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I picked up the MvC TE stick about a week ago and the joystick squeaks when i move it to the left, its not a very loud squeak but it gets pretty irritating after a while. Has anyone else had this problem, or do i just need to break it in? i just noticed it doing this about a day ago.

The measurement refers to the diameter of hole the Button goes into.

Many report the Left making sound in their TE.
Weird that it is always the left.

Just take apart the Joystick and put back together.
Don’t wipe off the grease, because that is lubricant for Joystick.
Unless you have some silicone grease to replace, then don’t take off.

You can buy a 5g container from masturfader.
Shin-Etsu G-40M is the stuff Sanwa and Seimitsu uses.

So just taking the joystick apart and putting it back together should do the trick or does it need the grease?

this is most likley a very dumb question but, does it make any difference wheather or not you have the stick set to d-pad or left stick?? at first i had it set to left stick and it seemed that i couldnt do certain moves,i chalked this up to not being used to it as i just got it for christmas. but then i switched it to d-pad and it seemed to be easier to excacute some of the sps.
so was i just getting used to it and that was a coincidence, or is their a real appreciable difference??? thanks.

DP is the way to play.
LS is like lag.
RS is no.

Ok, so can anyone of you long time modders tell me what the fuck this is?

A buddy asked me to see if I could fix his stick, apparently it’s a MAS built stick with psx and dreamcast functionality. The PSX cable is kind of jacked up, but when I plug it in there’s not much of a response anyhow, and I’m going to figure out if the DC side even works before continuing. I could try fixing the cable, but I’m not going to waste time/shrink wrap on something that may be a dead end anyhow.

Here’s what I’m confused about, I was under the impression that DC functionality could only be done with a piggyback (ala Universal PCB w/ DC piggyback), or a direct padhack. Here’s what’s inside of this stick:


K, that’s all that’s in there, it’s 2 stacked PIC chips, there’s no number on the top one and I’m not going to rip of a bunch of shit apart to satisfy a curiosity (especially on something that’s not mine).

Now, I’m new to the scene, but again…I thought DC functionality could only come from piggyback, not something like this.

sooo… wtf is this thing?


DC side is fine, ps2 side is non-functioning…so I may give the cable fix a shot.

Yeah, that is a MAS stick. I had a person ask me to take a look at his MAS stick because of an PSX issue. I open it up and see the same thing in your picture. I haven’t had any experience with it before so there wasn’t any thing I could do.

If you still want to, you can look up info about MAS sticks to try to fix whatever problem its having.

I think I figured out what was wrong. the color coding on the original wire used and his ghetto extention he tried to attach are different.

I’ll mess with it some more when I get some time, but I’m pretty sure that’s what’s wrong with it.

It seems as though on the MAS, green and red are disconnected, which doesn’t make sense to me. because red should be the VCC line.

Dunno, if nothing else I’ll just give it back to him, it didn’t work before so there’s no harm in that.

What kind of paint should I use to paint the bezel on the TE?

Hello peeps, long time lurker, first time poster. Don’t hurt me.

Long story short, I’ve never used a stick at home before, but I’m confortable on them and know they’re really the best way to play fighters and shmups, but I’m new and a little hesitant forking over large money for a product I may hardly use?

So should I get the Mad Catz TE or save myself some money and get an SE with a Seimitsu LS3201, and keep the Mad Catz buttons? Are they really that crap? Where I’m from the SE is a LOT cheaper than the TE.

Did you read the first post? It deals specifically with your question. If it wasn’t helpful to you, what could we do to change it?

As Starcade said, the first post covers your question. If this is your first stick, I would suggest getting a SE and getting new buttons. The SE is rather cheap and isn’t too much of an investment. For people who have not used arcade grade parts, the stock stick on the SE isn’t too bad. The buttons, however, are garbage and I would swap those out with Seimitsu or Sanwa buttons. You can save even more money buy just buying 6 buttons instead of 8.

Hello all, I’ve been playing 2d fighters casually a long time and I just decided to get a little competitive and bought a stick. The thing is, I absolutely SUCK with it, to the point I can only cancel a normal into srk < 50% of the time in training mode. I know everybody says give it a while to get used to it but I was hoping I could get a few tips from people who have used them for a while. Anything would be helpful especially hand placement because I really think im moving my fingers around more than im supposed to. PLS HELP!! sorry if this is the wrong thread btw, the title sounded best for what i was wanting to ask

Can i buy the madcatz TE stick at EBgames in Canada? I know this is a question out of laziness cuz i could just go check but hopefully someone can answer this question.

Thanks Funky for the feedback.

I know it’s been covered but personal prefernces would be welcome, **what is the best stick if I want to use it for SFIV and Ikaruga?
** 75% fighters, 25% shmups.
Some say Seimitsu LS3201 is the best all-round whilst others say it’s no good for fighters? I’m confused…

You should really play however you feel most comfortable, and give it time. It is normal to take a long time to get used to using a stick. Here’s a thread about it though.


This is the Absolute Noobie Thread, not the Lazy Bastards thread. Try calling EBgames. :slight_smile:

You can play shmups or fighters with a JLF or an LS-32 or any other decent stick. Me personally, if I could play using only one stick, and played fighters 75% of the time, it’d be a JLF.

i got mine at eb games and i’m in canada but sadly they only stock 1 even LoL = League of Legends was hard to get I got both my TE and LoL at the eb and now theres no more in stock for anybody else! MWAUHUA! LOL but yeah you can get it but it’ll be a hunt. I went to 3 different EB games near me

I also called in to make sure they had it in stock saves you time! LAZY BASTARD STYLE! =]

There is no magic answer. Hold the stick how it feels comfortable. Go practice.

Some people really like LS32s for fighting games. I don’t really care for them. You’ll find opinions here on this mixed. There really is no “right” answer.

You might consider buying a SE and seeing how the stock parts work for you. It seems like you aren’t really hardcore into either fighters or shmups; stock parts are probably fine for a casual player. If you decide you don’t really like the stock parts, they are easy to switch out.

And yes, Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons really are better. That’s why they cost more. You get what you pay for.

I’m planning on creating my custom stick with an XBOX360 as a case (I saw an avatar from a user and I really liked it, I think it was Kreeeee). Anyway, I have a couple of questions before buying the shell

  • Is there plenty of space for dual-mod?
  • How do I connect the joystick with the case? (mounting plate for sanwa js is flat, same as surface of xbox360 so I have honestly no idea what to do there… should I order a different monting plate?) Any pictures about this? (I think this apply also to getho sticks since they use same flat surfaces).
  • What are the dimensions of the hole I should drill for the joystick? (I already have the 24mm and 30mm)

I’ve got a question here!

How difficult is it to put together a ChimP board?

Context: Possibly going to mod someone Madcatz SE 360 to work on PS3. I’ve got very limited soldering experience. I’ve only put together a few small things like speakers and I’ve rebuilt a part of a sennheiser PC150 headset. Other than that, I’ve done a lot of work on computers but very little soldering.

Are they exceptionally difficult? Is it just tedious or do you need some real mad skills?

Please let me know what you think. It would be great if you sent me comments via PM to keep this thread less cluttered. Thanks!