Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

First post, first template in the post (well, second, download d3v’s and not Madcatz’s).

30-40lb weight non-glossy paper, get it lamilabelled at a kinkos if that’s an option for you. It’s difficult/next-to-impossible to get plexi for it due to the bend in the panel.

Anyone know if I can take the rubber insert out of an OBSFS-30 and put it into an OBSC-30? If not any ideas where I can get silent button mods?

Can anyone tell me the exact model number of the Sanwa JLF in a TE fightstick? Is it a JLF-TP-8YT or JLF-TP-SK? Thanks. If I were to replace my joystick, which one would I get, considering I already have the mounting plate from my old joystick.

Also, in the Seimitsu LS-32-01 pack, what size is the balltop? 30 or 35?

cut a piece of foam or rubber.
Stick it inside your buttons

thanks bro

I have a vshg dual moded with a brawl pad by j and j mods…I can get it to work on my old alienware 14x but i got a new gen and it will not sync…i have to return the other one soon since it was a replacement…i need help on why it will not register…correction it will register as a chimp pc/ps3 controller but it will not work when i wanna play ssf4 ae on pc

Can anyone tell me the process of crimping a JST PH connector? I have the crimp tool, wire and the JST PH connectors but I’m not sure how I am meant to crimp the wire onto the connector.

Also, having looked at the JST PH connectors I got, I can’t seem to find any metal contacts in each individual contact so is there something missing? Do I need to get a set of female pins. This is the connector I got: http://ie.farnell.com/jst-japan-solderless-terminals/phr-6/housing-6way/dp/3616228. Please note that the thumbnail is for a 2 way JST PH connector but I actually have the 6 way connector that is the same ones used on the board of a TE fightstick. I am just worried about the term used for it “housing” which makes me think its just some casing and I need to insert female pins into each individual contact.

Do I need these for my connectors? http://ie.farnell.com/jst-japan-solderless-terminals/sph-002t-p0-5s/contact-loose-piece-0-05-0-22mm/dp/3617210?crosssellid=3617210&crosssell=true&in_merch=true&


That is what your crimp tool is for.

I do not know what pins you need.

Okay, thanks.

Would anyone else know which set of female pins I need?

JST SPH-002T-P0.5S

Or this:
JST SPH-004T-P0.5S

Either will go into the housing. The choice depends on what kind of wire you’re using. From the PH-connector data sheet:
SPH-002T-P0.5S - 0.05 to 0.22 mm^2 - 30 to 24 AWG - 0.9 to 1.4 mm insulation O.D.
SPH-004T-P0.5S - 0.032 to 0.08 mm^2 - 32 to 28 AWG - 0.5 to 0.9 mm insulation O.D.

Looking for a good yet affordable PS2 - PS3 convertor. Something >$15 yet still has acceptable performance. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: If it’s cheaper a PS2-360 Convertor is also acceptable.

Thanks. The ribbon cable I’m using is 28AWG so I guess the SPH-002T-P0.5S will do the job fine. Once I crimp the ribbon cable onto the PH connectors, how do I attach the female pins to the housing? Do I just slot it and it’ll be snug enough for it to stay there or do I need to do some further crimping of some sort to keep it secure into the housing?

What size techflex and heat shrink do you guys use when you clean up your wiring?

Depends on a lot of things…

I can fit a 3-4 wire braid in a 3/16th’s non-expandable nylon sleeve using 22-24AWG wire.

Same goes for heat shrink… I’ve never had luck with over-sizing and getting 4:1 though… always turns out way to plastic-y. Buy the smallest size that’ll fit the largest area you’ll be using it on and go with something like 2:1 if possible.

Stay away from “PVC” style heat shrink if possible… (radio shack) It ends up shrinking into a hard plastic state.

I’m using 22 AWG wire and was thinking about getting the Flexo PET online, how much would 1/4 inch fit?

Max expansion on that is 7/16" which is pretty big, if you’re just twisting wire and not braiding it then you should be able to fit 6-8 wires pretty easily I’d think.

If it were me I would just find some scrap wire that’s the same as the kind you’re using and twist 5 wires together, then keep building up one by one until you get to 3/8" total (leaves you with 1/16 extra space so you can just push the wire in instead of having to pull it through with a string)

Kind of hard to give an exact number since different brands/specs of wires have different jacket thicknesses even though the wire inside is still 22AWG.

…forgot to mention that if you aren’t cutting it with a hot knife you may want to look into “adhesive back” heat shrink. It’s not absolutely needed but if you plan on plugging/unplugging it often then it’d be another step to prevent fraying later on.

Also… when you expand it from 1/4" to 7/16" the Techflex shrinks in length… so keep this in mind when ordering.

Alright thanks for all the info!