to swap the default harness out with the JLF-TE Cable toodles came up with on http://godlikecontrols.com/

Some people have just a vinyl or paper print with a carbon fiber pattern, others get actual carbon fiber material.
You can get sheets of carbon fiber fabric on eBay or other online vendors

Is there any truth to having LED’s and other ‘extras’ on your stick shortening the life of your PCB? And if not, how taxing is this on the PCB really?

Someone I know had a frayed cord on an arcade stick (madcats SE). I had repaired the issue on my own stick a while back with no problems so I offered to help. I cut the cord and re-soldered the wires on the inside of the stick and now the stick is being recognized by the Xbox and the buttons work however the actual arcade stick itself does not work. At first some of the controls were reversed and I assumed that I had crossed a wire so I redid the soldering but the same problem happened. I found out later that the owner of the stick had actually replaced the stick part itself just before he started having trouble and I think he may have put it in sideways however I currently don’t have any inputs being used at all on the stick itself. Does anyone have any troubleshooting suggestions?