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I have a pretty complicated question about multi-console modding a TvC fightstick. Is it possible to wire up the PCB to to a MC Cthulhu board, as well as the ? If so, how do I do it? My only modding experience has been in replacing the stick, buttons, and installing a Link shaft. I’m really wanting to turn that TvC stick into my main stick, but I have no idea which boards I’m going to need, or how to plan this mod out.

I bought http://www.ebuyer.com/410026-chillblast-fusion-gtx2000-gaming-pc-ivygtx2000w8 and http://www.ebuyer.com/388225-lg-ips224v-21-5-led-lcd-hdmi-monitor-ips224v-pn but no matter what type of cable I use the monitor doesn’t pick up a signal from the PC. Tried this on another monitor as well with the same result.


Is the video card properly seated?

Funky wiring problem with a Madcatz 360 Fightpad and a Madcatz PS3 TE.

I’m modding one of my PS3 Madcatz Tournament Edition MLG version sticks due to the lack of PS360+ boards using a Madcatz 360 fight pad and a ImpV2 by Toodles to handle the output switching. I also added a Neutrik using the select button hole, so I hooked up Turbo button as Select/Back by soldering to the 1 pad on the back of the TE and connecting to the barrier strip using a QCD.

I wired the 360 fight pad’s signal wires by soldering to the bottom of the TE’s barrier strip. Home button is scottlocked 3 way to the imp, fightpad, and TE’s 2 pad. Direction signals for the 360 fightpad were soldered to the pins on the reverse side of the joystick harness on the TE.

Everything works perfectly. All buttons test and work correctly when running PS3 or Xbox360 modes.

The next step is where I ran into problems: I want to bring the 360 fightpad’s player LEDs to the TE control panel. For my implementation I decided to use the turbo LEDs for square, triangle, R1, and L1. I accomplished this by soldering to the + and - sides of the fightpad’s LEDs and running to the TE’s turbo LEDs (+ to +, - to -, parallel setup).

At this stage, the fightpad worked perfectly and all 4 LEDs activated as expected when running in 360 mode.

When running PS3 mode using the TE I discovered that 4 buttons failed to work: Square, Triangle, R1, and L1 - the buttons associated with the turbo LEDs I was piggy backing on.

I then disconnected my fightpad LED wires from the TE. After removing the LED wires from the TE pcb, all PS3 inputs began working.

I’m still pretty noobish on my electricing so I’m not sure what’s causing this problem and how or if I can fix it. I’d really like to use the turbo LEDs since that also makes it different between PS3 and XBox boards. If there’s an electrical reason why this won’t work, can I connect to the player LEDs safely instead?

I have a question on dual modding. How hard is it to mod a Hori Fighting Edge? I have heard bad things about Hori EX fightsticks but I don’t know if the problems are just with that stick or if it is with all Hori Products. Thanks ^^

Hori makes quality products. They have some budget sticks (e.g. the EX2, FS3, Fighting Stick Mini, etc.) but their non-budget sticks are pretty good (i.e. pretty much any stick with Sanwa or Hayabusa/Kuro parts). It looks like all of their more recent sticks have common ground PCBs which should mean that the Fighting Edges are about as moddable as the TE sticks. I’m no expert on modding, but that’s what i got out of it.

Alright cool. Thanks for the info

I have a arcade cabinet and I want to use the monitor with a 360… what converter would be best to use? And is there any tutorials ? Its currently hooked up to a Jamma board using mvs.

have the Xbox connected via VGA and use a VGA to CGA converter


Pnoy: Yeah, check your grounds and wiring. Also try just one led/button. At this point, it may be worth making a new thread.

Different subject, anyone have any experience with Lenovo’s touchscreen laptops? I’m thinking hard about buying an Ideapad U310 Touch but I’d like some other opinions.

Oh yes sir indeed. Turns out there were a set of disabled ports near the top of the tower and active ports to the GPU at the bottom. Total derp mode from me.

Googled around before asking about this, but couldn’t find anything.

Basically, I’ve had my PS3 Madcatz SE (The origional one, although I’ve sanwa’d it out) for a few years now and all of a sudden the turbo has turned itself on and although I managed to turn it off, all the lights wouldn’t turn off until I put the stick in my laptop and turned the turbo for my top left corner on and off a couple of times.

Has anyone else experienced this and if you have is there any way to prevent it from happening in the future (besides cutting the wires) , since I imagine a lit up set of turbo leds wouldn’t be too well received at a tournament even if it is actually switched off.

Thanks for any answers.

It happens more often to more people than you think, so do not feel too bad.

So I’m trying to sell my stick, and it has a paewong board in it…But due to how it was wired I can’t get it to switch between ps3 and 360…Here are some pictures of the wiring:

From Left to Right it goes:
Turbo, Back, Home, Start.

Is there a way I can connect the wires without having to try and re-solder anything? As it is right now the stick works fine on a ps3, but I can’t get it to switch to xbox, and I’m worried if I do it will be stuck for 360.

Your turbo button looks to be wired to your Select button (placed by your Neutrik). You should be able to switch modes just by holding down your Select button when you plug the stick into a USB source.

I tried looking for some information about the TvC pcb but couldn’t find anything. The biggest question you’ll have to answer is if the TvC PCB is common-ground or not.

If it is, then you should be able to add a Cthulhu (or any other common ground board) into the mix just fine.

The next thing you’ll have to address is outgoing connection – Wii sticks (as I understand) plug into wii-motes with a custom plug (not USB). This means that you’ll actually have to have two outgoing cables from your modded stick – The built in Wii-mote plug from the TvC’s board, and a USB cable from your Cthulhu.

But if it’s common-ground you just need to connect each button’s signal line to the add-on PCB you’re putting in, and a ground connection as well. Add a USB passthrough and you’re set.

So it’s looking like i’ll be getting a Sega Saturn HSS-0130 twin stick next week. i was looking around, and someone getting some plexiglass cover for the panel to keep the original art in good condition. Is there a place to get plexi for these sticks? does anyone make them?

My current predicament is that I am trying to play Tales of vesperia with my joystick, and to use Overlimets I have to quickly press the dpad down. A quick button combo to match that action would do great. Anyon know how to tackle this? I’d love to make it so a button combination corresponded to a different lsb or rsb or dpad instead of having to go into the runtime configuration movement. Does anyone know where the ps360+ open source firmware is at and maybe I’ll just edit it myself…?

Okay, I’m super super new here, but I’ve always known that this site is all about fighting games and has been around for a long time.

My question is:

My favorite fighting game is Capcom vs SNK 1 for the Sega Dreamcast. I love this game to death and all I want to do is to be able to play other people on this game. So where can I play Capcom vs SNK online against other people? By the way I don’t like Capcom vs SNK 2 only the first version.

Thank you very much.

so my arcade stick just messed up. all it wants to do is go to the LEFT. switched out the joystick, same thing.

maybe is the phreak Dual-mod chip (thanks to Duckie for installing it) messing up? I dunno. any general ideas?

im seeing if there are any local stick repair people in San Antonio.

My fight stick as being really weird. The up forward, forward, and down forward (P1 side) isn’t always being read. I had my stick repaired a while ago by getting a new PCB and having it adjusted and it was working fine until now. Any ideas on what’s wrong and/or how to fix it?