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Did you wire up the right wires to the correct switch?

Yes I did in its correct replacement. At least I think I did

If you wired it up in the correct order then it’s probably nothing you’ve done wrong. Hori HRAP EX motherboards are absolutely fucked. Seriously. They are worse than the EX2 boards. Check the main chip for any debris that could be bridging the connections, failing that and assuming everything else checks out fine then I’d suggest replacing the 360 pcb.


Was wondering about the HRAP 3’s turbo button area - what do each of those buttons do? One must be for turbo, of course, but I never found a concrete instruction on the others.

I got one in front of me, here is the Guide panel from Left to Right.

The D-L-R switch (similar to LS, DP and RS on Mad Catz sticks)

Just a quick question:

If I do the "[Neutrik Boot USB Cable Mod](Neutrik boot USB cable mod it’ll fit with the NAUSB-W A/B, right?

Thats the Idea

Cool, just wanted reassurance before I made my purchase. I’m on a crazy limited budget at the moment.

Thanks Darksakul.

I have a question about the PS360+ pcb. I’m trying to hook up a PS360+ to a Neutrik RJ45. I see that the PS360+ has an RJ45 cable outlet. I was wondering if a normal cat5 cable connected from the pS360+ to the end of the cat5 cable connected to the neutrik would work. Also, I see that in the hardware guide there is an alternative hook up for the PS360+. Does this mean that in the future we could dual mod it with an IMP V2 to work with another system? I’m sorry if I ask the same questions others may have asked, but tried searching for answers but didn’t find any.

Not sure what your end goal is, but you don’t have to buy that to use a neutrik adapter. You only need a USB A/B cable. That’s all I use on my sticks with Neutriks in them. It’d save you a good amount of money as well.

That’s my plan for now. I just needed the info for future reference when I want to add a boot to my cord. Didn’t want to buy it then next paycheck find out that the boot doesn’t fit.

Gotcha. Just making sure. USB cables are super cheap nowadays so didn’t want you wasting money haha.

Yep. You can hook a ps360 -> cat5 -> neutrik/switchcraft passthrough -> console cable, or ps360 -> console cable. As for the dual mod, it should work.

I’m about to mod my stick for the first time and i was wondering when I buy buttons online it comes in a pack of 6 right?

Unless you purchase a pack of 6 then you will need to order 6.

Been lurking around this forum for a long time and finally decided to join. I have a question for all of you fightstick masters. Decided to ditch my fight pad and upgrade.

I tried to find information on these sticks in this thread but could not find much. Sorry if I missed anything. What would be the most reliable between Eightarc Fusion Synthesis, Mad Catz Arcade FightSticK PRO or Major League Gaming Arcade FightStick: Tournament Edition?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

You’ll want to read this thread first…

There’s a lot of information there, especially if you think that you may want to venture into modding later on. Your question is almost the equivalent of a “vs.” type query, which is frowned upon. In either case, the thread above is a good head start and might help point you in the direction you want based on your needs now and later - believe me, it’s easy to get hooked on sticks. My collection is already up to 4 in a few months. One is already modded, and I’m working on the second one right now! Let’s not even talk about the collection of parts I have for tuning, lol.

Also be forewarned that it takes a while to get accustomed to a stick. I’m still struggling a bit myself, but I’m getting used to it.

They’re all quality sticks and it’s hard to go wrong with any of them. It comes down to price and aesthetic preference at that point. They all use the same parts, except the Eightarc is dual modded out of the box.

Thank you PlayDoh003 and SmokeMaxX for the information and advice. I will study these sticks a bit more before pulling the trigger on one.

I got a fairly crappy stick about a year ago to tide me over until I had the money for a real one. I’ve since put some sanwa buttons into it, but the USB chord has some sort of connection loss in the middle of it (twisting around until eventually connects, ect). Where can I get a replacement chord? (for PS3, btw)