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I have a 360 stick with an MC cthulhu inside. Recently the 360 part just stopped working, everything else works just fine though, ideas?

ok, thanks Darksakul, I’m gonna try to replace it with my old ps1 dualshock controller PCB.

Anyone got any tips for making Seimitsu screw-ins not move around? I put some art into the buttons for my friend and he has a habit of smacking the hell out of the buttons and I guess the force is making the buttons come loose and shift around. I was thinking of possibly using some blue Loc-Tite to keep them from unscrewing.

happends to me all the time, but then my buddy also call me sir mashalot…

i dont have art in mine though, but i spend a fair amount of time screwing them back lol

if you find a way, pls let us know

I just really tighten down on the nut of the screw in buttons.
Using some kind of tool helps


I make my own breakaway cables using this guide, RJ-45 Multi Console Cthulhu Arcade Stick Tutorial Ver.2

However, I’m thinking about modding another stick with a PS360+, will I have to make new breakaway cables just for the PS360+ or can I use the same McCthulhu style cables?

The PS360+ uses the same set up as the MC Cthulhu does based on that guide

let me do some research and i will let you know.

Tighten the Semitsus as much as humanly possible and leave the plunger and bubble out. Once all the buttons are screwed in tightly, set the plunger on top of the switch while it’s on the panel and then place the glue and graphic on top. After it’s dried take a small eyeglass screwdriver or something of the sort and lift the plunger off the microswitch/button and put it back in the bubble and snap the bubble/plunger back into the button.

Hello everyone! got some quick question: I’m willing to use a ps2 pcb controller to build a ps3 compatible arcade stick, and to do that, I want to wire the pcb with a usb cable, is it possible ? if it is, can somebody tell me to wich point am I supposed to wire the usb cable? here is a model of my dualshock from slagcoin

Nice idea, but first off you can not just solder a USB cable to a PS2 controller and hope for PS3 compatibility.
You need a PCB that originally designed for USB in the first place.

Are you just trying to make a PS3 controller or a PS2 and PS3 compatible controller?

Yeah I just need the ps3 compatibility. Do you think it is possible with this pcb in particular ?

As Darksakul mentioned, it’s not possible to output USB via the PS2 PCB. You could potentially add an adapter, but depending on the adapter you might be introducing latency.
You’re better off getting a ChimpSMD or Cthulhu via Toodles (http://godlikecontrols.com/)

can i remove the turbo panel on my TE (ps3) without actually changing the PCB?

also, should i get a replacement panel or is the metal panel below enough to support a plexi from art? because im going to remove 2 buttons and no turbo panel, makes paper sit bad under, or how does it work?



Perfectly doable. But you’ll want to just mount the PCB inside the case. The plastic overlay provides the mounting holes for the panel so you wouldn’t have anything to secure it anyways.

Dunno if it’d make the artwork wonky on a bezel panel so if you’re concerned just go for a full.


The existing metal panel is more than enough to support art/plexi from arthong without having to buy a replacement metal panel.
I did that exact thing on my own stick (no use of Turbo/Home panel and removed P4 and K4) as well as on several other sticks in the past and there has been no issues.
Just do as blackraen mentioned and mount the turbo/home pcb in the inside of the stick and get the artwork/plexi printed out without the turbo area cut out. You’ll have to drill for a home button somewhere though, and if you do it in the cord compartment area make sure it won’t be in the way of the back of the joystick or in the way of one of the plastic posts.

thx guys. now i just need to figure out what to do with the art i’ll get from d3v :frowning:

want to make something out of monkey island, but have noone to throw the ball with to discuss ideas :C

thanks guys appreciate the help!

not that I’m going to play keyboard on 360 but I’ve been always curious on how some people can play their keyboard on their 360, is it some kind of converter?

I know a standard USB keyboard will work for standard keyboard functions on a 360, but isn’t mappable for use with a game unless you have some type of adapter such as THIS

But just like someone can padhack a controller for use in a stick, someone can padhack a controller for use with a keyboard as well. I’m not sure of the specifics, but I would assume they’d use a mechanical keyboard instead of a cheap membrane one. Perhaps a TT modder that has done a custom keyboard can chime in.